The Yun Family’s Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 5806 - 5806 Thunder Cone Tree

Chapter 5806: Chapter 5806 Thunder Cone Tree

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Yun chujiu looked around. The vegetation at the bottom of the pit was very lush.

She recalled the situation she had seen from above. The origin of the Thunder Stones was located in the middle of the deep pit. If they wanted to collect the thunder stones, they had to pass through these vegetation areas first.

“There are many demonic plants and beasts in this pit. All of them have thunder spirit roots and are extremely aggressive. You must not let your guard down, and you must not act on your own. Do you understand? ! “Director Xiaofu shouted sternly.

Everyone’s expression turned cold and they hurriedly agreed.

Only then did vice-director Xiaofu let lecturer Yao lead the way while he walked at the end of the group.

Hei Xinjiu and nangong shi walked side by side. Nangong Shi lowered his voice and said,

“Although my cultivation base isn’t too outstanding, I have quite a number of self-defense spiritual weapons that I’ve refined. Although my level isn’t high, I have the advantage in numbers. You should follow me closely. ”

In nangong Shi’s opinion, although Yun Chujiu was bold and had many ideas, her cultivation base wasn’t enough. After all, they had a good relationship now, so she had to protect her.

Yun chujiu smiled and nodded. “Okay, I’ll follow you closely. My life depends on you.”

Xiao Lianqiao, who was walking behind them, had a mocking expression on her face. It was useless to follow her closely. This time, she was dead for sure!

At this moment, lecturer Yao, who was walking at the front, gestured for everyone to stop.

Everyone was puzzled. They looked up and saw that there were more than ten strange trees growing about a few hundred feet away from lecturer Yao.

The tree trunks and branches were filled with cone-shaped spikes, and the leaves were filled with black-purple fruits.

Those fruits had thick wooden shells and looked like coconuts.

“These are thunder cone trees. Both the spikes and the fruits are poisonous.

“If we approach them recklessly, the fruits will explode and the seeds will be poisonous, so we’ll take a detour, “lecturer Yao explained.

Everyone was not stupid. After hearing what lecturer Yao said, they quickly followed lecturer Yao and left the place.

Hei Xinjiu was a little worried. The reason was simple. A certain grass in her dantian was acting cute.

Hei Xinjiu had no strength to complain anymore!

This dead grass liked poisonous things, especially poisonous plants. However, under the watchful eyes of everyone, she could not satisfy it even if she wanted

She could only comfort her, “Calm down. Pll bring you to eat these seeds when

I have the chance. ”

She did not know if it was because the seeds were not attractive enough, or because the Gouwei Bacao had learned its lesson. After Yun Chujiu had calmed it down, the Gouwei Bacao stopped acting as a demon.

In fact, Hei Xinjiu did not know that the reason the Gouwei Bacao acted as a demon was because a certain being was far away, but now a certain being was in the upper house.

If it acted as a demon, wouldn’t it be a dead end if the black-hearted little girl went back and complained? !

That was why the Gouwei Bacao was so obedient.

Lecturer Yao led the group around the Thunder Cone Tree, but unexpectedly, after walking for a while, lecturer Yao stopped again.

Lecturer Yao had a difficult expression on his face. He walked up to deputy director Xiaofu and said,

“Deputy director Xiaofu, in front of us is a piece of thunder swamp grass. Don’t look at the surface as a piece of grass, but the bottom has been corroded into a swamp by them. If we rashly pass through, the consequences will be unimaginable.

“The lesser of two evils is the lesser of two evils. It is better for us to pass through the Thunder Cone Tree.

“As long as we are careful and do not touch the trunk and leaves of the Thunder cone tree, maintain a sufficient distance and set up a spiritual energy shield, we should be able to pass through..”

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