Hi, My Sweet Lil Moe Wife!

Chapter 1854 - 1854: From today onwards, I’m going to bring her back to the Zhan family

Chapter 1854: From today onwards, I’m going to bring her back to the Zhan family

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Zhan Jia ‘er thought that Zhan mo had suddenly brought up this matter and frequently used the word’ us ‘to share the blame with her.

When she thought about how Zhan Yang had slapped her outstanding brother in public over such a small matter, Zhan Jia ‘er subconsciously did not want to share the burden.

When Zhan mo heard Zhan Jia ‘er’s words, his dark brows furrowed.

He turned around and looked at his sister in disbelief. “Jia ‘er, what did you just say? say it again?”

Oh my God! Zhan Jia ‘er saw Zhan Mo’s face suddenly turn cold and jumped in shock.

Fortunately, Duan xiuhui looked over at them and called out to them.

mommy, mommy, mommy! Zhan Jia ‘er quickly responded. She did not care about her heart attack and jogged over to Duan xiuhui.

Looking at Zhan Jia ‘er’s thin and weak back, for a moment, Zhan mo only felt that it was glaring.

The little sister that he had taken care of so carefully had actually said such words just now.

Even if Zhan Jia ‘er’s voice was extremely soft, even if she had only said it casually, Zhan mo, who had always had excellent hearing, heard every single word.

“Mom.” Zhan Jia ‘er ran over and hugged the elegant and dignified Duan xiuhui.

Jia ‘er, Yingluo, you’re finally back. Let mommy see Yingluo. Look at your little face. You’ve lost weight again. You’re so worrying. The dignified and graceful woman frowned slightly, revealing the concern and worry of a mother.

Ruan Mengmeng saw the ‘heartwarming and touching’ scene of the mother-daughter pair hugging from afar.

She couldn’t help but think of her birth, her sister, and her mother. When the family reunited, the two sisters had lost their mother when they were young.

Because of this, ruan Mengmeng subconsciously pushed away Zhan Yang, who was trying to help her up.

She looked up and said coldly,”l have my hands and feet, I can walk on my own.” &Nbsp;

Zhan Yang’s deep eyes turned dim. “Slow down. You’ve just gone through a long journey, so I’ve specially arranged for a doctor to do a physical examination for you tomorrow morning to make sure that the baby in your stomach is fine.”

When she heard that Zhan Yang wanted to do a physical examination for her, ruan Mengmeng instinctively refused. no need. I don’t dare to give a physical examination to someone who wants my heart.

Zhan Yang’s face turned even uglier, and his cold and handsome face seemed to be covered in a layer of frost.

He didn’t explain himself directly, but after a few seconds of silence, he slowly said, ” “Whether you believe it or not, I’ve never thought of using your heart. Mengmeng, Daddy said that I’ll bring you home and I won’t let anyone bully you again.”

With that, Zhan Yang looked at her deeply, then turned around and walked toward Duan xiuhui.

hubby, you’re back! seeing Zhan Yang approaching, Duan xiuhui finally let go of Zhan Jia ‘er and walked up to him with a gentle smile.

She took the initiative to wrap her arms around Zhan Yang’s shoulders, looking like a loving couple.

Zhan Yang replied with an expressionless ‘mm’.

In contrast to the helplessly pained expression he had in front of ruan Mengmeng, Zhan Yang, who was beside Duan xiuhui, maintained a cold and indifferent expression. There was even a hint of impatience in his eyes.

However, Duan xiuhui did not seem to notice the impatience in his eyes. She smiled and talked to him for a long time.

It was only when Zhan Yang could no longer bear it that he spoke,”Xiuhui, this is Mengmeng Zhenzhen. You should know that she’s my daughter. I can let go of all the things you’ve done in the past, but from today onwards, I’m going to bring Mengmeng and Yingying back to the Zhan family and raise her by my side.”

“Who’s that? Mengmeng?” After being exposed by Zhan Yang, Duan xiuhui finally noticed ruan Mengmeng, who was standing behind Zhan Yang..

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