Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140

Crack crack!

In the sky of the Sia Kingdom, there were continuous cracking sounds coming from the massive cloud of energy. It meant that the black iron giant's defenses were being broken, and Yun Xi could do whatever he wanted to it.

Every crack represented another time the indestructible body of the black iron giant was being crushed.

Well, don't misunderstand, this isn't about torture or anything like that, it's just Yun Xi using his sealing powers.

Time was really tight, he didn't have any time to think about anything extra.

In this battle, he really gave it his all, even forcing out the incredible move called the Magnificence of Sky Dance, which was the best proof.

Thankfully, Pafu, who had the talent for rubbing chests, was very helpful in helping Yun Xi break through the defense of the black iron giant. With the good touch developed through Pafu's training, Yun Xi was able to perform the Magnificence of Sky Dance this time with ease.

In just one minute, they quickly captured the Passed Princess's city, completely breaking down all of the young princess's defenses, both physical and mental.

By absorbing the opponent's energy and forming a special reverse circuit, this is the crucial first stage of the divine fighting technique called the Magnificence of Sky Dance, also known as the "Heaven Style" that rises to the sky.

When the total amount of energy gathered in Yun Xi's hands, pressing against the Passed Princess's chest, reached the requirement, a huge flower bloomed in the sky.

Around the bodies of the two giants, countless tidal waves of energy transformed into massive pillars of light. This was a complete mixture of Yun Xi's energy, the Passed Princess's energy, and the black iron giant's energy, causing distortions in their life imprints and signs of interference.

"Wuwuwuwu!" The Passed Princess let out a quiet sob, whether out of unwillingness or resignation, realizing there was no way out.

"Hiss!" A large amount of steam burst out of the body of the faceless god, a sign of the Pafu System overheating.


The huge beam of energy connected the heavens and the earth, sealing the black iron giant with a barrier almost as strong as the highest rank in the legends.

This is the power of the Heaven Style, and it is currently Yun Xi's limit.

As for the Earth Style, which forms higher-level seals and extracts divine power from the earth, Yun Xi is unable to use it at all, as it exceeds his abilities.

After sealing all the energy nodes on the black iron giant's body, Yun Xi finally released his hands that were tightly pressed against the giant's chest. Then, he reversed and embraced the giant's body.

The next moment, the two giants started falling together from the sky.

Heaven Style, concluded.

Yun Xi's battle mode had reached its limit as well.

Just like when he first arrived in this world called Sia, Yun Xi hugged the body of the black iron giant and fell from the sky.

It was like twin stars falling from the sky, inseparable.

In the next moment, he held onto the big body of the Passed Princess' black iron giant and kept his hands close to her chest in a strange posture. The two bodies rapidly descended from high up in the sky towards the ground.

"Boom!" The ground at the center of the nuclear explosion was once again blasted open by the two people falling from the sky, creating a huge trench several kilometers wide and stretching for dozens of kilometers.

That scene was too shocking for the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order in the distance. It was like the power of a divine being in legends!

Yun Xi, panting heavily, looked at the black iron giant that he had pushed to the ground. His chest was tightly pressed against it, his feet apart, and his entire body locked by the enormous energy of the giant.

Did we win?

Did we really win?

The energy of the black iron giant's whole body was sealed. Because of the fall from the high altitude, the black armor was covered in dust, but it still had power.

The earth is continuously providing this giant with the ability to recover.

Truly, it is an Earth Child's giant. Even though all the energy nodes are sealed by the Heaven Style, as long as it continues to lie on the ground and absorb the power of the earth like this, it will eventually regain its strength.

Only Heaven Style can't fully seal this black iron giant. Maybe we need to use Earth Style as well to achieve absolute confinement.

Unfortunately, Yun Xi can't use it. He has already reached his limit by using Heaven Style to unleash the Magnificence of Sky Dance as the faceless god. There's no need to think about using Earth Style.

In the center of the nuclear blast area that has become a death zone, unexpected flowers bloom on the once lifeless ground, within the huge gorges created by the two.

Those are natural phenomena formed by the dispersion of spiritual energy sealed by Heaven Style. It's the same beautiful scenery as when Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword was sealed.

The Magnificence of Sky Dance is a divine technique used to save the world. It is a move that brings life and hope to the dead world.

Offering the lives of gods and demons as sacrifices, bestowing blessings upon the beautiful world.

"Hmm... Ah..." With a still hazy mind, the Passed Princess trembled slightly, slowly opening her eyes.

"Cough!" Yun Xi, the faceless god who maintained his embrace with the black iron giant as they fell from the sky, stood up, ending the battle mode.

Then, without hesitation, he reached out his hands and picked up the black iron giant, who was in an even worse condition than himself.

Sky, flowers, princess hug.

Hmm, it's truly a picturesque scenery, full of poetic charm.

"Let go of me... even my father... has never hit me like this!" The voice of Princess Passed sounded weak and powerless.

All the energy nodes of the black iron giant were blocked, and now Yun Xi carried her away from the ground in a princess hug, leaving her with no strength to resist.

"I'm sorry... I have no other choice." Yun Xi carefully lifted the body of the black iron giant, ensuring that this Earth Child had no chance to touch the Earth's veins and restore Su.

This posture is actually very tiring, you know. Who can understand the hardships he's enduring?

"You... I hate you the most!" Passed Princess, tears in her eyes, had to accept the humiliating fate of being captured.

From the beginning to the end of the battle, it was only a short period of over a minute, but for Passed Princess, who was defeated and captured, it felt as long as a century.

Too many things she didn't understand, too many unfamiliar feelings, made her still feel like it was all a dream.

Next, what awaits the doomed princess is a very tragic ending.

What will happen to her now that she has lost her fighting ability?

On the third day of the Underground Cemetery's mission to conquer the world, the black iron giant that attacked the Sia Kingdom was defeated and captured by a mysterious ancient weapon sent by Sia's ace.

That scene was witnessed by a talented girl from the later Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order and inspired her to create an extraordinary masterpiece.

It depicts the silver giant holding the massive black iron giant in its arms at dawn, with sunlight bathing both giants and emitting an incredible beauty.

Under their feet, there were flowers that didn't match the season and ruins left after a nuclear explosion.

"Death, Flowers, Princess Carry" is the title of that famous painting.

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