Release That Succubus

Chapter 150 150 Settle Down

As soon as the servant told him the news, he announced it to the rest of the family so as to raise their morale. They needed a piece of good news like this to get their lost spirits back.

When the Luther family servants listened to Zach's announcement, color returned to their previously haggard faces. They had been travelling for a long time and couldn't be happier to stay a while in any kind of place. Since they were going to be staying temporarily in a city like Byzantine city; it was akin to the cherry on top of the dessert that they had already received. They couldn't have been happier.

Zach too felt that the people deserved to rest their bones and live a somewhat normal life for some period of time. He sincerely believed that Clara wouldn't treat them badly since she seemed like an honest person. But when his party and Clara's parted their ways midway, Zach felt that the situation might not be as optimistic as he had imagined. Maybe she had thrown his people into the damndest area of the city instead of cramming people into the main estate of the Windsor family. Zach could only wait until they reached their destination before making a note of their treatment by the Windsor family.

Zach was already expecting a rundown place with broken walls and absent ceilings due to the number of people he had brought with him. Even Clara and her family might not be able to arrange accommodations for hundreds of people at a moment's notice. He was willing to make do for the time being if the Windsor family was willing to arrange a better accommodation to his people in the mean time. Otherwise he could only take it as the Windsor family going back on their words.

While Zach was busy being apprehensive about what would be waiting for him and his people at the end of their destination, the servant leading them finally came to a halt in front of an estate that looked to be even larger than the Elizabeth family's estate back in Elizabeth city.

Zach could not believe that this was the accommodation that had been arranged for them by Violet. Therefore, he couldn't help but ask the servant to keep any misunderstandings from distorting the Luther family's expectations.

"Is this the place arranged for us by Violet?" Surprise was evident in his voice and facial expressions as he asked the servant.

"Where else are you going to take this many people if not here? If not for the young lady's favor you wouldn't even be able to take a single step into this place. You should show your gratitude through your actions the next time you meet her." The servant replied in a chiding manner like an elder teaching a young one.

Zach didn't take the words of the servant to heart and proceeded to take a good look at the land that was going to be their residence for a short while at least until Zach found a foothold in this place.

The estate nestled beside the lake, like a cozy bird's nest, surrounded by the breathtaking panorama of nature's canvas. It was as if the landscape had been painted by a master artist, with each brushstroke perfectly placed to create a stunning masterpiece. The lush greenery and colorful flora were like jewels adorning the natural beauty that surrounded the estate, making it feel like a precious gem in the midst of a treasure trove. The buildings were like elegant sentinels, standing guard around the estate, protecting it from any harm, and adding to the overall grandeur of the surroundings. 

All in all, the estate was a harmonious blend of natural beauty and man-made elegance, like a symphony in which each note perfectly complements the other to create a masterpiece of music.

Zach was unsure what to make of Violet's grand gesture. This was undoubtedly a precious location and the fact that Violet was willing to give it to him was a show of her appreciation and gratitude for his help to Clara.

"This place is so beautiful. Why would they give such a nice place to us?" The soldiers began to mutter amongst themselves as they couldn't believe that such a thing could be possible either. They felt that there must be some kind of misunderstanding.

"RIGHT; I thought I was the odd one out for thinking that way."

"I don't think that this is impossible considering that we did save Clara's life who seems to be the core member of Windsor family. I think that this is their display of gratitude."

As the soldiers began to argue between themselves, Zach was focused on the servant who had led them to this place as if waiting for him to elaborate on the situation as well.

The servant noticed the eyes on him and couldn't help but say something to get those penetrating gazes away from him.

"This is our family's private tourist estate. It is usually deserted and no one is allowed to live here except for the most distinguished guests of the family. Even then, the approval of the leader of the family is required for them to be accommodated in this place."

With the servant's explanation the fog was lifted from the mystery surrounding this beautiful place. It turned out that this place had been nurtured and maintained by the Windsor family to entertain their most venerable guests.

"How far away is this place from the city center? I am afraid some of our trade activities might be hindered if we are too far away." asked Bruce as he tried to act like a true travelling merchant instead of the family head that he used to be in the past.

"This place might seem like it is at the edge of the city. But in fact, this place is hardly a few miles from the main Windsor estate. The accommodation is enough to house all of your people with room to spare. Therefore, all of you can live here comfortably." The servant clarified all the doubts that Zach and his people had regarding the place and only then did they feel satisfied.

The servant then led them towards the housing and under his guidance all the people accompanying Zach were checked into their respective rooms according to their needs. Thankfully, there were plenty of rooms to choose from so there were no apparent disputes regarding the accommodation.

Zach got into his room and sat on the soft and fluffy bed. His body felt so much pleasure that it was almost as if his soul was being lured into the bed by some devil.

While Zach and his people were busy trying to get used to their new residence, Clara and Violet had already reached the main Windsor estate.

Both of them were currently seated on the couch in the living room. Violet looked extremely serious as she intently listened to Clara describing everything that happened to her during this outing. She told her how she had barely escaped with her life at the hands of the group of Iron Mantises with the help of Diana and her soldiers. 

She described how she was in disbelief when she first came across Zach and listened to him bragging about taking care of the Iron Mantises.

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