The Son Of Ragnar

Chapter 26 The Trade With Vestfold

The day came, and the sun shone brighter than it has in a long time. The clouds were cleared, the sunrays illuminating the streets of Kattegat but they chose a neutral location for the meeting.

Asger, Erik, and Ragnar were to accompany King Askild to the location of the meeting, it was at the border of both Kattegat and Vestfold, neither in a position of power.

"Father! Father!" Voices called out and Ragnar looked down from the black horse he just mounted only to see his two sons giving him puppy eyes.

They wanted to come, but this was impossible because of the severity of this meeting. It was far too important.

"I will be back, boys! Protect your mother in my absence." Ragnar gave the boys a task that would make them feel useful, but this trick did not work.

"Mother is the strongest shield maiden in Kattegat! I fear for anyone that incurs her wrath!" Bjorn praised his mother and for good reasons, Lagertha was a recognized warrior just like her husband.

Ragnar chuckled the moment Bjorn said this, he was right.

Tyr, on the other hand, was more interested in the physique of Erik The Berserker. He looked strong sitting on his black horse and spotted a very unique appearance.

"Ragnar now is not the time for delays. Tell your kids goodbye so we can get a move on," Asger, who was also mounted on a black horse, said.

Erik noticed Tyr's eyes were fixed on him but this was the first time Erik saw him, he did not know him to be a son of Ragnar as of yet but his complexion did interest him despite it not particularly being a new thing. He was more interested in knowing how such a boy came to Kattegat.

They started moving, and the kingdom of Kattegat's security was increased with the gates being shut. No one was allowed to leave or enter while they were gone.

"King Askild, what is the plan?" Asger questioned the King on the black horse, but Askild was focused on the journey ahead of him.


They journeyed in silence, it was clear that their king was in no mood to talk and they did not want to risk him getting angry at such a crucial time because they knew the situation will be a lot worse if he was angry.

"Ragnar, do not let your guard down, not even for a second." Asger directed his dialogue to his other traveling companion.

"Understood Asger," Ragnar gave a simple response to Asger's simple piece of advice.

"Hey! What about me, any advice for good ol' Erik?" Erik mocked both Ragnar and Asger.

"Erik The Berserker, there is no way anyone can catch you off-guard, even Loki will have difficulties," Asger praised Erik, he might not approve of his method but there was no denying his skill in battle.

Erik chuckled, it has been a long time since all three of them have been gathered up like this and he was glad that this day came but he would rather be killing people right now


They journeyed for a couple of hours, it was one with little to no hindrances despite such a high-profile figure traveling with only three Vikings. It was the ideal scenario for any mischief or bandit to have a shot at Askild yet none attempted as even the dangerous routes were made safe just by the presence of Askild.

They arrived outside a heavily secured house, standing alone in what looked to be the middle of nowhere. They saw the horse of Asmund and his son racked up nearby but unlike Askild.

King Asmund was already here with his son and secured the perimeter ahead of time, this meant they were more familiar with the terrain compared to Askild and his men.

The Viking warriors watched as King Askild unmounted his horse alongside his men, this was the first time most had seen him. The grassy ground welcomed their descent, Askild was in no mood for small talk and the Vikings around could sense this and instinctively stood down.

"Where is Asmund?" Askild asked and the men around were hesitant to show him where their King was unless they explicit orders were given.

"Welcome King Askild, my father is over," Signy shouted, popping his head through the door.

Askild instructed his men to stay outside, there was a high chance that word reached Asmund and this was an ambush, the same way word reached Asmund about the botched execution of Egil Iversen.

"King Askild, are you sure this is wise?" Ragnar questioned his king but this only made him halt in his tracks upon hearing this.

"Do you question my decisions now?" King Askild asked Ragnar, he knew that despite the possibility of King Asmund knowing, there was also the possibility of him having no knowledge of it judging from the reception they got. The latter looked more plausible, and he could not afford to show weakness.

He needed to maintain the illusion of an upper hand and this was the best way to do so.

Ragnar swallowed his words and remained quiet as they watched Askild make his way into the building, everyone's eyes were on Erik due to his towering height and unique appearance.

They were envious of his physical attributes, it was a body every warrior craved.

"Welcome King Askild, I hope your journey here was not too rough." Asmund started the conversation, getting up from his chair the moment Askild walked in to not only show his respect but welcome him as an equal.

Signy closed the door behind him and left the building, leaving just Askild and Asmund in the room.

Askild noticed the treasure box in the corner, noting that Asmund intended to honor his end of the deal but he did not trust it. Seeing a box was not enough to guarantee that the content was what they had agreed on in Kattegat.

He sat opposite Asmund, locking eyes. Asmund looked a lot calmer compared to when he was in Kattegat and that was because they were in neutral territory and he had more men.

"I do not see Egil, King Askild." Asmund's voice was one of suspicion, and Askild knew he had two options.

Take the head of Asmund while his guard was down, or tell him what has happened to Egil.

Either of these decisions will change the fate of Kattegat.

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