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Chapter 260: Eventful (2)

Chapter 260: Eventful (2)

Just before the exhibition began, Cherry arrived at our mansion. Since I had informed people in advance that she would be coming, we were able to welcome her into the mansion without any difficulty.

Cherry was still in the form transformed by Cecilys magic, but her attire was more modest, resembling a young ladys. She wore a summer brown dress that complemented her current brown hair, with both arms exposed and the skirt falling gracefully to her knees. Despite wearing a plain dress, her overall appearance felt noble and elegant, thanks to her inherently supportive features.

Most notably, of course, was her chest, which naturally stood out due to its size, almost matching Cecilys. It was a part of her that couldnt be helped, in a sense.

Still, she was beautiful. As I looked at Cherry, who was fidgeting with her hands neatly clasped together, I sincerely complimented her.

You look good.


Cherry giggled bashfully at my compliment. Although her pupils still remained dark, they seemed much brighter than before.

In fact, for her, attending the Xenon exhibition was almost like gambling. If she were caught, there would undoubtedly be an uproar in the Roseberry family.

Although she received a disguise spell from Cecily, she couldnt change her appearance entirely. Upon closer inspection, Cherrys unique characteristics were evident throughout.

From her slightly downturned eyes to her overall puppy-like impression, especially her dead pupils, was her most distinctive feature.

But they probably wont notice easily.

Just as people remember me as the redhead, Cherry would likely be remembered the same way. Even if I were to disguise myself like Cherry, there would be plenty of people who wouldnt recognize me.

So, Ill do my best to help Cherry enjoy this exhibition as much as possible. It might be tough at first due to my role as a guide, but if I get some free time, Ill be sure to accompany Cherry right away.

Leona said shell handle things on her own

By the way, Leona has decided to enjoy the exhibition with her mother. Also I felt too busy for her to ask that, or something like that.

Despite being the one who invited her, feeling sorry, I decided to compensate with money and various conveniences including attendance to the performances. The vivid image of her jumping around happily as soon as she received the money was clear in my mind.

At that moment, Leonas mother sharply rebuked, asking if she was being too materialistic. Leona herself seemed embarrassed, sticking out her tongue and scratching her head.

Anyway, the matter regarding Leona was easily resolved, and the remaining issue was Cherry. Since Ill have to guide her in the future, I need someone to accompany her.

Ill wait.


Ill wait until you come to find me, Senior.

Just as I was about to mention that there was someone suitable for the task, Cherry blurted out that she would wait first. I could only stare blankly upon hearing her words.

To wait for me at the mansion without even seeing the exhibited works. I couldnt fathom the meaning at all.

Was she really going to wait for me at the mansion until I had free time, or was there another meaning mixed in?

Blinking in bewilderment at Cherrys words, which revealed nothing of her inner thoughts, I cautiously asked.


Anywhere is fine if its where the senior tells me to.

Even if I tell you to wait at the mansion, will you wait?


Oh my goodness. I covered my face with one hand in the overwhelming confusion.

Ive always known that Im at the center of the accident for Cherry. But dealing with it is quite frustrating.

Honestly, waiting at the mansion is the most realistic and acceptable option. Anyway, the role of the guide will only be effective until lunchtime, and personal time will be given to me afterward.

Also, the highlight performance will take place after dinner, so it can be considered a compromise in its own way.

Is it really okay

I looked at Cherry with a complicated expression. Cherry blinked slowly as I stared silently, then tilted her head.

I feel eerie at her reaction, like a doll without any emotions.

Anyway, I invited her to the exhibition, so leaving her like this is definitely not a good idea. Finally, I sighed and opened my mouth.

Until I find you, explore the exhibition. If theres anything dangerous, immediately ask for help from the guards. Understand?


Im urging you not to go to remote areas under any circumstances. And also

Out of concern for potentially encountering something unpleasant, I had earnestly advised Cherry. Whether Cherry was actually listening to me or just staring blankly, I couldnt tell, but she remained silent, only blinking her eyes.

Its true that I feel uneasy about various things, but I cant forgive leaving her at the mansion abandoned. For the sake of her motivation, its a good idea to participate in the exhibition. Thats why I invited Cherry in the first place.

Finally, just as my admonishment was almost finished, Cherry unexpectedly spoke up.

Oh, by the way, Senior.


Did you know that my father is also coming to the exhibition?


I widened my eyes as Cherry revealed an unexpected fact. When she mentioned father, it implied that the Roseberry family was coming. The Roseberry family, being a viscount family, wielded considerable influence even within the Minerva Empire. Attending the exhibition to cultivate connections wasnt out of the ordinary.

It seemed they were putting aside any resentment regarding the Xenon affair and attending for political reasons. Its unexpected yet not entirely surprising.

However, one question arises unrelated to that.

Did he inform you through a letter?


And he said he wouldnt bring you?


Well, thats odd.

Does everyone have a trash-like father? But when I see only her father lurking around, does that mean mother doesnt attend?

Your mother?

She passed away a long time ago.


I said something unnecessary. Trying to avoid mentioning family matters as much as possible only ended up causing a major disaster.

To quickly move past the situation that sank in an instant, I hurriedly changed the subject.

Does the Viscount of Roseberry also have pink hair like you?



I wonder what kind of person he is. The Roseberry family is a philosophical one, so why did such an unlikely philosopher emerge from it?

The more you delve into philosophy, the more it humbles people. Once you understand the meaning of the ancient saying Know thyself, youll quickly become humble.

But the Viscount of Roseberry not only failed to support Cherrys dream but cruelly trampled on it. Its a serious flaw for a philosopher to commit such actions.

Alright, I understand. Try to avoid him as much as possible. Since you mentioned having pink hair, itll stand out.


Then Ill be on my way. If anything happens, be sure to request help from the guards! Got it?


The stiff responses from that doll-like figure, when will they ever end? I glanced worryingly at Cherry, with her dark, uncertain eyes.

Cherry, as if unaware of my feelings, blinked slowly once again and then smiled.

I wonder if this is how it feels to watch a child by the riverside

Cherry, who until just a few months ago had lost all zest for life, couldnt be helped but worried about. Only after urging Cherry again did I manage to move my steps towards the main gate. As I reached the main gate, I saw some very familiar faces.

Youre here?

Marie, wearing a white dress that perfectly matched her style.

A little late, arent you?

Adelia, impeccably dressed in attire befitting a casino. Both of them exuded their own charm.

Marie was Marie, but Adelia especially suited her clothes well. Unlike when she usually wore just a shirt and leather pants, she now gave off an air of elegance.

I smiled as I looked at them. I didnt know what would happen in the future, but I didnt feel particularly uncomfortable.

Rina will probably cover for Hiriya well, and Cecily and Arwen have a fairly close relationship in their own way.

Cecily went first, right?

Yeah. Shes probably meeting Queen Arwen by now, right?

Really? Where did Rina say she was?

Shell be waiting in the center of the village. Probably Princess Hiriya will be there too?

As soon as Marie mentioned Hiriya, Adelia glanced at me. When our eyes met, Adelia smiled lightly and nodded her head. free.c om

It was as if she was indicating that everything was fine, that she was okay. As soon as I confirmed that sign, I casually asked.

Well then, please take care today, noona.

In response to my question, Adelia answered confidently as if to reassure me not to worry.

No. It was exactly at that moment when she was about to answer.

Of course she has to do that. Me and Cecily will have to take care of you as well today.

Maries voice flowed by like water. It was clearly audible since she spoke right next to us.

It almost passed by too naturally, but it didnt take long for me to realize the meaning behind her words.

When I shifted my gaze to her, I could see Marie smiling sinisterly. Furthermore, her blue eyes were directed towards Adelia, not me.

Following that gaze and looking at Adelia

The self-assured smile had vanished from Adelias face, and in its place, I could see her blushing like a tomato, her lips trembling as if caught in a wave.

I couldnt grasp the conversation that went on between Marie, Cecily, and Adelia. However, observing their reactions, I harbored a certain conviction.

Is she really conceding?

In many ways, it was a moment where my anticipation for the night ahead intensified.


Meanwhile, it was time for Isaac and his companions to just step out of the mansion. Princess Rina of the Minerva Empire was quietly waiting for Isaac, who would now take on the role of a guide.

Where she was waiting was at the center of the town, and although I didnt know when, a fountain was installed in the center at some point. Fitting the ambition of the Minerva Empire to develop the Michelle territory into a cultural city, even the fountain revealed an artistic aspect.

In fact, it could be considered quite impolite for a noble who took on the role of a guide to make the princess wait. However, since it was Rina who had asked for the guidance role, she had no complaints.

Above all, there was currently someoneI had to keep an eye on, so she had no choice but to wait for Isaac.

Youre later than I thought.

And that someone was standing confidently right next to Rina at that moment. At the familiar voice, Rina twitched at her side.

Unlike Rina, who was holding out her parasol, Hiriya, dressed in uniform, was standing with her arms crossed, as if it wasnt too hot.

Hiriyas well-built body suited the uniform quite well. Still, Hiriyas charming appearance couldnt be hidden. Rina glanced up and down at the grumbling Hiriya before quietly speaking up.

Were here earlier than scheduled. How about a little patience?

If it werent for you, I would have gone there myself.

With Rinas clear response, Hiriya sharply looked at her with piercing eyes. Rina shrugged her shoulders lightly at that gaze. If it werent for Rina asking Isaac for guidance, Hiriya would have gone straight to the mansion. But Rinas intervention thwarted Hiriyas plans. Rina found such a helpless Hiriya amusing and lightly teased in her elegant voice,

You shouldnt mess with a man who has a fiance. Especially if hes the son-in-law of the Requilis Duke.


Hiriya had nothing to say at this point, just snorted, offering no further retort. Rinas words were all too true.

Hiriya, in her desperate attempt to snatch Isaac, whom Adelia loves, spared no means or methods, but unexpectedly, the scale grew larger.

After cooling her head slowly, she realized she had overstepped her bounds, but it was too late to retract. It wasnt her original goal in the first place.

However, that doesnt mean she doesnt have any doubts at all. Hiriya threw that doubt to Rina.

But whats so special about that red-haired guy? Even if the Duke Requilis is just a Duke on the surface, there must still be some authority.

Rina didnt respond immediately. No, to be precise, her response was delayed as she organized her thoughts. As Hiriya questioned, Duke Requilis was a business partner of the royal family. Even if his power might be lacking, his authority was undeniable, preventing other nobles from meddling casually.

Therefore, the engagement was no different. If Isaac were the groom, it would be understandable, but its Marie coming into the Michelle family. Of course, it could be somewhat understood since the eldest son Kay will inherit the Duchy instead of Marie.

However, the Michelle family is a Barony, incomparable to a duchy, falling into a completely different category. Hence, its natural for Princess Hiriya to have doubts.

Even if theres justification, interference from the royal family would be sensed with just a little digging. Considering Isaacs true identity, these unnatural matters would be instantly understood.

However, Rina has no intention of going there. The difference between knowing and not knowing can make a significant difference. Even if nothing else, revealing that Isaac is Xenon to the Ters Kingdom must be avoided. Fortunately, there was a suitable story, so Rina had nothing to be flustered about.

Thats because the territory of Isaacs family, the Michelle family, is being transformed into a city for Xenon. The engagement itself was only a year ago, so it hasnt been long.

Is that so?

Thats right. So, what about giving up? Its not ideal for diplomatic issues to escalate just because of a petty grudge, right?

She hasnt forgotten to provoke in the middle. Its a political technique she learned.

Hiriya realized the meaning contained in Rinas words and squirmed under her gaze. She wanted to burst out angrily, but there were too many people watching.

Hmph. Can I just sit still when someone as insignificant as a bastard child is causing trouble? And Ive even been insulted?

You should have been nice to her from long ago. Even if she is an illegitimate child, family is family, right?

Ridiculous. A bastard is ultimately just a lowly subordinate. Are you any different?

Sorry, but my father doesnt like family conflicts.

Currently, Rinas only sibling is Leort. The Emperor only had Rinas mother and hasnt touched another woman since.

From the beginning, the Emperor himself ascended through family conflict, and seems to be blocking it at its source due to trauma. Even when his subordinates ask him to produce heirs, he firmly draws the line.

So Rinas words essentially mean that she isnt like her royal family. Its giving with one hand and taking away with the other.

I always feel it, but Im still unlucky.

Thanks for the compliment. Oh, theres something Im curious about, can I ask?

What is it?

Rina shifted her gaze and met Hirias eyes. Blue eyes and sky-blue eyes stared at each other.

What will the Ters Kingdom do when Xenons identity is revealed?


When Xenons identity is revealed, what stance will your kingdom take? Will there be a marriage proposal as expected?

Upon hearing Rinas question, Hiriyas lower eyelid twitched. It might sound quite abrupt, but it was a question directed at herself.

If Xenon were to reveal his identity, they would spare no effort to connect with him. Among various methods, marriage was the most effective. In other words, it was akin to asking if she would willingly marry Xenon. It was a question directed not at anyone else but Hiriya herself.

Hiriya discerned the meaning embedded in Rinas words and chuckled softly. It seemed like a provocation, but she chose not to dwell on it anymore.

Well, it would be Lara who would be connected, not me. I might even end up marrying that Isaac fellow.

Dream big. Besides that? What about assistance from the Ters Kingdom?

Naturally, they would offer all support. Position, honor, money, and lastly, a woman. They would provide everything they could.


Upon hearing her words, Rina chuckled softly and muttered under her breath.

Whats the point for someone who already has everything

What did you say?

Cheer up. Ill support you wholeheartedly.

Then what about you guys? What will you do to help?

In response to Hiriyas question, Rina shrugged casually and replied.

Well see?

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