Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth

Chapter 817 - 817: Fearless

Chapter 817: Fearless

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At most, they would give them money reconcile.

In Yue Han’s opinion, if the other party did not reconcile, it would mean that the money was not enough and he would continue to add more money.

If they still did not Imow how to appreciate it, they could only use some methods. When the time came, those who did not cooperate would have no money or justice.

This was the benefit of power.

However, today, this matter was exposed in front of the eight families. There were so many people watching and it had even spread online.

If Yue Chi was not imprisoned, those netizens could drown Yue Chi with their saliva.

“Brother, I didn’t do it on purpose. I gave them enough money. Everyone was just playing around. Who knew that they were so weak? Brother, I’m innocent too. I spent money to buy services, and they agreed. It’s none of my business even if they died from the playing.” Yue Chi looked innocent, not knowing what he had done wrong.

Yue Han was so angry that he closed his eyes and waved his hand. He said to the lawyer, “You tell him!”

The lawyer nodded and said, “Second Young Master, if there’s an interrogation by the police, just deny it and say that that person isn’t you. We’ve already prepared someone here. When the time comes, he’ll take the blame for you and become the person in the video. It’s just that during this period of time, you still have to cooperate with the police to investigate the case…”

The lawyer said a lot. Yue Chi only said impatiently, “Can’t you explain this to the police? I’m tired now and I want to go back to rest.”

Yue Han looked at his ignorant brother in front of him and was so angry that the veins on his forehead were about to pop out. “You still want to go back? Do you think this is just you soliciting a prostitute or you drunk driving? You can leave after signing? This is murder!”

Yue Chi frowned slightly and said in confusion, “Who among the eight aristocratic families in the Capital has a clean hand? They even killed people with status. Aren’t they all fine? I just accidentally killed two ladies from the nightclub. What’s the big deal? Wouldn’t it be over if you get Dad to talk to the chief of the police station? Besides, if you can’t talk to this chief. Can’t you just change to someone else who we can talk to?”

Yue Chi’s words were quite arrogant. Even the lawyer on the side could not help but shake his head. He had been by Yue Han’s side for many years. These aristocratic families were indeed dark, but everyone was on the scene. Even if something happened, they would do it honorably and not let anyone catch them.

In the end, Yue Chi, this fool, was so calm and arrogant even though he had played someone to death with his own hands.

Yue Han felt that he was about to die of anger. He pointed at Yue Chi and scolded, “It wasn’t easy to get Mom to leave the mountain. Is this how you surprise her?”

Yue Chi’s emotions were still considered stable before Liu Shuang was mentioned. When he heard his mother, Yue Chi’s face was tainted with anger.

“What does it have to do with me whether she goes down the mountain or not? Who is she to me? She’s just a woman who abandoned me. Why should I care if she’s surprised?”

Yue Chi was a little agitated, as if he hated Liu Shuang.

Yue Han caught the flash of resentment in Yue Chi’s eyes. In the end, he only sighed helplessly and said to the lawyer, “Deal with this matter well.”

Then, Yue Han said to Yue Chi, “Chi, listen to Brother. Do whatever the lavvyer tells you to do. When the time comes, we’ll lock you up for a period of time. Be obedient. I’ll find someone to swap you out.”

Yue Han knew that Yue Chi would definitely not be able to escape unscathed immediately in this matter, so he still had to deal with some things for others to see. He wanted Yue Chi to suffer a small crime to avoid a big crime.

Hearing Yue Han’s tone soften, Yue Chi nodded obediently. “I understand, Brother!”

After Yue Han left, he got someone to contact the families of the two dead girls.

Regardless of whether Yue Chi could be successfully swapped out, for those girls who were still alive, he could completely get his lavvyer to fight this lawsuit in the direction of consensual extreme sexual activity.

However, they were already dead. At the moment, he still had to pay some hush money and reconcile with them. As long as these two families did not sue and there was no problem, he did not have to use the substitute he had prepared for a long time.

However, when Yue Han found the two girls’ houses, he realized that the girls’ families had all moved away some time ago. No one knew where they had gone. Yue Han’s eyes were filled with frost. It seemed like someone was targeting the

Yue Family..

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