Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 2072 - 2072: I bumped into it myself

Chapter 2072: I bumped into it myself

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her voice was hoarse and weak, and her hands trembled for a long time, but she couldn’t open the door.

“miss ye?

the guard outside the house frowned slightly when he heard the voice. Then, she thought of the sound of something falling from inside. Hesitating, someone turned the door.

ye qingqing hurriedly opened the door and cried in a panic, ” “call … the doctor, wanwan.” she stammered, her lips red and swollen, and her eyes were almost closed from crying. there were still red hickeys on her fair neck. when the guard at the door saw it, he couldn’t help but be stunned. a charming guess emerged in his heart.

However, looking at ye Qingqing’s flustered appearance, the guard at the door did not have time to think about anything else. While listening to ye Qingqing and ordering someone to call for her, he frowned and his heart shrank. what’s wrong with sixth master? ”

“He’s the one who’s crying!”

On the bed, ye Jingyan clutched the back of his head and furrowed his brows.

his face turned even paler.

The color of blood spread to a terrifying extent.

It wasn’t just the back of his head. The wound on his back had also opened up again.

After being captured by those mysterious people in the laboratory, he didn’t know what they had given him. however, ever since then, he felt that his body was very strange. he would always feel inexplicably weak, unable to eat, and his taste had changed. furthermore, he was many times more sensitive to pain.

Hence, he had used all the strength in his body to restrain ye Qingqing who was struggling with all her might.

naturally, the wound that had almost healed opened up again.

sixth, sixth master!!

tne guards wno walked Into tne room were snocKed!

quickly call the doctor!! his subordinates rushed over and looked at the blood-covered sixth master with their eyes wide open.

What was going on?

looking at the broken pieces of the vase on the ground, ye qingqing’s panic-stricken appearance, and the wound on the back of the sixth master’s head, ye jingyan’s subordinate’s eyes suddenly widened, and he couldn’t hold back the anger in his chest.

It was obvious that ye Qingqing had injured the sixth master!

The last time, she had pushed away the seriously injured sixth master, causing his wound to open and lose too much blood. He had not recovered for a long time. this time, when they saw her calm expression and that she had come on her own accord, they thought that she had come to apologize.

They all thought that miss ye should not be so hard-hearted and that perhaps this time, they would be on good terms again.

however, the truth was that they were too optimistic.

miss ye doesn’t even have a heart!

“miss ye, you actually injured sixth master so badly! this matter won’t end here!” Ye Jingyan’s subordinate, who had been by his side for many years, glared at ye Qingqing with red eyes.

Ye Qingqing was so frightened that she trembled and fell to the ground.

she didn’t dare to raise her head to look at ye jingyan, only feeling a chill run down her spine.

However, the people around him barged in one after another, and the surroundings began to become a little noisy.

she suddenly heard ye jingyan’s voice from within.

“it’s not her.”

His subordinates and the doctors who were preparing for treatment were all stunned.

“Sixth master, what did you say?”

“sixth master, don’t say anything. if you continue like this, the blood from the wound won’t stop flowing.”

however, ye jingyan, despite his dizziness, opened his red eyes, raised his head, and said in a deep voice, ” “Qing Qing didn’t hurt me.” Ye Qingqing fell to the ground, all the strength in her body drained.

“I hit myself.” ye jingyan explained..

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