Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine

Chapter 197.1

Chapter 197.1

Jin Wangs army quickly retreated as soon as they encountered the rebel forces, abandoning the hard-won Yongding Gate.

The generals and soldiers swiftly withdrew along Yongding Gate Street without any hesitation. Even though some soldiers were puzzled, they obediently followed the military orders and left quickly.

General, we fought so hard to capture Yongding Gate, and His Highness ordered us to secure this gate firmly. How did it come to this now?

The general was a burly man with a height of over seven feet and an imposing tiger-like figure. Guerrilla warfare rarely involved the cavalry, as cavalry couldnt maneuver effectively in such terrain. Even though he was the leader of this unit, he had to rely on his feet to move. He hadnt slept for two consecutive days and nights, and his stamina was greatly depleted. He ran with heavy breathing, panting heavily.

Dont ask too much about this matter. His Highness has always been insightful about the enemys intentions. There must be a plan in place. Although many of us havent been on the battlefield for a long time, we still vividly remember His Highness leading us with a heroic spirit against the barbarian invaders. Do you doubt His Highnesss decisions?

The soldier who questioned him scratched his head and chuckled, No, I just find it strange. We fought and sacrificed so many brothers over a city gate against the rebels. Now were giving it up so easily. I just find it hard to understand.

If you understand it, then you would be His Highness instead of a little soldier here! Stop talking nonsense and tell your brothers to move faster!

Upon hearing this, the soldier hurriedly stopped speaking and ran back to urge those behind to quicken their pace.

Meanwhile, the leading general wore a bitter smile beneath his bearded face.

The subordinates below were not aware, but the generals understood that Jin Wangs forces were indeed limited. They had always fought against larger enemy forces by catching them off guard and employing strategies. Guarding a city gate without any enemies was nothing but frustrating and suffocating. They retreated when the enemy outnumbered them and attacked when they had the advantage, which led to the continuous back-and-forth struggle for a city gate, resembling a farce.

In essence, it was because His Highness was unwilling to let his subordinates make pointless sacrifices.

This retreat was probably a move by His Highness to conserve his forces. Presumably, he intended to deplete the enemys strength through guerrilla attacks, in order to buy more time.

But did they have reinforcements?

The military forces in the critical area around the capital were already gathered in the capital. Those who could come had already come, and those who couldnt were the rebels. Could it be that His Highness was bringing reinforcements from elsewhere? Even if they could be brought, would they arrive in time? The nearest garrison was already several days away from the capital.

All these doubts remained unanswered, and afterwards, the command issued by Jin Wang was indeed to fortify the stronghold where Jin Wang Manor was located, layer by layer along the way, using alleyways as the main battlefield, engaging in guerrilla warfare with the rebels.

Although the three garrisons of the capital were a magnificent and renowned army, they had been trapped in the capital for many years, lacking the experience of the battlefield and the battle-hardened bloodthirsty spirit. Especially among these troops, most of the intermediate and senior commanders were sons of the nobility. While they could handle hunting and dogfighting, they had never heard or seen anything related to guerrilla warfare.

Jin Wangs subordinates were also a ragtag group, assembled from wandering warriors and scattered troops.

But as the saying goes, an army takes after its commanders. Jin Wang was known for his cunning tactics and unconventional strategies in military deployment. Duke Ningguo Manor, although having stayed dormant for many years, still had a considerable number of trusted and skilled commanders.

On this journey from Jinzhou to the capital, Jin Wangs return appeared to be inconspicuous, but in reality, he brought back a group of elite guards and commanders. Those who had experienced the baptism of the battlefield and those who had never seen the war were two completely different entities. It was precisely with these seemingly inconspicuous grass-root level commanders that Jin Wang dispersed his forces and concealed them in the alleyways, launching ambushes against the enemy forces.

First, they used the terrain to cut and scatter the enemy forces, and then they defeated them one by one.

Roadblocks, fences, rockets, tung oil, sandbagsanything that could be used was employed. The commanders of the Five Army Battalion who faced them were dumbfounded. They never expected that warfare could be conducted in such a way. Werent battles usually won by overwhelming the enemy with superior numbers?

These people were not only cunning but also treacherous, and their slogans echoed everywhere.

Surrender and no blame shall be assigned! Resist and be executed without mercy!

Defend our homes and protect the country, uphold the state! Eliminate the treacherous and wicked, may the heavens bless Dagan!

Many ordinary soldiers didnt have a clue about the purpose of this expedition. They only knew that there were rebels in the capital, and they were here to clear them out. But now, before even engaging in battle, someone told them that they themselves were the rebels, the traitors, resulting in everyone beginning to panic.

Panic lead to chaos, and while marching and fighting, chaos was the worst enemy. If one person was in a panic, it could be forgiven. However, when the entire group of people was in chaos, especially since they were compressed in narrow alleyways, once chaos broke out, it became a disaster.

Without anyone on the other side even needing to make a move, countless people were trampled and crushed in their confusion. Just as they managed to stabilize their formation, the enemy finally struck.

It was truly a wretched situation, where they cried out for their fathers and mothers, discarding their helmets and armour.

Some people took the opportunity to spread rumours while fighting, The rebels have assassinated the current emperor and killed loyal ministers. Everyone must seek justice! You all are aiding the tyrant! How can you face your ancestors, your parents, and your wives and children?

When the morale of the troops is disrupted, their fighting spirit is lost, and naturally, they cannot form an army.

Of course, there were also those who didnt believe these misleading words and countered them when provoked. These counterarguments quickly turned into quarrels. A group of soldiers exchanged insults while hindered by various obstacles, and it was quite a spectacle.

However, this kind of situation was still the minority. After all, the Five Army Battalion had earned their reputation as a mighty force and it wasnt just empty words. There was still a portion of elite troops. Most of these soldiers attacked fiercely, even when outnumbered. They could only be pushed back by the soldiers trained under Jin Wang.

The front line kept advancing further and further, to the point where even sitting in Jin Wang Manor, one could hear the sounds of slaughter outside.

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