I’m Really Not Targeting the Mages

Chapter 672 - 672: Ambergris and the escape capsule (1)

Chapter 672: Ambergris and the escape capsule (1)

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[ prompt: you have recruited a group of greasy monsters as external aid for the ‘dark floating fleet’. ]

[ the ESP connection has been successfully established … ]

Listening to the ‘big brother’ that made one’s scalp go numb.

Roger resisted the urge to vomit.

He asked directly through the ESP connection,

“Who are you?”

“What is your purpose?”

“Also, don’t call me big brother!” Eudora replied in a coy voice,

“I’m Princess water fairy, brother!

Can’t you tell?

We’re the water elves who have lived in the belly of the whale, azus, for generations.

We used to live a life of peace and harmony.

However, the evil dark blood Army appeared.

They invaded our home and drove us into the pool of destruction. Big brother, don’t look at how dark I am now, I’m still very white after washing up!

It was because of Menlo.

We could only swallow our anger and hide in this dirty pool.

I didn’t expect you to be so awesome!”

“Call me big brother again and I’ll kill you.” “Pinch your throat again and I’ll kill you twice.”

Roger said seriously.

Eudora shivered.

He started to speak normally.

The voice of the demonic creature leader was indeed very childish.

When she wasn’t so pretentious.

On the contrary, it had the power to move people’s hearts.

However …

Roger’s eyes were full of indifference.

On the data bar.

[perception: you realize that ‘Eudora’ is insulting your intelligence]

[ inspection (naked eye): common sense tells you that no matter how dark the water fairy’s body is, she would not have such a strange biotype gel coat on her body. Not to mention that its appearance does not match the water fairy’s at all. ]

[ sixth sense: you have guessed that ‘Eudora’ seems to be hiding something .

On the platform.

Roger snorted coldly in his heart.

Facing Eudora’s warm invitation to cooperate.

On the surface, he chose to agree.

In any case, the greasy monsters didn’t have the potential to become brothers and friends.

It was better to let them help to be the laborers of the black blood Army.

Roger’s purpose was quite clear.

The location of the other two leaders was still unknown.

He had better keep a low profile.

And now, the cooperation with the greasy monster was such an opportunity.

Roger immediately disappeared.

He said to Eudora,

there’s no problem with the cooperation. It just so happens that I’ve also suffered a lot from the black blood Army.

but I was injured in the battle with Menlo just now, so I can only wander around and kill the enemy …

Finished speaking.

He didn’t wait for Eudora’s reply.

He directly hung up and blacklisted one-stop!

Since this Eudora wanted to lie to Roger …

Then, it was most likely that they were afraid of him.

Roger had seen through this.

He directly activated his paddling mode!

And so.

The content of the main battlefield once again became the battle between the black blood Army and the greasy monsters.

Every few minutes.

That was why Roger suddenly attacked.

After killing one or two members of the black blood Army, they disappeared without a trace.

And in the process.

His three great fragments, on the other hand, rose like the tide.

As expected, Eudora didn’t break off their temporary Alliance just because Roger blacklisted her.

This made the greasy monsters Roger’s most favorable employees.

When he was free.

Roger also secretly compared the efficiency of the elite group in killing the astral goblins and the greasy monsters in killing the black blood Army.

In the end, he realized that the latter was stronger.

The greasy monster wasn’t too powerful.

However, the black water they shot out had the effect of [ annihilation ].

This move caused the low morale of the black blood Army to retreat in defeat!

Under the fierce attack of the greasy monster Army.

The black blood Army was forced to retreat to the temporary fortifications near the gate.

The two sides then entered a stalemate.

Roger was trying to find the location of ‘Eudora’ in the black water while paddling in the water.

However, the ‘Princess water fairy’ in the Ioli voice was also unique.

With the wolves ‘powerful scouting ability, they would not be able to escape.

He couldn’t even find where she was hiding.

This made Roger more vigilant.

Danger was everywhere on the astral white whale.

He might have killed Menlo so easily.

Roger was too familiar with the ‘three mage guards’.

It might not be so easy for another opponent of the same level.

“At least …”

“It should be able to make me sweat a layer, right?”

He thought about it.

A bright mark provided by a wounded Wolf suddenly appeared in Roger’s field of vision!

It was a coordinate at the bottom of the pool.

“You found Eudora?”

Roger quickly switched the screen.

In his dark field of vision.

He saw a small bubble bubbling at the bottom of the pool.

The bottom of the pool was filled with sticky black water.

Only this bubble was pure and flawless.

Inside the bubble.

There was a bright yellow semi-liquid semi-solid object that was slowly shaking.

Just one glance.

Roger couldn’t move his eyes away!

[ prompt: you have discovered a ‘Ambergris that is about to form’. ]

[ Ambergris (upgraded pillar item) ]

[ usage 1: smelt it into a half-plane, making the half-plane obtain the effect of

‘monster paradise’; ]

[ monster paradise: your half-plane has a high chance of attracting high-level monsters to settle ]

[ use 2: smelt the carry rank. In addition to the basic effects such as rank precipitation, your health points +1000 ]

A pillar-level item!

1000 health points!

These two sets of keywords deeply attracted Roger’s attention.

He felt as if his breathing had stopped!

One had to know.

Roger’s total health points were only slightly over 800!

“This thing is of great use to me!”

He was getting more and more excited.

At this moment..

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