Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139

The Magnificence of Sky DanceHeaven Style, activate!

Yun Xi's hands, perfectly and accurately pressed against the chest of the black iron giant, instantly creating a pathway that connects to its soul.

The two of them flew straight up into the sky, dancing together.

The immense energy from the black iron giant, taking the form of a lava giant, was instantly extracted and flowed into the body of the faceless god.

Only the God's Vessel could extract and contain such vast energy in an instant, so this technique was not meant for ordinary people or hero-ranked individuals, but a true divine skill.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!" The Passed Princess, who was lifted from the ground and tightly held by the chest, let out an unusually terrified scream.

She is afraid of heights!

Yes, it's an unspeakable fact, and it's a weakness that most giants, who are used to the power of the earth, have.

The reason why it is not a weakness is because as long as they walk on the ground, even a dragon would find it almost impossible to lift them into the air.

As an Earth Child giant, they are basically merged with the ground when standing on it, making it impossible to be knocked away.

However, the Magnificence of Sky Dance is such an unreasonable move that even Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword can be grabbed and sent flying, let alone a mere black iron giant.

"Pafu!" Pafu, who is particularly interested in groping breasts, let out an excited cry, causing the faceless god's hands to press tightly against the black iron giant's chest.

Synchronize, absorb, and then use the opponent's strength to suppress them, achieving absolute control. This is the foundation of the divine technique, the Magnificence of Sky Dance.

For this reason, Yun Xi must fully experience the existence of the Passed Princess and reach her innermost self.

The parts where they make contact start producing a large-scale tide of spiritual energy, creating a vast lake of spiritual energy.

Although it cannot compare to Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, who possesses the incredible life force of billions of slimes, this lake of spiritual energy that spreads out like the Dragon Roar Wave is enough to prove that the black iron giant has an incredibly large amount of spiritual energy.

In terms of "quantity," it is almost surpassing the upper limit of a hero-ranked being. At least, a human hero-ranked being could never possess such a level of spiritual energy.

Yun Xi quickly arrived at a general conclusion in his mind. This was the knowledge planted in Seed of the Battle God by Casina the Battle God, the basis for unleashing the Magnificence of Sky Dance.

The Magnificence of Sky Dance, a divine technique of the Battle God Genre, was not originally meant for humans to use. It was a super divine skill specially designed for gods and demons.

Using palms as a medium of contact, it unleashed a technique of energy flow that could be considered a nightmare for divine blood creatures, utilizing the opponent's power to defeat them.

It was a divine technique developed by Casina the Battle God, who reached the end of the path of combat skills and stepped into a realm that could rival gods and demons, all in his human form.

Energy flow, synchronize!

Absorb! Absorb! Absorb! Absorb!


Rub the chest, rub the chest, rub the chest!

Breakthrough point, appear!

With Pafu's incredibly skilled invasion, the armor on the chest of the black iron giant crumbled apart, just like when Casina the Battle God defeated Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword. As soon as the breakthrough point emerged, it meant that the opponent had been completely suppressed by the Magnificence of Sky Dance.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!"

"Even Dad has never touched it!"

"No, not there! I won't be able to find a husband!" The girl's cries echoed through the skies, and Yun Xi easily broke through the heart of the Passed Princess, caused by her fear of heights.

This time, without Teacher Casina the Battle God around, Yun Xi's own energy effortlessly rushed into the core of the black iron giant and immediately entered the deepest part of the Passed Princess's body.

Yun Xi sensed the core of that massive energy, which had returned to its original form. With both hands holding his own body, he desperately rejected his inner girl.

Sorry, but there's no way to stop now.

Let me enter inside you.

In the following moments, the Passed Princess suddenly felt sensations she had never experienced before while being alive.

It was a state that was like being asleep but not asleep, like being drunk but not drunk, completely chaotic and unexplainable.

Even though the body had long since died and ceased to exist as a physical entity, it reacted in an unimaginable way to the huge spiritual energy from outside.

The snowy-white skin had a lovely color, the nose could smell a scent that made the heart race, and the chest area was tender and fragrant, indescribably wonderful.

"Ahem!" For the Passed Princess who had long since died, this feeling was so unfamiliar, yet so beautiful.

What is this?

Why, why, why?

For the Passed Princess, who only had the pleasure of soaking in a lava bath in her life, this level of excitement was more than a hundred times greater than bathing, leaving her overwhelmed by the mesmerizing and bone-chilling scent.

At the age of twelve, when she died, she had no knowledge of this. She didn't have the divine era of Adley as an enlightenment book, she was truly a blank slate.

The deceased should not be able to experience this sensation, let alone have a body that had long turned to ashes. The Passed Princess only had her soul core connected to the black iron giant.

But the amazing skill of Sky Dance is such that it can capture, suppress, and synchronize even the existence of gods and demons beyond the world.

Compared to Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword, who could still resist with all her might and was eventually broken through by chance, Passed Princess's resistance ability was much weaker, or rather, she had no defense at all.

Before long, tears and wailing turned into sweet, pitying whispers, as if lovers were whispering in each other's ears.

Within the core of the black iron giant, Passed Princess, who was captured by Yun Xi, stood with her snow-white and bare feet tense, enduring an indescribable mix of charm and sobbing, making her irresistibly adorable.

The twelve-year-old girl's chest was as soft and wobbly as a marshmallow or jelly, pressing down on it felt like touching the clouds, indescribably wonderful.

Despite her petite size, she had an endless elasticity. With just a light pressure, Yun Xi's palm was immediately bounced off by this delightful bosom, creating an unparalleled sensation.

It was soft, smooth, and had a kind of elasticity that seemed to push Yun Xi's hand away.

Even without relying on sight, just by focusing on the nerves in his palm, Yun Xi could picture the adorable appearance of that small, tender chest.

More spiritual energy was extracted by Yun Xi's hands from the black iron giant's body, forming vast clouds of spiritual energy in the sky.

These fluffy clouds of energy surrounded Yun Xi and the black iron giant, taking away any chance of resistance that the already weak giant had left.

The channel for the flow of energy is fully open!

Soaring high in the sky, moving gracefully, this is the magnificent "Heaven Style" of the Sky Dance.freeweb .co m

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