Suppressing the Protagonist in the Start to Seize the Heroine

Chapter 85: Confirming the Relationship! A Kiss Seals the Deal!

Chapter 85: Confirming the Relationship! A Kiss Seals the Deal!

Ye Feng, sitting in the back row, suddenly became dazed, feeling as if he had forgotten something important.

He struggled to remember but couldnt recall anything useful. Even the book on his desk, which only he could understand, now made no sense to him.

He wondered why he had written so many useless things. He even forgot the term reborn person. Ye Feng remembered borrowing money from Xia Shiyu but forgot that as a reborn person, he wanted to stockpile equipment to make money.

He still remembered going to sell gastrodia, but his memories from his previous life were gone.

He only remembered his bet with Su Lin if he lost, he had to hop like a frog around the playground three times, shouting, I am a pig. And this time, he lost, becoming the classs laughingstock.

Ye Feng instinctively looked towards Su Lin, who wasnt looking at him but was passing a note to Xia Shiyu, asking her to supervise Ye Fengs frog hopping on the playground.

Xia Shiyu agreed without much thought. Wang Yi, looking at Ye Feng in the back, shook his head, thinking Ye Feng was indeed getting ahead of himself by recklessly betting with Su Lin and now losing thoroughly.

However, Wang Yi was pleased that Ye Fengs grades had improved a lot, making him a candidate for key universities.

As for Su Lin, he was already at the peak, and Wang Yi, looking at the students below, said, I dont encourage others, but for Su Lin, feel free to bet with him. Just dont bet too much; running around the playground is fine.

Mr. Wang, were not foolish to bet with that freak Su Lin. Thats just asking for trouble.

Exactly, Mr. Wang, Su Lin is inhuman. We wont be overconfident to seek our own demise.

Id rather bet with Feng Yifei. I think I have a better chance of winning against him.

Feng Yifei threw a book over: Youre like an old lady picking soft persimmons to pinch. Picking out the weak and running from the strong.

Ha ha ha~!!

Alright, the results are out. I wont delay your time after school. School ends early today, so dont linger on the way and go home early, okay?

We know, but, Mr. Wang, we want to watch Ye Feng hop like a frog before going home.

Right, right, I want to see too.

I want to see too.

Wang Yi waved his hand, saying, Its fine in school. If you want to watch, go ahead.


With Wang Yis words, a crowd rushed out, heading to the playground to watch the spectacle. Ye Feng was surrounded by numerous people. Many wanted to leave with Su Lin, but he sent them away.

Soon, the classroom was nearly empty. Lin Xiaowan was trying to sneak away from the classroom but didnt expect Su Lin to block her., She looked at him with a bit of annoyance.

Su Lin chuckled, Xiaowan, Xiaowan, I knew you wanted to leave last, thinking Id be taken away by them. Hmph, no way.

Su Su Lin

Su Lin approached Lin Xiaowan. Her blushing cheeks and eyes with autumn waves seemed to speak, fluttering and extremely endearing.

Added with her exquisite features, she was simply breathtakingly beautiful. Su Lin marveled at Lin Xiaowans beauty.

Su Lin why are you staring at me like that?

Su Lin pinched Lin Xiaowans cheek: Not hitting my hand now.

Um~!! Lin Xiaowan didnt resist but lowered her head to avoid Su Lins pinch.

Su Lin chuckled, Xiaowan, youre really cute right now. You usually have such courage. Why are you playing ostrich now?

Lin Xiaowan didnt know how to face Su Lin. Before, she could hypnotize herself into thinking they were just good friends. But now it was different.

Su Lin had outperformed Ye Feng, making the bet effective immediately. So now, she was Su Lins girlfriend. Although she had prepared for this day in her heart, when it really came, Lin Xiaowans mental preparations collapsed, and she didnt know what to say.

Move over a bit~!!

Hmm? Seeing Lin Xiaowan didnt understand, Su Lin shook his head, picked her up, and placed her on his lap.

Ah~!! Startled, Lin Xiaowan instinctively wrapped her arms around Su Lins neck. Sitting on Su Lins lap, she felt uncomfortable and tried to twist away, but Su Lin patted her ass,

Dont move around.

Su Lin, you patted me again. This is the second time.

Su Lin smirked, then said with a smile, Xiaowan, last time I patted you, you could complain. But this time its different. Im your boyfriend now, so I can pat you however I want.

Hmph, just because youre my boyfriend, you can pat me? Then as your girlfriend, I can bite you. Saying so, Lin Xiaowan let go of his hand and bit down on his arm.

Su Lin could feel Lin Xiaowans nervousness. She was so nervous that even her biting was shaky. Su Lin knew she was venting to divert her attention. He let Lin Xiaowan bite his arm while his other hand affectionately stroked her head.

Regaining her senses, Lin Xiaowan felt Su Lins comforting hand on her head. She let go of her mouth and then looked at the dark red bite mark on Su Lins arm.

Angrily, Lin Xiaowan punched Su Lins chest, Why didnt you dodge? Its bleeding.

Su Lin rubbed Lin Xiaowans head, Xiaowan, youre too nervous, so nervous you didnt know what to do, so I didnt want to interrupt you.

Wu wu, Su Lin, youre so bad.

A mans not bad, a woman doesnt love him, Su Lin softly said.

Wu wu, I didnt plan to date in high school, its all your fault.

Hehe, I didnt think Id like a girl before high school either. So, isnt it all your fault?

Its your own fault you cant control yourself. How can you blame me?

Similarly, emotions cant be controlled. Xiaowan, we are meant to be together, Su Lin spoke tenderly.

Hmph, dont think I dont know, you just want to bully me.

Wrong, thats not bullying, its cherishing, cherishing you, Su Lin corrected seriously.

Pfft~!! Its too late to regret now, Su Lin, you cant be mean to me in the future, otherwise I I

Otherwise what? Su Lin asked with a smiling gaze.

Otherwise, Ill bite you to death, like today. After speaking, Lin Xiaowan held Su Lins hand, Su Lin, does your hand hurt?

What do you think? Theres a blood mark, does it hurt or not?

Sorry, I was just so upset and confused. I didnt know what was happening. I just held onto your hand subconsciously

Its okay, Im not angry.


Really!!! But still, Xiaowan.

What is it, Su Lin?

Now that were a couple, calling me by my name seems a bit distant, doesnt it?

Lin Xiaowan thought for a moment and then nodded, It does seem distant. What should I call you then, Brother Lin?

Thats what Yangzi calls me. Its not interesting if you call me that.

Then what? Gege? Lin Gege?

Ah, thats too sweet. Xiaowan, say it a few more times.

Lin Gege Lin Gege Lin Gege Wu wu wu wu

Su Lin was intoxicated by the sweet voice of this little sister, utterly enchanting.

(TL: Ge usually means brother and Gege literally means older brother. It is commonly used by younger siblings or younger individuals to address a male person who is older than them, indicating respect and closeness.

In a broader context, especially in contemporary usage, (gege) can also be used affectionately by females to refer to their older boyfriend or a male they are romantically interested in, similar to terms like oppa in Korean. It conveys a sense of affection, closeness, and sometimes admiration.)

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