Mutated Tao

Chapter 436: Stone Tablet

Li Huowang had lost his sense of pain, so he could afford to stare at the colossal vertical pupil in front of him without any hesitation. He hoisted his fleshly body onto his shoulders and rushed to Zhuge Yuan’s side. He carried Zhuge Yuan in the same manner and retreated backward. This place was too dangerous, and it was definitely not a place for ordinary people. He had to take Zhuge Yuan with him and leave!

Li Huowang was about to leave the battlefield when he came to an abrupt halt. He felt as if a mountain was boring down on his shoulders. Moreover, a mysterious intangible force had wrapped around him, pulling him back to the battlefield.

Writhing tentacles rushed out of his chest and wrapped around his legs. The tentacles moved desperately, dragging Li Huowang forward. As Li Huowang moved inch by inch, the maggots on him perished rapidly as if they were fighting something unseen.

When most of the maggots perished, the mysterious intangible force vanished abruptly, allowing him to break free. Having recovered his freedom, Li Huowang was about to take Zhuge Yuan away when flame abruptly engulfed him, singeing his hair.

Li Huowang retreated rapidly and saw the Emperor of the Liang Kingdom, the Imperial Preceptor, and the members of the Surveillance Bureau. It seemed that all of them had gone all out with a variety of artifacts in hand.

Li Huowang even saw one of the Deputy Chiefs holding a square stone tablet while performing a ritual. Li Huowang was familiar with the stone tablet, as it was the same stone tablet that Dan Yangzi had used in his attempt to ascend to immortality.

It seemed that the Deputy Chief had obtained one as well.

So it's supposed to be held upside-down? Li Huowang muttered to himself, seemingly bewildered. Then, he shook his head vigorously and thought, this isn't the time to think about this!

Li Huowang looked up and saw a burning golden tree. He turned to Zhuge Yuan on his shoulder in astonishment and asked, “What’s going on? Where’s your Great Qi?”

They were supposed to be in the Great Qi, as Zhuge Yuan was on his shoulder.

However, the Great Qi had disappeared inexplicably. This was bad news for Li Huowang, as he suddenly found himself in the middle of a battlefield.

Zhuge Yuan woke up and rolled down Li Huowang’s shoulders. His expression was ugly as he looked at everything around him and roared, “Where are we?!”

“Where do you think we are?! We're in Great Qi! Anyway, we should escape first and figure out what's going on later!” Li Huowang exclaimed. He grabbed Zhuge Yuan's sleeves and ran away.

A peal of laughter echoed just then, attracting Li Huowang's attention. He turned to look at the Emperor of the Great Liang standing right in front of the colossal golden tree. As the emperor's laughter echoed, the crown on his head vibrated rapidly.

The emperor waved his hand and pointed at the colossal vertical pupil in the distance, shouting, “Sitting Oblivion Dao! The Sacred Mountain Ghost’s Eye has risen! You're finished! This is the golden opportunity to capture all of you!”

The golden bricks on the ground softened before flying toward the colossal vertical pupil in a stream of golden light. The golden palace in the distance and the golden bricks converged to form a colossal golden mask.

The mask had the ears of a beast and a mouth as wide as its ears. Its lips were in three layers, and the corners of its mouth were curled up in a smile. Li Huowang was familiar with the mask, as it was the same mask at the Surveillance Bureau.

The mask outside the Surveillance Bureau had cylindrical eyes that protruded outward, while this one had an empty left eye socket. However, even though the empty eye socket was on the left, the colossal vertical pupil floated over to the right eye socket!

A violent tremor ran across Li Huowang at the terrifying sight. The so-called "Sacred Mountain Ghost" that the Emperor of the Great Liang had mentioned was unknown to Li Huowang.

However, one thing was for sure: something big was about to happen!

To make matters worse, the strange chanting that Li Huowang's Five Elements Intercalation had forcefully dispersed had returned with vengeance.

The remaining maggots on Li Huowang's chest wriggled incessantly, transforming into a pair of extra legs, which allowed Li Huowang to run even faster.

Under the oppressive air, the Shai Zis remained calm, staring at the golden mask overhead. Soon, the numbers that represented their faces turned into sixes.

“Very good! You must have put a lot of effort into finding this eye of the Siming, which has been dead for thousands of years. Since that’s the case, then we'll accept it,” said one of the Shai Zis. There wasn't a trace of worry in his voice, and he even sounded excited in the face of such danger.

“Hmph! Do you really think that I will believe your lies? Regardless of what you do, you will not disrupt the plan I've been working on for ten years!"

“Lies? Hehe, do you really think we're lying? Take a guess: why do you think the four of us have come here today? You’ve been preparing for a long time, but we’ve been preparing for way longer than you," said the four Shai Zis in unison.

They crossed their legs again, and their overlapping voices echoed even louder as they chanted, “True void’s wonderful appearance, supreme mysterious mother. Where the golden light shines, the hidden brilliance of the sun and moon. When the treasured pestle rotates, the ghosts and gods lose color, showing their traces in the mortal world, guarding the saint’s chariot…”

The voices weren't loud, but they spread far and wide. The stone tablet in the hands of a deputy chief cracked open the moment the Emperor of the Great Liang heard the chanting.

"Hahaha! How was it?" A voice filled thick with extreme ridicule from the cracks of the stone tablet. "Was it good practice? Actually, it’s all fake! This is all for the sake of making fun of you, you fool!”

The voice had yet to finish echoing in the air when the stone tablet split apart, transforming into a chaotic hodgepodge of fragmented mahjong tiles.

“What?! How is this possible?!” The Deputy Chief exclaimed in disbelief while staring at the stone tablet in his hands. Before he could recover from the shock of being deceived, a dim purple light rushed out his brow and burrowed into Shai Zi’s number.

This was just the beginning…

The Sitting Oblivion Dao’s voice spread farther, reaching Cowheart Village.

The sleeping Gao Zhijian woke up and instantly went on high alert upon hearing strange voices in the room. He grabbed a sharp weapon and dashed into the side room. The stone tablet that Senior Li had given to him had cracked open.

Gao Zhijian could still remember that Senior Li had obtained the stone tablet from the Zephyr Temple, more specifically, from their master, Dan Yangzi.

Haha! You really want to become immortal?! How dare you dream of becoming immortal when you can't recognize even a single character word on it! My condolences, but you've been fooled! You've been bamboozled!

"This cultivation method to immortality is fake! Pfft! Hahaha!"

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Finally, we get a glimpse of one of the first few Simings! This is the Sacred Mountain Ghost Eye. Credits to 格子的乱七八糟 on douyin!

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