The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1725: Biluo Peak

Chapter 1725: Biluo Peak

On the easternmost edge of the Siam Continent, a mountain range known as Huangquan stretched for thousands of miles. In the very center of this range stood a peak that towered into the clouds. It was perennially lush and verdant, covered with pine and bamboo, and devoid of snow and ice. It was known as the Biluo Peak.

The terrain of Biliuo Peak was perilous and nearly impossible to climb. Additionally, the mountain was shrouded by a powerful barrier, which made it almost inaccessible. People were always puzzled as to why this peak remained verdant all year round, unlike the other peaks of the Huangquan Mountain Range that were covered in ice and snow.

Therefore, no one in the Siam Continent was aware that atop the Biluo Peak stood the Abyss Divine Palace.

Inside the divine palace, the spiritual energy was a hundred times more concentrated than that of ordinary blessed lands. In the very center of the mountain, there was a natural hot spring that was shrouded in mist all year round. The water from this spring was exceedingly precious, being one of the only nine spirit springs remaining in this world. It ranked fifth and was known as the Five Purity Water symbolizing the purification of the body, meridians, spirit, energy, and heart. (The Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring ranked first).

The master of Biluo Peak and Five Purity Spirit Spring was none other than the divine venerable who instilled fear and reverence throughout the entire Siam Continent.

Ten years ago, Ji Mingyu woke up in the divine palace on the top of Purple Wisteria Mountain. After dealing with some restless forces, he quickly secluded himself from the world for cultivation.

However, this time, no one dared to act rashly, nor did anyone believe that Ji Mingyu wouldnt return. Anyone who dared to cross the line would face a fate even more tragic than that of the Lou Family and the Green Vine Clan.

Outside the Five Purity Spirit Spring at Biluo Peak, Zhu Que and Qing Long stood guard, occasionally glancing toward the area shrouded in mist.

Zhu Que smiled and said, Master has finally come out of seclusion. After returning from his worldly experiences, he secluded himself for another five years. Another five years. Ten years passed in the blink of an eye. However, the news of the masters return spread quickly this time. Tsk, tsk, just now, someone sent over dozens of chests of treasures, plus two charming and beautiful women?

Qing Long sneered coldly, Utterly nonsensical.

Zhu Que couldnt help but chuckle.

The fact that the master was indifferent to women and emotionally detached was well-known throughout the entire Siam Continent. Yet, some people were stubbornly hopeful, year after year sending beautiful women, hoping they would gain the masters favor and thereby elevate their own families to prosperity and prominence.

Regrettably, those enchanting beauties, in the masters eyes, were no different from a set of skeletons. If they were presented before the master, it would be considered good fortune if they werent slain. Where did they get the audacity to harbor hopes to seduce the master? freeweb .co m

Zhu Que clicked her tongue in wonder and shook her head. She couldnt help but express her concern, However, the master is already this age, and he has not found a beloved. No, not even a beloved, not a single man or woman who can move the masters heart. How can this go on? Will the master really remain alone for life, leading to the end of the Ji family?

Qing Long glanced at Zhu Que with a hint of helplessness in his eyes. Among the eight divine beasts, this youngest sister of theirs was commendable in every aspect, but she was cold and arrogant in front of others. However, she was talkative in front of those close to her, almost rivaling Bai Hu in her chattiness.

Previously, it might not have been so severe. However, as the masters incarnate underwent the trial of worldly experiences, the other seven divine beasts accompanied him. She was left alone to guard the divine palace for over 20 years in silence and solitude. It was harsh on her. Consequently, after everyone returned, Zhu Que became increasingly talkative.

However, when it came to the woman who could make the masters heart flutter

Qing Long squinted his eyes slightly. There was always an inexplicable feeling in his heart.

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