Lingering Doting Marriage: Big Boss, Little Sweet Heart

Chapter 220 - 220: He Misuses Idioms

Chapter 220: Chapter 220: He Misuses Idioms

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When Enna thought of the imposing lion comparing to the teddy-dog-like image, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Baron Lawrence was just domineering and overbearing, not intellectually challenged. He was a tested genius. When he saw the girl opposite him laughing maliciously at him, he knew that she must be slandering him in her mind!

And she was slandering him unclearly!

His proud eagle-like eyes narrowed suddenly, and he threatened in a low voice,

“Enna, don’t let me know what you’re thinking, or you’ll pay for it!”

. You know what I’m thinking?” Enna shuddered, startled by his threat.

Baron Lawrence glared at her fiercely and said irritably, “Just from that pig-like look on your face, I can tell that you are up to no good!”

Enna was speechless. It was supposed to be ‘A pig-like face, with a clear heart!’ , a metaphor describing a person pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, but he totally messed it up.

Just at this moment.

A scream came from downstairs.

Cherysh Jordan’s shrill, angry voice rang out, “Brody Smith, I warn you, don’t touch Rebecca! Whatever you have against me, let her go!”

Rebecca Jordan?!

Enna immediately looked downstairs.

As expected.

Brody Smith had somehow let go of Cherysh’s hair and was now grabbing Rebecca’s arm. Rebecca’s small face was pale with fear, her eyes red as she struggled in vain to break free from Brody’s grip.

“What will you do if I don’t let her go?

“You made me a cuckold, you ought to compensate me. Let your sister compensate me!”

“Promise me that you’ll let your sister compensate me, and I won’t hold it against you for humiliating me. Otherwise…” Cherysh, with fire in her eyes, refused without hesitation, “In your dreams!” “Let go of my sister! She doesn’t know anything!”

Brody loved seeing her trampled look, as if playing a cat-and-mouse game. He raised his short chin and said arrogantly, “Sure, I can let her go. You get down on your knees and apologize, and I’ll let her go.”

“Sister, don’t!” Rebecca, with tears in her eyes, shook her head desperately.

Brody sneered and slapped Rebecca’s delicate face, “Your sister has agreed, so what are you fussing about!”

As he raised his hand, Cherysh almost pounced on him, screaming in anger, “Brody Smith, don’t you dare touch my sister!”

Brody, holding Rebecca, looked back at her with his gloomy triangular eyes,

“Sure, then you better kneel down and apologize, so I won’t touch your sister.”


“Don’t say a word!” Fearing that Brody would strike again, Cherysh swallowed her humiliation. She knew that Brody was rich and powerful in Capital City, and she and Rebecca were no match for him. Today, Brody intended to humiliate her. As long as she cooperated, he might let Rebecca go. If she didn’t…

Cherysh clenched her fists, feeling great humiliation pressing down on her heart. But facing Rebecca, she had to endure! If she couldn’t stand it, what would Rebecca do? Cherysh had already endured so much, might as well bear it all!

“Hurry up and kneel…” Brody grinned, waiting to watch a drama unfold, urging Cherysh with his malicious laughter from time to time.

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