Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 14: Explosive Yuan Pill

Chapter 14: Explosive Yuan Pill

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The next day, Ye Yuan went to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion again.

Ye Yuan could distinctly feel a difference in the way the employees looked at him. After yesterday’s event, everybody now looked at this super silkpants with admiration.

Having enjoyed these looks too often in his past life, Ye Yuan naturally would not mind it too much. Today, he only came to the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion to collect medicinal herbs. Right now, Ye Yuan desperately needed to raise his strength, and the fastest way to increase his strength was undoubtedly by taking pills as a stimulant.

Putting aside the ability of an Alchemy Emperor and not utilizing it, would that not make Ye Yuan a fool?

There were countless pill formulas inside Ye Yuan’s mind, but the medicinal pills he could refine at the moment were too few. He was only able to refine Tier 1 medicinal pills, and that was only by using his powerful soul as support. Otherwise, with his First Level Essence Qi Realm cultivation, he would not even be able to refine out medicinal dregs.

Using an entire night to search for Tier 1 medicinal pills in his memories, Ye Yuan still felt that among all the pills, a type of high-grade Tier 1 pill called Explosive Yuan Pill was the most suitable for him.

Explosive Yuan Pill, as the name suggested, was a medicinal pill that explosively increased essence energy.

Tier 1 pills which could increase essence energy to aid cultivation and currently was circulating in the market was the Essence Qi Pill. It was suitable for Essence Qi Realm martial artists. However, ordinary martial artists could not even consume medicinal pills of such quality; instead, increasing their strength by going through great pains to bitterly cultivate essence energy by themselves.

A single Essence Qi Pill could save a martial artist several months of intense cultivation. If one could use Essence Qi Pill to cultivate, then reaching the Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm was only a matter of time. However, people who could expend Essence Qi Pills in such a manner were as rare as Phoenix feathers and Qilin horns. Only the Imperial Family and the descendants of major noble families could afford to do so.

Ye Yuan naturally could afford it. But to him, Essence Qi Pill was too weak, completely unable to achieve the effect he desired.

Although an Essence Qi Pill was good, the effects would be severely reduced from overconsumption. His predecessor actually ate a lot of Essence Qi Pills, but he did not refine the medicinal effects of the Essence Qi Pills entirely at all, leading to a considerable amount of essence energy dissipated from his body. As a result, Essence Qi Pill already did not have much of an effect on Ye Yuan.

But the Explosive Yuan Pill was an upgraded version of the Essence Qi Pill, with several times the medicinal effects of the latter. It was naturally the most appropriate choice for Ye Yuan to use in order to raise his strength. Of course, Ye Yuan had even more amazing pill formulas. It was just those pill formulas were either too high-tier or their medicinal effects were too powerful, making it unsuitable for the current Ye Yuan. Refining those pills after Ye Yuan’s strength improved would only be a matter of course.

"Young Master, are you also here today to get medicines?"

The shopkeeper saw Ye Yuan walking in and immediately greeted him with a smile as if he were a different person than he was yesterday.

Ye Yuan did not point it out but simply replied with a smile, "Yes. These are the medicinal herbs I require. Help me prepare three sets of each medicinal herb."

Ye Yuan handed the shopkeeper a prescription list as he spoke. Written on it were the names of medicinal herbs that the Explosive Yuan Pill requires. Even though Explosive Yuan Pill was much more precious than Essence Qi Pill, the herbs used were only Tier 1 medicinal herbs and were available for purchase at any ordinary shop. As the largest medicinal herb business within the capital, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion naturally had the goods.

The shopkeeper swept a look over Ye Yuan’s prescription and started to frown. Ye Yuan asked curiously, "Why? Anything wrong?"

"Young Master, the medicinal herbs listed on this prescription, everything is fine, except for this Six Leaf Grass . . ."

The shopkeeper revealed a difficult expression.

Upon hearing this, Ye Yuan was even more surprised. "According to what I know, even though this Six Leaf Grass is a little rare, it is still a commonly seen medicinal herb. It can’t be that our Fragrant Medicine Pavilion is unable to produce three portions of it?"

The shopkeeper gave a bitter laugh and said, "Young Master, of course, we have Six Leaf Grass. But we normally wouldn’t stock up too much of such medicinal herbs, with precisely just three portions all inside the storeroom. Unfortunately, all three portions of Six Leaf Grass were reserved by someone yesterday, with the deposit already paid."

At this point, the shopkeeper snuck a look to assess Ye Yuan, terrified that the latter would fly into a rage. This little ancestor was not someone that can be easily dealt with. If he were dissatisfied, he might just raise such a fearful din which can cause fowls and dogs having no peace. Ye Yuan’s performance yesterday was very eye-catching; rivers and mountains might change, but it was hard to alter a man’s nature. God knows if he might lose his temper because of this.

Seeing Ye Yuan remained unperturbed, the shopkeeper finally relaxed, thinking to himself could this little ancestor really have changed his personality?

"Who reserved the medicine?"

"A youth about the same age as Young Master. Furthermore, he needed it very urgently," the shopkeeper replied with trepidation.

Nodding his head, Ye Yuan said, "What time did he say he will come to collect the medicine? I wish to have a chat with him."

Hearing this, the shopkeeper jumped in fright thinking that Ye Yuan wanted to force people to cancel the reservation. Once something like this was done, it would be extremely detrimental to the reputation of the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion.

Seeing through his concerns, Ye Yuan assured him and said, "Relax, I won’t mess around."

The shopkeeper right now could not tell if this little ancestor really changed his personality or not, but seeing that Ye Yuan had no intention of leaving, it looks like he was hell-bent on getting those three stalks of Six Leaf Grass.

"He said he will come to collect it early in the morning. With how anxious he was, most likely he’s about to arrive?" Feeling helpless, the shopkeeper could only tell the truth.

"Alright. Then I will wait for him here." Ye Yuan found a place to sit down quietly, closing his eyes to meditate while ignoring the perturbed shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper gave a sigh and just let Ye Yuan be, praying that this little ancestor would not cause any trouble. It was not that he was worried about Ye Yuan, but it was just that in the past Ye Yuan had left way too strong of an impression on everyone.

After about the time it took to drink a cup of tea, Ye Yuan who had his eyes closed suddenly heard an urgent-sounding voice.

"Shopkeeper, I’m here to collect the Six Leaf Grass I reserved yesterday."

"This . . ." The shopkeeper once again revealed a difficult expression.

The person was a youth around the age of 15 or 16 years old. Upon seeing the shopkeeper’s expressions, he exclaimed anxiously, "Shopkeeper, we agreed on it yesterday, and you even took the deposit. You can’t go back on your words!"

"We naturally wouldn’t go back on our words after collecting a deposit. It’s just that I wanted to ask this brother, what’s your purpose for buying this Six Leaf Grass?"

The one who spoke was naturally Ye Yuan.

Turning his head around only to see a youth around the same age as him, dressed in silk clothing, he naturally did not have a good reaction. "What does it have to do with you?"

The shopkeeper jumped in fright. To dare to provoke this little ancestor, is this youth tired of living? Just as he was about to speak up, he was stopped by the expression in Ye Yuan’s eyes.

Beaming, Ye Yuan said, "Of course it’s none of my business. I was just curious why did you buy medicinal herbs instead of a finished product. Could it be that you wanted to refine them yourself? There are three types of Tier 1 pills which require the Six Leaf Grass to refine, so let me make a guess. The first one is the Heavenly Spiritual Pill, a pill meant for impacting through the Spirit Condensation Realm. You are only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, so it’s most likely not this sort of pill. The second type is the Pure Heart Pill, a pill used to maintain clarity of the mind and to chase away Heart Demons. It is suitable for use when assaulting bottlenecks. Looking at how you’re not at a bottleneck, it’s most likely not this pill. There’s still one more type called the Great Returning Pill, a sacred Tier 1 healing medicine. Looking at how anxious you are, could it be that a loved one was badly injured, and this person requires this particular pill to save his life?"

The youth’s jaw dropped, looking at Ye Yuan with shock. He was shocked by Ye Yuan’s profound medicinal knowledge but even more astonished by Ye Yuan’s torch-like eyes.

Ye Yuan’s analysis was as if he saw it with his own eyes, and the truth was precisely what Ye Yuan had said.

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