Your Girlfriend Was Amazing

Chapter 30: Ryu Hyemi, All Set

Ryu Hyemi, All Set

Honestly, the source of my irritation was a burning desire to let off some steam.

Since I couldn't land one on Mr. Double Chin.

Is Kim Minsoo cheating? Well, it's basically a scripted event. To unfold a harem romance while having a girlfriend, cheating is necessity. Of course, it wouldn't be the trashy kind of cheating we talk about in reality.

Like… he's going to dabble in creating suggestive situations—a scenario where a mere brush of clothes would make a girl blush. That kind of cliché is bound to play out countless times.

It's also a reason to tear apart the relationship between Yoomin and Kim Minsoo within a month. Having a girlfriend will only slow down the story development. I need to confirm as many girls as possible. The more Minsoo cheates, the more characters I can confirm.

But it's just… pissing me off.

Some clueless guy forced to steal someone else's girl in a novel. Others strut around like a walking condom, and women magically enter his love life.

It was truly unfair, so when the chance presented itself, my anger exploded. It turned into action, and finally, I scored a sparring opportunity. Of course, it followed a format where the output of our powers was capped, but it didn't matter?

Hitting Minsoo was the goal; I didn't want to injure him because, heaven forbid, if the protagonist gets hurt, the story won't budge. Looking at Minsoo's expression, I couldn't help but chuckle. Brimming with confidence and eyes that refuse to acknowledge defeat.

As soon as the command was issued, he lunged forward, his body disproportionately leaning. It was crystal clear he was underestimating me. Well, he hasn't witnessed my fighting prowess, so I get it. Plus, he probably hasn't crossed paths with an opponent of his age who could actually beat him.

Considering the story flow, reaching chapter 172 is just the prologue. After all, the harem romance is still in its infancy, and academy life is now starting in earnest. In simpler terms, Minsoo hasn't encountered a villain-worthy adversary.

Originally, that role was meant for Baek Taeyang, but alas, the author's lack of dating experience kept him on the bench.

"Get ready…"

Even though it was my debut duel, there was no tension. Whether Baek Taeyang's body and synchronization rates had shot up or the situation was just too familiar. Analyzing Minsoo a short while ago, everything felt as natural as breathing.

Downward strike.

It was hidden well, but I could read his intentions very well. The left shoulder, which had put in excessive force, was advertising, "I'm going up right now."


The moment Instructor Sukgu's command echoed, Minsoo blitzed forward at a speed an average person couldn't fathom. He was right in front of me in the blink of an eye.

Fast, too fast.

Speedy, indeed.

When intentions can't be deciphered, speed leads to an unexpected blow. But if everything's laid bare, a swift attack is practically begging for a counterattack.

"A guaranteed victory!"

The moment Kim Minsoo uttered those words, I couldn't help but scoff. All the effort to approach silently, and he had to ruin it with a noise, completely nullifying the element of surprise.

It felt like witnessing a dumb scenario straight out of a comic book. It brought to mind scenes of ambushing from behind, shouting, ‘Die!'

And Bash, too?

Despite being told to take it easy, he was genuinely going all out. A swift surprise attack from left to right, including Bash. If one connected, bones could have easily snapped. Though it didn't happen, it was annoying. Oh, how much I wanted to flaunt my strength. I took a minimal step backward to evade.

[Bash activated! Strong power gathers in the fist!]

Kim Minsoo's face was a mixture of astonishment. He realized what kind of skill I used. He couldn't pretend not to know. There's something more terrifying about knowing the destructive power of a skill.

He desperately tried to twist his body to dodge the skill's impact, but it was already too late. His downward strike aimed to finish me in one hit left too many openings as soon as the attack concluded.

"Son of a bitch, I'll beat the crap out of you today!"

It could feel unfair. Ironically, if he knew the circumstances, it would have been more fitting for Kim Minsoo to be the one getting angry. How furious would he be if he found out his girlfriend was taken away?

None of my business.

The fist dug into Minsoo's solar plexus. Considering it's about 15% output, how much power could it unleash?


The reaction was no joke. Even if it wasn't the first time he'd been hit, it sounded like a pig being slaughtered.

"Minsoo, life is a real battlefield."

To prevent him from flying too far, I slightly raised my fist upward with the punch. Minsoo exerted all his strength to avoid falling to the ground, but eventually, he couldn't control his body.

It was too easy to target a helpless prey in mid-air.

Pulling back my foot that had taken a step back, I extended it while Minsoo was still midair. In that motion, there was no unnaturalness. It was smooth and natural, like a movement that should be done that way.


At the extended end of the foot was Minsoo's abdomen. Like a massive stake driven in, the foot didn't come out of the abdomen. Just as I was about to put strength into the instep to stomp on the ground, Minsoo mad a move.

"Kuk, I'm well aware!"

With a firm grip on my foot, Minsoo tried a counterattack. Judging by the predictable sword movement, it looked like yet another downward strike. Is his learning ability just not up to par?

Who gives a damn.

Though I wanted to voice it, I held back. No point in escalating emotions with words now. Adopting a rival-like vibe from the opposite position seemed most ideal.

Thanks to Minsoo clenching my foot, I could raise the other one. Absorbing the impact on the abdomen and wielding the sword slowed down his actions. Leveraging the captured foot, I twisted my body and delivered a roundhouse kick to Minsoo's temple.


Given it was only the second counter, the impact was significant. Minsoo crashed to the ground. It was less of a sparring and more of a one-sided display of force.

But it's necessary.

My venting had essentially wrapped up with the front kick. From that point on, it was merely a ploy to draw out one person.

Instructor Sukgu wouldn't be quick to halt the sparring. He believed Victory Academy students needed a taste of bitter defeat. Even in a casual spar, a clear victory or defeat had to be established.

But he's not the one.

The plan had been set in motion since the instructors eagerly gathered when I proposed the sparring. It was clear that among the instructors, that person would be present.

Hurry up and reveal yourself.

[Bash activated! Strong power gathers in the fist!]

Minsoo lay pinned to the ground, surrounded by a sense of desperation. He might recover from the injuries before the gate tour, but injuries were injuries.

Consecutive hits had left Minsoo incapable of responding effectively. Kim Sukgu intended to conclude the sparring after this attack.

But what if there's someone who doesn't want Minsoo to suffer?


Ryu Hyemi holds Minsoo dear, even going as far as comforting him with her own breasts, knowing he has a girlfriend. From the childhood neighborhood noona setup to the compassionate image, I expected her to intervene when the situation worsened.

As a potential member of Minsoo's harem, establishing contact with her was crucial. However, suitable opportunities were scarce. The department store investigation concluded swiftly, and going for counseling would favor Kim Minsoo. The intense image planting and consistent contact were lacking.

But now, it's finally here.

From the moment she intruded into the sparring, she was practically ensnared.

"Spar is halted!"

Even as a researcher, she remained an instructor.

Ryu Hyemi instantly stood before me. However, my focus remained on the fight. I absolutely must not stop. I had to convey that I was genuinely immersed in the sparring and couldn't hear.

"Student Baek Taeyang!"

If I continued attacking due to the lack of control over my strength, there was a good chance my role as a temporary instructor would be canceled. But what if it appeared as though I was focused on seeing the fight through to the end?

It could be considered a plus.

It was much better than stopping immediately.

[Bash activated! Strong power gathers in the fist!]

"Cease!" Ryu Hyemi commanded with a power raise. Just before my fist reached Minsoo, a white barrier popped up.

Defensive move, but utterly pointless.

A virgin won't cut it.

Reading through the details with an Enchanting Gaze, Ryu Hyemi is confirmed as a virgin. And I don't lose to virgin women. Absolutely not.

[Virgin Bomber activated! You will never lose to a virgin!]

As anticipated, the Virgin Bomber kicked in. The barrier shattered like her virgin shield, into countless useless fragments.


Seemingly affected by the shattered barrier, Ryu Hyemi hesitated and sank to the ground.


That should suffice.

Mission accomplished. I twisted my fist into the ground. The fist, buried right beside Minsoo's face, carved a deep hole, creating a substantial dent.

A moment of stillness followed.

Ryu Hyemi quickly checked Minsoo's condition. Confirming the fist was embedded, she sighed in relief.

"Are you okay?"

I looked down her, expressing, ‘I did nothing wrong.' There was also a subtle hint of, ‘Even if you hadn't intervened, I would've handled it myself.'

"Uh… yeah, thanks…"

"Sparring done! Winner, Baek Taeyang!" Kim Sukgu swiftly declared results to fix the situation. Minsoo wasn't severely injured despite the loud noise.

"G-Good match, Taeyang…"

"I enjoyed it too."

Minsoo promptly stood up. His quick recovery indicated precise control of his strength. Though he tried to hide it, his face turned red, possibly from embarrassment.

"Are we good?"

"W-Well, of course, Taeyang. What do you think of me…"

He said with a smile, but there was a slightly stung look on his face. This guy is subtly narrow-minded.

"Well then, since the sparring is over, I'll now brief you on the precautions. Follow me."

Minsoo and I nodded in agreement with Instructor Kim Sukgu's words.

I've got everything I needed.

Three gains from this sparring: venting on Minsoo, establishing contact with Ryu Hyemi, and the image of being the strongest in the first year. Miss one, and it could limit my actions as Baek Taeyang in the future.

Glancing behind, Ryu Hyemi stood, intensely staring at me.

She must be quite curious.

A mere student easily breaking through the barrier put up by an instructor. Enough to spark curiosity.

She'll come to me.

Researchers naturally seek answers. If curiosity arises, they'll come to find the truth.

Once the gate is over, I'll take my sweet time with the preparations.

All the seasoning is ready; it's just a matter of cooking.

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