My Girlfriend is a Zombie

Chapter 551: The Spiders Web

Chapter 551: The Spiders Web

Are you saying that while you were enjoying the breeze this monster just happened to pass by your window, and then, you casually finished it off?

Lucy looked down at the zombie corpse at her feet, asking.

Thats right. Ling Mo nodded.

He was comfortably seated on a sofa chair at the moment, cradling a cup of hot tea in his hands.

Given his casual demeanor, he clearly didnt consider himself a guest.

Inside the room stood over a dozen members of Team F, yet no one expressed any dissatisfaction with Ling Mos attitude.

As someone who had saved their entire groups lives, it wouldnt have mattered if Ling Mo was merely sipping tea or even snoring away on the floorit was deemed appropriate.

Among the crowd, a few women kept casting interested glances at Ling Mo.

If it werent for the fact that the girls around Ling Mo were exceptionally outstanding, these women might have already tried to cozy up to him.

The others, although envious, harbored no feelings of comparison.

After all, who could blame them? He was young and powerful!

He might not have been the most handsome, but those eyes of his added quite a few points in his favor!

Sitting there, he might not have been incredibly captivating, but he certainly gave off a comfortable vibe

However, Lucys next words swiftly drew everyones attention

But Lucys expression suddenly twisted in conflict as she glanced at Ling Mo and said, the windows in your room theyre floor-to-ceiling and completely sealed.


Pfft! Did I hear that right?

Thats just too

That lie was so insincere!

But he still looks so calm

Hes faking it, right? Dont look at him, dont look

The onlooking members of Team F turned their heads away, finding it unbearable to witness Ling Mos current expression.

Such an awkward moment was better left unseen for the sake of their own personal safety

So you really thought you could fool me with such a pathetic lie? How stupid do you think I am! Lucy exclaimed angrily.

This man was truly infuriating

Especially now, as he was caught red-handed, he still appeared listless and uninterested in arguing back, which only made Lucys anger boil over.

Admitting defeat?

He probably just didnt want to say anything!

However, based on her understanding of Ling Mo, there was no use in asking about things he didnt want to discuss.

But if he wasnt going to talk about that, then what was he here for?

Freeloading? It seemed likely!

His mouth hadnt stopped moving since he entered, and when Lucy was about to enjoy her freshly brewed tea, he took it from her with the utmost naturalness, even shamelessly leaving behind a thank you.

Thank you my foot!

If it werent for the corpse catching her attention, Lucy would have kicked him already.

Even though Ling Mo appeared to be nonchalant, this corpse was no laughing matter.

At first, everyone thought it was the body of a mutated zombie, but it was common knowledge that if it were such a commonplace creature, there was no way Ling Mo would have brought it back so solemnly.

So, everyone patiently awaited and performed a thorough examination of the corpse.

Upon examination, everyone was taken aback.

Mutated zombies were not uncommon, and ordinary zombies were a dime a dozen, but whether it was one or the other, none had ever grown a retractable tail or a highly concealed, all-direction rotating watchtower!

This kind of creature was a first for everyone!

Meanwhile, Lucy thought to herself that she had never met anyone like Ling Mo, who could drag a corpse to her door first thing in the morning and calmly say, Ive brought you a little surprise.

Surprise? Sure, there was surprise, but where was the joy in that?


Ling Mo took a sip of tea and leaned back comfortably, saying, The appearance of such a creature means that the real zombies are starting to take shape. Its a hybrid of mutated zombies and ordinary zombies, possessing both the intelligence and appearance of ordinary zombies, as well as the special body mutated abilities of mutated zombies.

Its foreseeable that soon, the ordinary zombies on the streets will no longer be ordinary.

Ling Mos words immediately caused a stir among those present. Those who were in this room at this time were either long-standing members of Team F or those with strong abilities within the group, in other words, individuals with a certain level of influence.

This also meant that they had fought more often than other psychics, had seen more types of creatures, and had a deeper understanding of the zombie species.

The implications of Ling Mos words were nothing short of terrifying!

However, there was still someone who was a step behind in reacting and asked, How unordinary?

Heh Ling Mo chuckled, but his laughter didnt contain a hint of happiness; instead, it seemed rather chilling, It means that when you deal with those familiar zombies in the usual way, they might just be able to whip out their own spine and go all out against you.

That kind of ability cant really exist, right? Wouldnt pulling out their own spine turn them into a soft mess? Like their head instantly dropping to their pelvis, becoming a half-bodied person or something murmurs rose from the crowd.

Maybe it really is possible, like growing a spare spine

Do spines come with spares? Its not like a spare tire

Eh? Whos calling me?

Listening to the noisy chatter, Ling Mo sighed and rubbed his temples.

Indeed, compared to Falcon and the Air Force Corps, these people seemed to have much less discipline.

It was true that each psychic came from different backgrounds, with no one to lead or train them

Alright Ling Mo sighed and asked, Whats your plan?

The noise quickly subsided, and within a few seconds, the room was silent.

All eyes were on Ling Mo and Lucy. Although the former was not a member of Team F, no one there dared say they were stronger than him.

After the Jian Qi incident, the latter had established some prestige within Team F.

You tell us, Ling Mo quickly passed the ball to Lucy.

Me? Lucy was initially taken aback, then looked at the Team F members in the room.

Seeing that everyones attention was focused on her, Lucy appeared calm on the surface, but inside, she was somewhat nervous.

I Since thats the case, Ill just share my thoughts, Lucy bit her lip and said, The current situation seems manageable, but from what Ling Mo is saying, it wont be easy for much longer. So, its time we discuss our future direction.

The first thing we need to do is to establish our purpose and leadership. With clear goals and a leader, we can go much farther

Lucy started off a bit nervous, but the more she spoke, the smoother she became.

She looked involuntarily towards where Ling Mo was sitting but found that he had already left

Gazing at the door that was still slightly swaying, Lucy continued to speak, but her eyes revealed a hint of disappointment

Why not stay and listen to the end? It was quite interesting.

Just as Ling Mo stepped out of the room, Shana came up with a smile and asked.

Im not very interested in that stuff, Ling Mo replied simply.

Is it a lack of interest, or do you feel like an outsider and that makes you unhappy? Shana pressed on.

Ling Mo stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Shana.

The black-haired girl was leaning forward with a smile on her lips, looking at him.

Ling Mo raised his hand as if to flick her forehead but relaxed his fingers at the last moment and gently stroked Shanas nose instead: Youre pretty sharp with your words.

Hehe! Dont be mad, okay? Although you cant join humanity, its pretty fun to be with us, right? Shana hooked her arm through Ling Mos, saying.

Shh, there are a lot of psychics around here! What if someone overhears? Ling Mo exclaimed anxiously, looking around nervously.

Oops. Shana ducked her head, chuckling, Then well just have to silence them No hitting, Im just kidding. But seriously, why are you contacting Yuwen Xuan and helping them analyze the situation? Whats the reason?

Well On one hand, of course, its because Im human too. On the other hand, although Team F is still weak, every psychic is a long-term potential stock Ling Mo said thoughtfully.

Shana quickly caught on: I get it, its like with Falcon, its an investment, right? You seem to do nothing, but youve woven a web among them. Your every move ultimately affects them.

While thats a weird description, youre not wrong. No matter what happens, connections and resources are very important, Ling Mo nodded.

Then never mind, I wont ask you that

Hey, what is it?

Hehe, I wont tell you. Anyway, Im really looking forward to seeing how things develop

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