Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 4795 Hidden Enemies

Chapter 4795 Hidden Enemies

When Long Xihe saw the Heaven Overseer, despite doing his best to remain calm, terror flashed in his eyes. He had a bad feeling when he saw the Heaven Overseer’s face.

Previously, he had played a little trick to trap Long Chen, but Long Chen had seen through it, even mocking him for it. All this was seen by the Heaven Overseer.

Now that the Heaven Overseer had come, he felt a chill, as if he was already detained in the trial hall.

“Xihe, you’ve really disappointed me,” sighed the Heaven Overseer as he looked at Long Xihe.

Long Xihe quivered. From that one sigh, he instantly understood that his little thoughts were completely seen through.

He immediately knelt on the ground. However, before he could speak, the Heaven Overseer shook his head.

“If you had known this would happen, would you have acted the same? Bring those people back. I gave you the chance, but you didn’t grasp it. You can’t blame anyone else.”

Long Xihe’s face drained of color in an instant. Only now did he realize that the higher-ups had sent him to find Long Chen as a test for him. And as a result, he...

Long Xihe had missed the best chance of his life to be promoted. Not only that, but when he was back, perhaps even his position would be taken away. He would no longer have any glory.

Long Xihe could only lower his head and leave with the people he had recruited. His back appeared lonely as he walked off, like an old man prepared to walk into his own coffin.

Looking at him, Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest trace of pity. Such a person was not worthy of sympathy, as he had never sympathized with anyone else.

After waving off Long Xihe, the Heaven Overseer sent a golden tablet toward Long Chen. Long Chen was baffled and automatically caught it.

This tablet was only the size of a palm, but it was extremely heavy and had an icy feeling to it. Powerful fluctuations coming from it proved that it was no ordinary object.

On it was a single word: Overseer. There were also countless runes packed densely around it, as if they were some kind of formation.

“This is my status plate. As long as you have it, you can enter every territory of the Long clan. If you need help, you can mobilize the troops within the clan. The Long clan has its own strongholds throughout the major cities in the Sovereign Emperor Heaven. Also, whatever you are missing, you can simply use this tablet to find them in the Long clan’s treasuries,” explained the Heaven Overseer.


Even the experts behind the Heaven Overseer were shocked when they saw this tablet.

This was the Heaven Overseer’s personal status plate; it represented him. If Long Chen used this tablet, he would be treated like the Heaven Overseer himself. To just hand it to Long Chen was absolutely crazy.

“Senior is too corteous. I...” Long Chen was also startled, not eager to accept the Long clan’s kindness. After all, he hadn't even decided if visiting the Long clan in the Sovereign Emperor Heaven was something he wanted. Moreover, he detested owing anyone anything, particularly after his encounter with Long Xihe, which had soured his opinion of the Heavenly Desolation Long clan.

“Take it. Even if you don’t return to the Long clan, you are still one of our members and have our blood in your veins. Your father and your father’s troops are all in the Long clan. One day, you will come to the Long clan’s gates, and with this, it will be much more convenient for you. At the very least, you won’t have to deal with certain troublesome rules and people. You can simply return the tablet to me upon your return,” explained the Heaven Overseer.

After saying that, the Heaven Overseer didn’t give Long Chen any chance to retort. He cupped his fists to Bai Letian as a simple greeting before leading his people away.

Guo Ran and the others then came to Long Chen’s side. Guo Ran eyed the golden tablet and sneered, “What was that? Is he trying to buy you, Boss?”

“It’s better to act late than never I suppose. At the very least, the Heaven Overseer wasn’t particularly dislikable. Well, it doesn’t matter.” Long Chen looked at the tablet one last time before putting it away.

Long Chen didn’t have a bad impression of the Heaven Overseer. He could feel that the latter was direct and upright. Most importantly, he was decisive and sharp.

Long Chen knew that this tablet was like a bribe. From the expressions of the people behind the Heaven Overseer, he could tell just how significant it was.

“Grandpa...” At this time, Bai Xiaole and Bai Shishi went to greet Bai Letian. This time, they didn’t call him “Dean” like they usually did inside of the academy.

“You’ve both grown up. You will be the pillars of the academy in the future,” said Bai Letian, his eyes glowing with pride. Bai Xiaole and Bai Shishi’s growth had exceeded his expectations.

Bai Xiaole in particular had undergone a complete transformation, maturing to the point where he could face peak experts. As his grandfather, Bai Letian was delighted.

“Dad, why didn’t you show yourself earlier?” grumbled Bai Zhantang. It had been such a good chance to show off their power, but in the end, Long Chen’s father had been the one to do so. Bai Zhantang wasn’t very happy about it even if Long Zhantian was his future in-law.

“Because Long Chen’s father still has urgent affairs to deal with, while an old man like me has much more time. Naturally, I’m not going to compete with him over that,” replied Bai Letian with a smile.

“You’ve met my father?” asked Long Chen in surprise.

Bai Letian nodded. “We chatted a bit. At first, your father was going to start a slaughter here. However, the hidden enemies didn’t have the guts to reveal themselves. As he had something to do, he couldn’t stay too long. That’s why he had to leave in such a rush.”

“Hidden enemies?” asked Long Chen.

Bai Letian answered, “The Celestial race is truly crafty, but they didn’t expect that they were the ones being used while others hid.”

“Are you saying...?” Long Chen came to a sudden understanding.

“Yes, they are the factions behind those fellows you killed during your last tribulation. Some of them are no weaker than the Celestial race, but they remained in hiding the whole time. The words that your father said were for them. Once he left, they also followed. After that, I thought that there would be no need for me to do anything, but then the fellow from the Celestial race didn’t want me to have made such a trip for nothing, so he gave me a chance to show myself,” explained Bai Letian. Near the end, he just had to laugh.

Only then did Long Chen realize that his father’s words were directed toward those people. It seemed that they didn’t dare to defy his father’s will.

Thinking of that, Long Chen felt the slightest bit of sympathy for that fellow from the Celestial race. He really was unlucky, having been used like a tool by others. Even Bai Letian and Long Zhantian had used him as a display of power.

“Children, welcome to the Sovereign Emperor Heaven. You can rest in the High Firmament Academy!”

Bai Letian made a welcoming gesture. The High Firmament Divine Sword then flew out of its scabbard and slashed open a gate in the void.

Long Chen and the others passed through. When Bai Letian entered at the end, the gate closed, and the world returned to its previous calm.

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