The Supreme Martial King Shocking All Realms

Chapter 234 - 231: Hurry Up and Serve Tea_l

Chapter 234: Chapter 231: Hurry Up and Serve Tea_l

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The Zhou family was in complete chaos and anxiety. Zhou Yunxi, who was eligible to participate in the Genius Selection Competition, was extremely important to the Zhou family. She could make a difference in how the Zhou family progresses!

Zhou Haoran was extremely affectionate towards this woman, seeing Zhou Yunxi in such a state and watching the two physicians who were highly regarded by him fleeing or withering, left him with Yang Chen, whom he originally looked down upon. Only then did his heart awaken.

From the beginning, Yang Chen saw that there was a problem with the Qinghuo Powder.

It was just that he didn’t believe it.

So, Yang Chen knew from the very beginning what was wrong with his daughter’s illness.

He didn’t have time for regrets now; he was extremely sincere, fearing that his attitude might be wrong: “Yang… Yang Chen, my young friend, I beg you to forget our past grievances and save my daughter.”

From the side, Zhou Yuan also said, “Young friend Yang Chen…”

At this point, if they still couldn’t see that Yang Chen had real talent, they would be fools.

Yang Chen’s expression remained calm, not giving any answer.

It wasn’t that he was being pretentious, but rather, he was furious.

He came here today without any real intention of seeking substantial spirit stone rewards from Zhou Yunxi, but he had been treated so poorly. How could he tolerate it?

Seeing that Yang Chen was indifferent and Zhou Yunxi’s breath was getting weaker and weaker, Zhou Haoran became anxious and knelt down, pleading, “Young friend Yang Chen, it was me, Zhou Haoran, who was blinded earlier and insulted you. All the mistakes were mine. I hope you will save Yunxi, who is a pitiful child. If you have any hatred, just take it out on me! I, Zhou Haoran, swear here that as long as you can save my daughter, I am willing to do anything for you!”

“Master, what are you…”

The people of Zhou family were shocked.

Zhou Haoran, the powerful Origin Martial Realm expert, actually knelt down to Yang Chen!

Yang Chen’s heart was filled with anger, but when he saw Zhou Haoran’s sincerity and an Origin Martial Realm expert actually put down his face and knelt down to him, his anger dissipated quite a bit.

In front of such fatherly love, if he didn’t take action, it would be seen as somewhat petty.

With this in mind, Yang Chen waved his hand, “Master Zhou, there’s no need for this. Since I came today, I had the intention of saving Miss Zhou. I just hope that Master Zhou can be more prudent in understanding people in the future to avoid hurtilu others.”

With that said, Yang Chen took out a silver needle from his sleeve.

Holding the silver needle, he walked to Zhou Yunxi.

Then, he raised his hand and inserted the needle directly into an acupoint on Zhou Yunxi’s neck.

Suddenly, Zhou Yunxi spat out blood. It was different from what she had before; it was thick and black blood. Upon closer observation, one could even notice the coldness coming from the blood.

“This…” Seeing that his daughter was bleeding from a single needle, Zhou Haoran couldn’t help but feel anxious, “Young friend Yang Chen, did you… did you insert the needle in the wrong place?”

Yang Chen rolled his eyes, “Or do you, Master Zhou, want to do it?”

Zhou Haoran had a knack for irritating people with what he said, causing them to be half-dead from anger.

Zhou Haoran awkwardly chuckled.

Fearing that his loudmouthed Clan Leader would offend Yang Chen, Zhou Yuan hurriedly said, “Clan Leader, that black blood represents the toxins. Just now, Yang Chen helped the young lady detoxify. Now that the toxins are expelled… The… The young lady can be saved.”

Of course, Yang Chen wouldn’t recklessly confront Zhou Haoran. Seeing Zhou Yuan’s explanation, he didn’t bother wasting his breath, and pulled out several silver needles. With a stab, he inserted each one into Zhou Yunxi’s acupoints.

After several consecutive needles, Zhou Yunxi’s once-weakening breath suddenly became lively.

They were all martial arts practitioners here. They could definitely sense such a significant change and couldn’t help but be overjoyed. “Master, the young lady is getting better!”

“Yes! Yes, it’s getting better.” Zhou Haoran’s face was pale.

Yang Chen slowly said, “I told you just now that the Qinghuo Powder shouldn’t be taken, but you didn’t believe me. If I hadn’t intervened in time, you would have had to bury Miss Zhou. But even though we treated her, the overbearing effects of the Qinghuo Powder have mainly impacted Zhou Yunxi’s inner dual-polar force. To harmonize it back would not be an easy task.”

Upon hearing Yang Chen’s words, Zhou Haoran angrily glared at Doctor Luo.

This scared Doctor Luo pale. Recalling his earlier smugness and then his current miserable state, he could hardly imagine his fate. His eyes rolled back, and he fainted from fear.

Seeing Doctor Luo like this, Zhou Haoran became even more anxious and said, “Young friend Yang Chen, how can you save my daughter? Just say the word, even if it means I, Zhou Haoran, have to go through a sea of flames, I am willing!”

“Master Zhou, I have many ways to save Miss Zhou.” Yang Chen stood with his hands behind him, “It’s just that the materials needed for treatment are a bit precious.”

If it weren’t for Doctor Luo’s meddling, it wouldn’t be difficult to treat Zhou


Unfortunately, Zhou Haoran refused to listen, and now it wouldn’t be so easy to save Zhou Yunxi. Some sacrifices must be made to some extent.

“To save my daughter, I am willing to bear any price.” Zhou Haoran didn’t even consider giving up. His attitude was firm and sincere.

Seeing this, Yang Chen had a somewhat higher opinion of Zhou Haoran. He might be flawed in other aspects, but he genuinely loved his daughter. He then said, “Alright, then, here’s the prescription!”

With a simple gesture, Yang Chen engraved several medicinal materials on a jade slip.

Seeing these materials, Zhou Haoran gasped in his heart.

However, thinking of his daughter’s condition, Zhou Haoran steeled himself and said, “Collect all these materials as quickly as possible, Elder Zhou Yuan. The sooner, the better, lest we delay the auspicious time calculated by our young friend Yang Chen.”

“Yes, Master!” Zhou Yuan did not hesitate and took the prescription, hurrying away.

“Doctor Yang, my daughter…” Zhou Haoran dared not say much, fearing that he might accidentally anger Yang Chen.

Seeing Zhou Haoran so restrained, and hearing that his address for him had changed to Doctor Yang, Yang Chen thought about Zhou Haoran’s Origin

Martial Realm martial arts cultivation and couldn’t help but smile, “Master Zhou, don’t worry. I’ve already used silver needles to seal Miss Zhou’s acupoints. There shouldn’t be any problems for the time being. Just make sure to gather all the materials I need within a day. If you can gather these materials, I promise to return a lively Miss Zhou to your family!”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Hearing Yang Chen say this, Zhou Haoran’s hanging heart finally settled down.. Then, he hurried to say, “Well, don’t you all hurry up and serve tea to Doctor Yang?”

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