I Quit Being The Villain

Chapter 134 Gu Xia's A Natural Hunter!

After being briefed on the details of this minor issue, Gu Xia took the initiative to promptly take care of this problem before it escalated.

Thus, upon attaining the spot of this earthly protagonist, he wasted no time and called over one of his sport cars.

As he travelled along the road, he determined not to be premature in his actions, for that would be foolishness and thus he would wait until the ideal time to make his move.

At this point, all that was required of him was to observe silently and wait.

As the seconds ticked by, he tracked this protagonist like a hunter.

Unaware of Gu Xia's presence, the protagonist continued his daily life.


Ah San's car was waiting at the intersection of the alley, and when she saw Hua Zai coming out, she opened the car window and waved to Hua Zai.

As a result, a scene that surprised Liu Tao appeared.

Hua Tsai suddenly changed his face, he trotted to the car window with a flattering face, bowed his head and showed great respect.

"Brother Ah San, this is Young Master Zhao's woman, and I brought it here intact."

Ah San looked at the two girls struggling behind him, and nodded in satisfaction, "Okay, put them in the back seat, Young Master Zhao is still waiting."

"Don't bump into each other, load them all into the car." Brother Hua quickly turned around and ordered to his subordinates with a majestic expression.

Afterwards, Hua Tsai turned around and his face changed again. With a flattering face, he cautiously asked, "I don't know the reward for this mission."

"Don't worry, Young Master Zhao will not lose your benefits."

Ah San directly closed the car window and drove away.


Turning into Brother Hua again, he became excited on the spot after Brother Ah San drove away.

In the entire Yanjing, he has completed the task assigned by Young Master Zhao. This is not only a matter of face, but also the follow-up rewards will definitely not let him down.

How could it be possible to pick and choose rewards for the tasks assigned by Young Master Zhao himself.

Liu Tao walked up to Brother Hua and asked in a low voice, "Brother Hua, did that person just now belong to Young Master Zhao?"

Brother Hua, who was still in a state of excitement, did not blame him for talking too much, but explained patiently.

"It's good to know. If you keep some things in your heart, don't ask too much. If you keep your mouth tight, you can live longer."

"Understood Brother Hua." Liu Tao nodded, promising that his mouth would be sealed in the future.

Moyu Hotel.

Gu Yunting, Li Yuanjing, and Cao Pengtian each brought two service personnel arranged by Manager Wang and waved goodbye to Zhao Yunhai laughingly.

"Master Zhao, let's enjoy it first."

"Beautiful, the quality of Mr. Zhao's treats is different."

"I'm going to be a cowboy tonight, woohoo!"

After the three of them went to their respective rooms, Manager Wang of Moyu Hotel looked at Zhao Shao cautiously.

"Young Master Zhao, don't you really need it?" Manager Wang asked again with some worry.

Seeing Manager Wang's hairstyle, Zhao Yunhai couldn't help laughing, and said without airs.

"It seems that you have just fallen asleep not long ago."

Manager Wang rubbed his palms together and smiled obsequiously.

"What Young Master Zhao said was that when he heard that Young Master Zhao was coming, he got up involuntarily, and couldn't fall asleep no matter what."

"Go back quickly, I don't need your entertainment here, I appreciate your kindness."

After all, he is his own employee, and it is not easy for Zhao Yunhai to be sympathetic to his employees, and he really has nothing to do with them.

"Young Master Zhao..." Manager Wang looked at Young Master Zhao hesitantly, not knowing whether what Young Master Zhao said was true or not.

"Hurry up and go back, you're not a girl, what can you do for me?"

"I need some quiet rest."

Zhao Yunhai waved his hand, indicating that the other party can leave here.

Manager Wang also knew that if he didn't leave, it would be an eyesore, so he said goodbye to Zhao Shao and left.

"Zhao Shaochun's night is worth a thousand gold, so I won't bother you. If Zhao Shao needs anything, call me anytime."

Zhao Yunhai hummed casually. He had just received news from Ah San that Yan Rubing, the Bingshan girl, and Mu Xiaoyu, her best friend, were already on their way.

After Zhao Yunhai came out wearing a white bathrobe after taking a shower, he saw Yan Rubing and Mu Xiaoyu had been tied up and thrown on the bedside.

"Hey, isn't this the Iceberg Girl, what a coincidence."

Zhao Yunhai gave a strange laugh, and directly took the thing out of Bingshan Girl's mouth.

"The prostitute, I didn't expect the Zhao family's children to do such dirty things. Today is a good experience."

Yan Rubing stared at Zhao Yunhai coldly, her tone was extremely cold.

But Zhao Yunhai noticed the panic hidden deep in the other's eyes, and smiled coldly at the corner of his mouth, looking at him like a prey.

Zhao Yunhai directly pinched the opponent's face with his hands, the cold and tender feeling was extremely delicate.

"I don't like to hear this kind of address. I like it when you call me the Flower Picker."

Yan Rubing couldn't stand the devilish smile on Zhao Yunhai's face, she kept blaming Yang Fan in her heart, and if something happened, no one could be found.

Mu Xiaoyu's face turned pale with fright, and he was struggling.

"Don't be afraid."

Zhao Yunhai leaned close to Mu Xiaoyu's ear, soothing her with a gentle tone, stroking her hair as if stroking a naughty kitten.


How could Mu Xiaoyu not be afraid, the other party's gentle tone made her even more afraid, and her heart trembled with fear.

She just came out to have a hot pot with her best friend, how could she expect to encounter such a thing.

First, someone was killed in front of his eyes, and now he became the fat of the man in front of him.

Yang Gaoshou doesn't know where he is now, whether he and Ru Bing really can only fall into each other's clutches and cannot escape.

"Let go of her, kind of come at me."

It was impossible for Yan Rubing to watch the other party bully her best friend.

"Although the drama of sisterly love is clichéd, the effect is good."

Zhao Yunhai took a deep look at Mu Xiaoyu who was extremely timid in front of him, knocked him out mercilessly, and stuffed Mu Xiaoyu into the closet.

The reason why Mu Xiaoyu was not touched was also because Mu Xiaoyu's parents had a long-term cooperation with Moyu Group worth billions.

Of course, this is just one of them.

The second is that when Mu Xiaoyu wakes up, she will feel extremely guilty because of Yan Rubing's sacrifice to protect herself.

Mu Xiaoyu will choose to help Yan Rubing hide the truth about the upcoming tragedy because of this guilt.

There are also some reasons related to the series of methods used by Zhao Yunhai to deal with the protagonist Yang Fan.

Ice Mountain Girl is enough for tonight, Mu Xiaoyu will eat it later.

"What are you going to do?"

Yan Rubing is a lamb waiting for Zhao Yunhai to slaughter and eat meat.


"What am I going to do? Don't you already know it well?"

"The Yan family will not let you go."

"The Yan family is so small that I, Mrs. Zhao, still don't take it seriously. Ice Mountain Girl, I really want to see how much enthusiasm you will unleash with your blood."

Yan Rubing's hand strength is no match for Zhao Yunhai, Yan Rubing is just a rich lady who has no strength to restrain a chicken.

After Yang Fan successfully got a mysterious package in the reservoir outside Yanjing, because he couldn't contact Yan Rubing, he knew that something serious must have happened.

Anxious Yang Fan first returned to Zhang Qiang's place, only to find that the building was empty, and finally found a loyal Zhang Qiang's surviving younger brother by virtue of the protagonist's halo.

The younger brother told Yang Fan that Zhang Qiang was killed, Liu Tao was betrayed, and the two girls had been taken away by a man named Brother Hua.

If we follow the cliché pattern of the novel's plot, Yang Fan will find the place where Zhao Yunhai is, and finally the hero saves the beauty.

But where there is Zhao Yunhai, it will not be a novel, Zhao Yunhai will tell the protagonist, welcome to the real world.

Ah Er, who sent Yang Hui back, appeared here, and made follow-up preparations according to Zhao Shao's instructions.

"This is the person Young Master Zhao needs to hold back. Our task is to attract him to the opposite direction, the farther the better."

Ah Er went back this time and brought two peak Huajin fighters from the Zhao family after the dark energy period.

Yang Fan is in the middle stage of dark energy, and when working with the protagonist, his strength must be at least higher than most of the opponent, otherwise it will be easy to give experience.

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