Keyboard Immortal

Chapter 2082: Who Are You Prepared to Save?

It didn’t seem to be a human voice, but rather more like the embodiment of the world’s will. Some kind of supernatural being had descended upon this world.

The insufferably arrogant Lord of Slaughter was lying on the ground and shaking all over. It looked incredibly alarmed.

How could there be something this powerful? And it was summoned by a weak woman? This makes absolutely no sense!

Qiu Honglei looked up at the eyes in the sky. She bravely answered, “It was I who summoned you.”

Those eyes looked at Qiu Honglei for a long time, then the voice said, “Hm… that’s right. That dance was indeed quite stunning. It has already been a long time since I’ve seen anyone dance such a perfect Dance Offering to the Universe. What do you wish to ask of me?”

Qiu Honglei replied respectfully, “A powerful monster that doesn’t belong to our world has invaded, and we couldn't eliminate it. I hope that your respected self can help us eliminate him and restore peace to this world.”

When it heard those words, the Lord of Slaughter was immediately horrified.

This woman is truly vicious!

It couldn't be bothered with explaining and turned tail to run on the spot. It had only a single thought in its mind right now, which was to stay as far away from this terrifying being as possible. It was so fast, it moved like a bolt of lightning. It disappeared into a speck in the wind and snow in the blink of an eye.

Qiu Honglei was worried. If it managed to run away this time, everyone would still be dead if they encountered it again in the future!

The mysterious being said, “Oh, so it was this little thing. But it indeed isn’t something your world could handle.”

While the voice was speaking, the Lord of Slaughter suddenly appeared in front of the others. It was still running frantically with everything it had. They could see just how much effort it was making just from its bulging muscles. However, it didn’t realize that even after running all this time, it had returned to its original location. From the perspective of Zu An and the others, it was running in place, but it had no awareness of that at all.

“Just how is it doing this?” Zu An exclaimed in horror. The sight before him was a bit outside of his realm of understanding, and he hadn’t even seen that mysterious being doing anything, and yet the Lord of Slaughter had already been dragged back here.

Just then, something happened to the Lord of Slaughter’s body. It was still running tirelessly, but the flesh on its body was already melting visibly. Zu An and the Snow Lady had attacked it countless times without even leaving a scratch. And yet now, some unknown power was actually making it melt like ice. The Lord of Slaughter’s flesh soon melted away completely, leaving behind only a skeleton. It finally realized that something was off. It looked down at its body, then screamed. Then, its skeleton turned to ashes, and with a gust of wind, not even dregs remained.

Zu An was speechless. He was incredibly shocked. He had felt that he was already quite strong, that he had a fighting chance even against these foreign monsters. Yet now, he realized that he was actually just a frog at the bottom of the well. So it turned out that the truly strong could reach this level!

The mysterious being in the air spoke up again. “Young lady, I find you rather pleasing. How about you follow me and become my servant? You can then dance for me frequently.”

In his opinion, this was a tremendous opportunity and favor. There were countless beauties across countless empires across the worlds who would never even have such an opportunity, so this woman could just faint from excitement over this kindness.

But Qiu Honglei slowly shook her head and said, “I thank your distinguished self for your good intentions, but in this life of mine, I will only dance for one man.”

Even though Zu An was really moved, he couldn't help but become a bit worried. He was about to say something when the mysterious being said with a light sigh, “Then that’s a pity.”

With his status and identity, he naturally wouldn’t be shameless enough to ask again after being refused once. However, he said, “I’ve already responded to your favor. So according to the rules, you need to provide an offering. If you agreed to be my servant, I could have overlooked this, but it truly is a pity.”

The voice was extremely calm, and it was gradually growing more distant. Those eyes slowly closed as well, and the gathered clouds scattered. That terrifying pressure was gone.

“That’s it?” Zu An exclaimed, stunned. He quickly ran over to Qiu Honglei, as he wasn’t sure what the offering that mysterious being spoke of meant.

When she saw him come over, Qiu Honglei smiled sweetly. It was the most beautiful smile Zu An had seen in his life, but also the most heart-shattering. That was because at almost the same time, Qiu Honglei’s entire body began to erode away with the wind, her body gradually disappearing from this world.

“No!” Zu An cried. He wanted to hold her, but he didn’t dare to touch her for fear that she would completely shatter and disappear.

Just then, streaks of cold radiance flew toward Qiu Honglei. A Pure World Icelotus suddenly bloomed around Qiu Honglei’s body, wrapping her within. Qiu Honglei’s body that had been about to break down was suddenly frozen, forcibly stopping the process. It turned out that all this time, the Snow Lady had been preparing a secret skill, thus barely successfully preserving Qiu Honglei’s last trace of life.

“Thank you…” Zu An said, feeling surprised and grateful. He was about to thank the Snow Lady when he was completely stunned. He discovered that even though Qiu Honglei’s body’s collapse had stopped, it was now/ the Snow Lady’s body that began to break down.

“Ah Zu, don’t feel broken-hearted. I asked her if she was willing to sacrifice her life for you, and she said that she was willing.” The Snow Lady chuckled, saying, “If even these vixens are willing, how could I, your wife, not be willing? Who knows, she might have even been cursing me for trying to get rid of her earlier.”

She naturally wouldn’t selfishly make Qiu Honglei give up her life alone; rather, she had just wanted to test Honglei out. She had already prepared to take on the consequences of the dance from the very start. She just happened to know a secret technique that could redirect another person’s karma toward herself.

Zu An walked up to the Snow Lady and opened his mouth. Normally, he was quite proud of his ability to talk, but now, he could only utter some inaudible syllables, unable to even form a complete sentence.

“Ah Zu, you don’t need to feel sorry for me. Honglei might really die if she is ignored, but as long as the Great Snowy Mountain remains, I won’t truly perish. I might just revive again after some time,” the Snow Lady said, wiping away the tears on his face.

When he sensed that ice-cold touch, Zu An finally asked with difficulty, “How long?”

“Several thousand years, or maybe ten thousand years…” When she saw his expression of horror and despair, the Snow Lady smiled and said, “It’s actually not that long. I’ve already waited for you on Great Snowy Mountain for nine thousand, five hundred and twenty seven years. It’s not too big of a deal to wait another ten thousand years for you.” Then, she moved closer and gave Zu An a light kiss.

Zu An immediately broke down into tears. He could tell that this was the Kiss of the Goddess, the same Kiss of the Goddess that only Chu Chuyan and Pei Mianman knew! That same Kiss of the Goddess was even different between Chu Chuyan and Pei Mianman. Pei Mianman was fiery and passionate, while Chu Chuyan was the kind that was reluctant at first, but still accepted in the end…

Even so, this kiss that was normally so wonderful was now just too bitter.

Zu An wanted to keep her here, but as soon as he touched her face, she scattered and disappeared into endless snowflakes. In that instant, he felt as if his soul had been ripped out of his body. He stood there in the wind and snow without moving at all.

He suddenly thought of something. He was about to speak when Mi Li appeared in front of him and said, “She was destroyed by laws that exceed your understanding. If you try to forcefully interfere with your current strength, even if you use Keyboard Come, you might follow in her footsteps as soon as you utter the first word.”

Blood was about to come out from how hard Zu An was biting his lips. He asked, “Then should I just watch as she dies? I have to at least try!”

“Then what about Qiu Honglei?” Mi Li replied, pointing at the sealed Qiu Honglei. Her expression became mysteriously complicated as she continued, “Even if you don’t want your own life and use Keyboard Come to save one person, with your current strength, you can only save a single person at most. Qiu Honglei or Chu Chuyan, who are you prepared to save?”

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