The Primordial Tamer

Chapter 319 Teahouse Turmoil (2)

The disciples scowled in frustration as they assessed the teas before them. Their initial excitement had turned into disappointment, and anger simmered beneath their expressions. Their expectations of encountering Qi-infused teas had not been met.

"Why does this tea lack any substantial Qi?" one of the disciples exclaimed, his voice laced with annoyance. The question carried a tone of accusation as if the teahouse and its staff were responsible for the perceived deficiency.

The attendant maintained her composure, her eyes meeting the disciple's gaze without flinching. "Our teas are prepared with the utmost care and expertise. While they may not possess overt Qi presence, they are crafted to offer a harmonious balance of flavors and therapeutic benefits," she explained calmly, refusing to be rattled by the disciple's agitation.

Undeterred, another disciple chimed in with a hint of disdain in his voice. "We are cultivators of the Blazing Sun Sect, and we require teas that possess potent Qi energy to nourish our cultivation. These teas seem lacking in that regard."

Orion, who had been silently observing the exchange, couldn't help but sense the mounting tension in the air. His instincts told him that these disciples were not merely disappointed customers but rather individuals looking for an opportunity to assert their dominance.

With a subtle shift in his posture, Orion decided it was time to intervene. He felt a responsibility to protect the serene atmosphere of the teahouse and ensure that the situation did not escalate further.

This time, Lily didn't hold him back, sensing his conviction and understanding the importance of maintaining peace. She knew that she could not let these disciples do as they pleased.

Orion's voice carried a calm but authoritative tone as he spoke, addressing the disciples directly. "Gentlemen, I understand your desire for Qi-infused teas to support your cultivation. However, don't you forget something?"

The disciples turned their attention to Orion, their brows furrowing with curiosity. They were intrigued by his interruption and eager to hear what he had to say.

Orion continued, his voice carrying a measured tone. "Before jumping to conclusions and expressing your dissatisfaction, have you taken the time to inquire with the attendant about the nature of their teas?"

The disciples exchanged uneasy glances, their pride wounded by Orion's interruption. Anger smoldered beneath their surface, directed not only at the situation but also at the audacity of this stranger to challenge them.

One of the disciples, his voice dripping with disdain, retorted, "And who are you to question us? It is the duty of the attendant to provide the appropriate tea for esteemed cultivators like us."

His words were laced with a mix of arrogance and indignation. The disciples had expected to be treated with reverence and respect, and Orion's interruption had shattered their illusion of superiority.

Orion maintained his composure, meeting the disciple's gaze evenly. "I am Orion, a fellow cultivator. My intention is not to question your status or knowledge but to encourage open-mindedness and understanding."

Orion's calm response only seemed to further infuriate the disciples. Their faces flushed with anger, and their eyes narrowed in a dangerous glare. The atmosphere in the teahouse grew tense as the disciples' aggression escalated.

One of the disciples, unable to contain his rage, took a step forward, his voice seething with hostility. "I don't care who you are. How dare you to interrupt us?" He spat.

Orion's steady gaze did not waver in the face of the disciple's hostility. He recognized the intensity of the situation and understood the need for diplomacy and restraint.

"I understand that emotions are running high," Orion replied, his voice measured and calm. "But resorting to violence will only deepen the divide between us. Let us find a peaceful resolution to our differences and coexist harmoniously."

The disciple scoffed, his nostrils flaring with anger. "You speak of peace while interfering in our affairs. We are disciples of the Blazing Sun Sect, and we demand respect!" he exclaimed, his voice echoing through the teahouse.

Orion remained composed, refusing to be baited by the disciple's provocations. "Respect should be earned through actions and conduct, not imposed through intimidation. I merely seek to promote understanding and harmony."

The atmosphere in the teahouse grew heavy with tension as the customers and staff watched the confrontation unfold. Whispers and murmurs filled the air, reflecting a mix of curiosity, concern, and anticipation.

The disciple's face twisted with a mixture of anger and contempt. "Enough talk," he spat, his voice laced with venom. "If you wish to leave safely, cut one of your hands here, and we can put an end to this. But if you are not willing to comply..."

Orion's expression hardened, his resolve unyielding. He understood the gravity of the disciple's challenge, but he refused to be coerced into such a display of violence.

Orion could only sigh, his disappointment evident in his weary expression. He had hoped that reason and dialogue would prevail, but it seemed that the disciples before him were not open to a peaceful resolution.

"It seems that words don't work for people like you," Orion remarked, his voice tinged with a touch of resignation. He had encountered individuals driven by anger and pride before, and he understood the futility of trying to reason with them in their current state.

The disciples, already seething with anger, felt their pride wounded by Orion's dismissive words. They had expected deference and compliance, and his nonchalant response further fueled their fury.

Enraged, one of the disciples stepped forward. His face contorted with a mix of indignation and disdain. "How dare you look down on us!" he exclaimed, his voice filled with righteous anger. 

Before the disciple could unleash another tirade of words or escalate the situation further, Orion swiftly moved to his side with surprising speed and precision.

In a fluid motion, he delivered a swift and well-aimed kick that propelled the disciple out of the teahouse and onto the street outside.

The suddenness of Orion's actions left everyone in the teahouse stunned. The atmosphere froze as silence enveloped the room, broken only by the echo of the disciple's surprised yelp as he crashed through the door and tumbled onto the pavement.

The patrons and staff exchanged wide-eyed glances, their expressions a mix of shock, astonishment, and admiration. They had witnessed Orion's swift and decisive action, a display of physical prowess that contrasted sharply with his previous calm demeanor.

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