I'll Quit Being a God

Chapter 511: The Resounding Toll of the Bell

Chapter 511: The Resounding Toll of the Bell

Within the brilliant radiance leading towards the southwest, Lu Heng's countenance bore a complex amalgamation of emotions.

Regarding how to respond to this particular Earthly Catastrophe, he indeed harbored some reflections.

However, if that plan were to be implemented, even he himself is unsure whether it would ultimately be a blessing or a curse.

The present him finds himself, rarely seen, embroiled in a perplexing dilemma of choices.

However, the first task at hand is to return to Cangwu Abyss to meet with Xiao Ai and Tao Wu.

Lu Heng was greatly intrigued by the mysterious dimension mentioned by Tao Wu.

And after a separation of four thousand years, Xiao Ai and he have now reunited, so it is only fitting that they exchange a proper conversation.

Above the vault of heaven, celestial thunderous rays swiftly departed towards the southwest.

Meanwhile, beyond the distant realms, within a pitch-black expanse of cosmic space, a colossal bronze bell suddenly emitted a resounding and magnificent sound.


A towering bronze bell hangs above a massive island, while that expansive floating island is completely enshrouded under the bell, resembling a miniature pedestal, providing support for the bronze bell's imposing presence.

The resounding sound emitted by the bronze bell reverberated throughout the pitch-black cosmos.

The ten colossal stone statues that surrounded the bronze bell, lingered in the air, crumbled with a thunderous roar as the bell rang out.

The immense commotion stirred many cultivators deep within the cosmos.

Soon, one after another streaks of escape light emerged from the void.

They come from different worlds, adorned with varying Magical Tools, even their aura and spiritual resonance differ from one another.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the once empty and pitch-black cosmos became filled with a dense crowd of figures.

Each figure, placed within the Celestial Desolation Realm, represents the pinnacle of cultivation, capable of dominating a realm.

However, here, innate cultivators can only stand at the outermost periphery with humility and reverence, anxiously listening to the commotion emanating from within.

In the spacious starry region closest to the bronze giant bell, dozens of figures stood apart from the crowd, each occupying a different position, dispersed across the seven directions of the bronze giant bell.

These dozens of figures, all possessed an enduring and terrifying aura, as heavy as stars. Just their mere presence instilled indescribable terror and intimidation.

If placed in the Celestial Desolation Realm, any one of them could challenge the reigning powerhouses and contend against the so-called Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace and the old monster, Candle Dragon.

However, even these dozens of terrifying figures dare not approach this ancestral mysterious giant bell.

They stood at a distance around the bronze giant bell, silently listening to the terrifying resonation of the bronze bell.




One ring, two rings, three rings with each resounding of the bronze bell, tremendous invisible sound waves radiate, causing utter destruction. (f)ree

However, this terrifying sound wave that destroys everything was jointly resolved by dozens of figures on the periphery.

However, as the bells continued to ring one after another, these dozens of cultivators standing at the pinnacle of the seven realms of cultivation had increasingly grim and solemn expressions.

Finally, after the bronze bell unleashed its ninth terrifying resonance and the destructive waves were countered jointly by everyone, this enigmatic bronze bell finally fell silent once again.

And the faces of all cultivators reached a peak of ugliness.

"The resounding of the great bell"

Among the dozens of individuals closest to the bronze bell, there was a Buddhist Venerable One, adorned in golden attire and standing upon a twelve-tiered lotus pedestal. With a compassionate expression on their face, he spoke, "Pity Horror"

On the contrary, a robust and stalwart figure, with hair all white, and even the eyeballs eerily pallid, coldly snorted, "The resounding tolls of the bell signify imminent danger Has the Celestial Desolation Realm birthed yet another Di Tian Devil Lord?"

The terrifying demon who once ruthlessly roamed the seven realms, slaughtering countless beings, remains an unforgettable pain that the seven realms can never fade away.

A golden-haired, jade-eyed girl with a sweet smile giggled and said, "Perhaps it is the legendary Heavenly Lord Lu Four thousand years ago, he disappeared into the shadows and has not appeared since. Everyone speculated that he went to seek the Fu Xi Treasure Trove, but perhaps this Lord Lu never left the Celestial Desolation Realm and has been hiding in the shadows, plotting significant events who knows for sure."

The burly man with white hair sneered, "You've exaggerated that wolf to the heavens Hmph! I refuse to believe he is truly that formidable! Just a sword wielding the power of the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder, with only a single strike. My thunder and lightning will not lose to him!"

The Buddhist Venerable One who spoke earlier sighed, clasping their hands together and said, "Regardless, with the tolling of the great bell and the emergence of the Four Evil Beasts, it is time to destroy that world. We cannot allow the undead of the Celestial Desolation Realm to prosper unchecked. However, with the nine resounding tolls of the great bell this time sigh it may be necessary to seek the assistance of our ancestors. They might need to intervene."

"I second that!"

"I second that!"

The opinion of the Buddhist Venerable One quickly brought consensus among the present supreme gods.

The peril indicated by the nine tolls of the great bell is no longer something they can easily deal with.

Within the Celestial Desolation Realm, ensnared by the Earthly Behemoth, there must have occurred a significant transformation unbeknownst to them.

Unfortunately, the Earthly Behemoth is terrifyingly ferocious, not only sealing off the Celestial Desolation Realm, but making it difficult for even them to approach with ease. This terrifying creature, left behind by the supreme being of Heaven beyond Heaven after the ancient war, is an immensely powerful existence that should not exist in this world.

Even the ancient ancestors who silently cultivate on the Heavenly Terrace dare not provoke this savage creature.

It is impossible to cautiously investigate anymore. The Temporal Gate opens once every two hundred years, and not long ago, Annihilation Buddhist Venerable One and others had just activated it, but now they cannot wait for another two hundred years.

Once the bronze great bell tolls, within a decade, it is imperative to annihilate that group of undead disciples.

This is an ancestral decree, which must never be defied!

What they can do now, apart from meeting with the ancestors, is to prepare for the impending apocalypse.

Within the dark cosmos, the cultivators who were drawn by the resonating sound of the bronze great bell gradually withdrew.

Cultivators from seven different realms, also possess distinct origins.

However, when it comes to the annihilation of the undead disciples, their interests align.

The more thorough the preparations and the greater the harvest of life essence, the more they will benefit!

Within the seven realms, the bronze great cauldrons, scattered among the hands of the top cultivators, were summoned forth.

Apart from the two cauldrons that were left behind in the Celestial Desolation Realm, the remaining seven grand cauldrons are all held in the hands of the most exceptional individuals from each world.

This concerns the World-ending Nine Cauldrons, which are crucial Magical Tools for the Earthly Catastrophe, responsible for the annihilation of living beings and the harvesting of life essence.

Within the seven realms, different bronze cauldrons, on the other hand, share the same plight.

-Released from the bodies of one cultivator after another, the mighty spiritual power flows into the World-ending Great Cauldron, infused within the celestial canopy, in order to fully unlock the true power of the World-ending Nine Cauldrons.

Once the World-ending Nine Cauldrons are awakened, it signifies the annihilation of beings within the Celestial Desolation Realm.

Such a ceremony has been conducted countless times within the seven realms, and cultivators from all of these realms are extremely familiar with it.

Seated upon the earth, they fervently raise their heads, gazing at the terrifying cauldrons suspended in the sky, eagerly awaiting the day when the nine cauldrons are unlocked.

The Earthly Catastrophe is about to descend!

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