You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter C.961 (Big Brother Is Not Dead!)

Chapter 961 (Big Brother Is Not Dead!)

"Sister-in-law." Although Qian Yuqing is no longer part of the Ye family, Ye Juetian still often calls her sister-in-law. Of course, it's at Qian Yuqing's request. This way, it feels like she is still Ye Hua's wife, not as outsiders say, no longer related to Ye Hua.

Sure enough, when Ye Juetian called out "Sister-in-law," Qian Yuqing paused for a moment, and the corners of her mouth gradually drooped. "Little Tian, you're here."

Qian Yuqing sighed softly; 'This is not Ye Hua.'

Ye Juetian jumped out from the underground passage, "Sister-in-law, how have you been lately?"

Qian Yuqing nodded as she looked at Ye Juetian. How has she been? She has never been well.

"Little Tian, come and sit." Qian Yuqing said softly, walking to the table and opening a box. Inside, there was a bottle of Cyan Yuan Vessel.

Taking out the Cyan Yuan Vessel, Qian Yuqing said softly, "Little Tian, this is for Mother."

"Sister-in-law..." Ye Juetian looked at the small bottle in Qian Yuqing's hand and exclaimed.

"I will find a way in the future, Little Tian, you can rest assured." Qian Yuqing squeezed out a smile. How to find a way... Right now, the only way to save mother is through Emperor Yun.

"Sister-in-law, did you agree to marry Emperor Yun?" Ye Juetian questioned his sister-in-law, as if saying, "Sister-in-law, didn't you say you only love Big Brother? Why did you change?"

Qian Yuqing whispered, "Little Tian, the Spirit Spring is in the hands of the royal family. Now, only Emperor Yun can save mother. Do you understand?"

"Sister-in-law!!!" Ye Juetian shouted in anguish. On one side is his mother, on the other side is his sister-in-law. Does he have to watch his mother die helplessly? But also watch his sister-in-law marry into the royal family? Is there really no better solution?

"Little Tian, this is all I can do for your Big Brother," Qian Yuqing said with a satisfied smile. As long as she can do something for Ye Hua, it's satisfying, especially when it's for Ye Hua's mother, she has no regrets.

"Sister-in-law, Big Brother is still alive!" Ye Juetian couldn't help but speak in a low voice.

Qian Yuqing didn't show much reaction to this reassurance; she had heard such consolations before.

"Yes, I know. Your Big Brother must be alive now, for sure!" Qian Yuqing said with certainty, believing that Ye Hua is still alive and won't die!

Ye Juetian knew that Sister-in-law misunderstood, so he quickly said, "Big Brother is really alive!"

Qian Yuqing looked at Ye Juetian in confusion.

"I met Big Brother a few days ago! He is now on the Sapphire Continent! He even told me to come back this morning!"

Qian Yuqing stared blankly at Ye Juetian, her face looking strange, as if she couldn't believe the truth of these words.

"Sister-in-law! It's true. I met Big Brother a few days ago! He has amnesia now and doesn't remember anything." As Ye Juetian explained, Qian Yuqing's face seemed calm, but tears rolled down her cheeks like broken pearls.

After a while, Qian Yuqing's expression finally changed. With a sense of panic and nervousness, she grabbed Ye Juetian's shoulders, "Is it true! Are you not deceiving me!"

"It's true, Big Brother is really alive. I was shocked too. Big Brother seems to be shocked as well, and then he confirmed it by the method of blood recognition." Ye Juetian's words made Qian Yuqing go crazy. After waiting for a thousand years, today has finally come!

"I knew Ye Hua wouldn't die. How could Ye Hua die so easily? It turns out he just lost his memory. Thank the heavens." Qian Yuqing quickly knelt in front of the gods, expressing gratitude with a sincere heart.

Ye Juetian stood aside, watching without intervening."Sister-in-law, there's even worse news."

"As long as Ye Hua is still alive, there is no worse news." Qian Yuqing finally smiled, as if she had returned to the past, that joyful feeling. Her whole demeanour underwent a drastic change. Once lifeless, she now seemed rejuvenated, radiating a captivating brilliance, appearing exceptionally charming.

"Sister-in-law, please listen to me; it's really bad news."

Qian Yuqing, in a joyful mood, stood up, curiously asking, "Is Ye Hua doing well now?"

The expression on Qian Yuqing's face was like she had returned to the age of 18.

"Big Brother is no longer the same as before," Ye Juetian said in a deep voice.

Qian Yuqing frowned slightly upon hearing this and asked softly, "What happened?"

"Sister-in-law, do you know under what circumstances I encountered Big Brother by chance?"


"Thousands of people were praying, and only then did I go down."

"Thousands of people?" Qian Yuqing was puzzled.

"Yes, Big Brother killed all those thousands of unarmed people! Young and old, not sparing a single one, all beheaded!" Ye Juetian said with a heavy tone.

"Impossible!" Qian Yuqing directly said. In her heart, Ye Hua was a man who stood tall and firm. How could he go and kill unarmed people, let alone the young and old?

Ye Juetian took a deep breath, "I couldn't believe it at first either, but it's true. I witnessed it with my own eyes, and then Big Brother locked me up."

"Ah, Ye Hua locked you up?" Qian Yuqing was puzzled. If what Little Tian said was true, then Ye Hua's change was earth-shattering.

"Yes, in the end, it was..."

"What happened?"

"In the end, it was Big Brother's two wives who found me and begged for mercy, that's why he let me go." Ye Juetian couldn't help but say. This matter could likely have a significant impact on sister-in-law.

Sure enough, upon hearing that Ye Hua had two wives, Qian Yuqing immediately felt a sense of powerlessness, her gaze becoming distant.

This was really not good news.

Although Ye Juetian was angry with Big Brother in his heart, he still had to explain now.

"Sister-in-law, Big Brother has amnesia now and doesn't remember anyone, that's why he took wives."

Even though it was like this, Qian Yuqing still felt uncomfortable. Because Ye Hua had said before that he would only have her in this lifetime, that she was his one and only. Now, being told that what Ye Hua said back then was false, how could she feel good?

Indeed, Ye Hua was a liar, and he particularly liked deceiving his wives.

"Sister-in-law, Big Brother is now a ruthless tyrant. Today, I asked him to come back and see Mother and you, but he told me to leave. If I didn't leave, he would kill me. He also said that the past has nothing to do with him."

Qian Yuqing lowered her head slightly after hearing this, seeming a bit saddened. 'After waiting for you for thousands of years, why are you unwilling to come and see me?'

"Sister-in-law, now only you can awaken the conscience in Big Brother's heart. If you can make him remember the past, that would be great."

In the midst of confusion, Qian Yuqing seemed to see a glimmer of hope. Yes, as long as Ye Hua regains his memory, everything will be fine.

"I want to go see Ye Hua!"

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