Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 906 - 906 – Clearing Begins

906 – Clearing Begins

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“That’s good,” Lei Junze breathed a sigh of relief. He was actually a bit worried about Lan Xuanyu. Last time, when facing an eighth-level Source Dragon, this kid had a fearless aura about him.

“Master, Senior, I’ll go prepare first,” Lan Xuanyu said.

As Lan Xuanyu left, Lei Junze still felt somewhat uneasy. He looked at Wang Tianyu and asked, “Master, do you think this junior would really use antimatter missiles?”

Wang Tianyu smiled and replied, “It’s fine. He acts with discretion and weighs the pros and cons. Although he seems bold, he’s actually very adept at controlling the situation. Otherwise, the Academy wouldn’t value him so much. We don’t need a reckless youngster.”

After leaving the command center, Lan Xuanyu activated his soul communicator and said on the class’s shared channel, “Everyone, take a two-hour rest. Starting now, we’ll begin our countdown. We’ll set off in two hours.”

Exploration, hunting, acquiring Dragon Source Crystals – these were all part of their mission this time. Even if the lower-grade Dragon Source Crystals couldn’t bring them promotion in their tasks, they could still exchange them for Sky Fighter points. n

By the time they reached level three Sky Fighters, they had already felt the benefits brought by their rank. One was equivalent to military rank, and the other was that they could now call on Sky Fighter ships to carry out Sky Fighter missions.

Level 4 Sky Fighters would gain even greater benefits. They would gain access to the exchange center in the Sky Fighters department. The exchange center allowed the exchange of various rare items using Sky Fighter points. This was the news they had received after reaching level 3.

The Sky Fighters exchange center was where the Federation’s various gains on all planets could be exchanged. While it might not be as rich in natural treasures as Shrek Academy in terms of plants, it was undoubtedly top-notch in terms of various rare metals and foreign items.

If they could complete the level five Sky Fighter mission this time and earn more Sky Fighter points, they wouldn’t be far from becoming level four Sky Fighters.

Two hours later, all thirty-three Skywing Mechas set off from the Dragon Source Planet base under Lan Xuanyu’s lead.

Four Skywing Fighters flew out and conducted aerial exploration in four directions, while the other twenty-nine individuals advanced steadily on foot, ready for battle at any time.

“We have plenty of time. Now I’ll report the information we received from the command center to everyone,” Lan Xuanyu relayed the information he received from Lei Junze on the class channel.

“So, we have the opportunity to upgrade our Sky Fighter mission to Level Six. This means that if we perform well, more of our classmates will be able to enter the Inner Court. And we have plenty of time. Now I’ll begin to arrange the plan for this mission.”

This time, Lan Xuanyu didn’t seek the opinions of others anymore. Once the mission began, there could only be one voice. Too many opinions would lead to confusion, and no one had any doubts about that.

“Exploring the gray area is definitely dangerous. The chance of encountering Level 9 Source Dragons is almost certain, and there may even be stronger Level 10 Source Dragons. After all, it’s been several years since we last came, and it’s been a long time since we experienced combat here. So, for the first three days, we’ll mainly clear Source Dragons on the periphery to obtain Dragon Source Crystals for Sky Fighter points. After a preliminary exploration, we’ll split up and work in teams of three. If there’s danger, call for help on the public channel for nearby support. The base has committed to provide us with logistical support, so we don’t need to conserve energy. The Skywing Mechas can retreat to the base for replenishment once their energy consumption exceeds seventy percent. I’ll be in the middle to provide support at any time.”

Since they were here, Lan Xuanyu didn’t plan to be polite. For them, low level Source Dragons were resources.

Four Skywing fighters flew out and quickly gathered reconnaissance information.

Most Source Dragons were still dispersed when there was no Source Dragon Tide.

The base dispatched hunting teams to kill them, and the Sky Fighters also came to complete the mission and hand over Dragon Source Crystals.

Soon, the four Skywing fighters explored an area of about two hundred square kilometers and found many small gatherings of Source Dragons.

The detection results were sent to everyone, and Lan Xuanyu said in a deep voice, “Let’s go.”

As he spoke, he released his Skywing Mech, and his battle armor emerged from his skin. The mecha closed, fusing with the battle armor. Dual Armor Style!

Everyone was doing the same, and the four Skywing fighters had returned, forming teams of three.

Under Lan Xuanyu’s arrangement, they set off again, flying in different directions. Lan Xuanyu’s group consisted of him, Tang Yuge, and Yuanen Huihui.

Undoubtedly, their group was the strongest in the class and took the middle path, making it convenient to support any direction at any time. Thirty-three Skywings, divided into eleven squads, transformed from mechs into fighters, swiftly flying through the air.

The Skywing fighters’ speed was the fastest, allowing them to reach the Source Dragons first, then transform into mechs for combat, maximizing their combat effectiveness.

This was the role of the Skywing mechs. Soon, Lan Xuanyu and his group found a group of Source Dragons in the direction explored by their companions earlier.

From above, there were about fifty Source Dragons, with one particularly large one in the center, at the sixth level, while the others ranged from the third to the fifth level.

“I’ll take care of this.” Tang Yuge’s voice came through the communicator.

“Alright! We’ll cover you.” Lan Xuanyu said.

Tang Yuge’s Skywing fighter descended from above, and the surface of the fighter was instantly covered with a layer of metallic luster.

The Source Dragons below naturally noticed them, and streams of metallic rays sprayed into the air, interweaving into beams of light that covered Tang Yuge.

Tang Yuge’s Skywing fighter did not dodge. When these metallic rays fell on her fighter’s surface, a strange scene occurred. Instead of being damaged, her fighter’s surface became even more lustrous with metal, and even its volume seemed to increase slightly.

This was another application of Metal Escape, Metal Elements Devouring!

Tang Yuge couldn’t absorb the devouring metal elements into her body, but she could assimilate the metal elements attacking her. This phenomenon occurred as long as the opponent’s metal element energy was not stronger than hers.

The next moment, her fighter was already like a cannonball, crashing into the midst of the Source Dragon group.

Wherever the fighter passed, Source Dragons’ bodies melted one after another, with even low-level Source Dragons unable to resist and already breaking apart.

One of the reasons Lan Xuanyu chose this mission was because of Tang Yuge.

With her cultivation reaching eight rings, coupled with the Two-Word Battle Armor, Tang Yuge’s Heavenly Stem Qilin had reached an extremely powerful level. Her mastery of the Metal Escape technique was superb, making it extremely suitable for dealing with Source Dragons composed purely of metal elements.

As the fighter transformed into a mecha, when Tang Yuge’s Skywing mecha appeared on the ground, the surrounding Source Dragons had already died in large numbers. Strangely, the bodies of those Source Dragons were wriggling and transforming into a metallic state. Dragon Source crystals were directly squeezed out of their bodies.

Not far from her, there was a Level Six Source Dragon. At this moment, the body of this Level Six Source Dragon was also melting, but it could still barely support itself as it swung its tail toward Tang Yuge.

Tang Yuge punched out, and a faint golden light flashed. When the heavy tail hammer of the Level Six Source Dragon collided with her fist, it instantly melted away like chocolate thrown into a furnace, quietly dissolving into heavy metal and falling onto Tang Yuge, becoming part of the surface of her battle armor.

The next moment, these melted metals had already condensed into a cone shape, whistling out directly and piercing through the chest of the Level Six Source Dragon.

Tang Yuge’s Skywing mecha spread its arms on either side of its body, and a circle of golden halo spread out. The metallic bodies of the surrounding Source Dragons melted, and Dragon Source crystals flew up one by one, gathering towards her.


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