Hell's Handbook

Chapter 363

Chapter 363

When the white light hit them, the group felt like their bodies were about to explode, then they fell from the sky. Natasha was forcibly transformed back to human form.

The five of them fell and landed in different places. Su Jin had already suffered a blow earlier, and this freefall only made things worse. He thought of using his psychokinesis to help him float, but when he tried, a tremendous force weighed on him, as though the white light was able to curb all use of Spirit Power. The pressure and the impact as he landed on the ground caused him to faint immediately.

Their predicament did not go unseen. The woman in a veil and her companions who were still killing the lava giants one by one on the third story saw it. Then again, the brilliant white light striking the group in mid air was simply too bright to be missed. Moreover, Natasha in dragon form was humongous, so one could still spot her despite how large the volcano was.

What just happened? Jing Hua frowned as he looked into the distance. The commotion clearly bothered him as he placed a hand at his belt where he kept his sword.

The Ten Thousand Year Mountain has a special rule all who wish to ascend to the peak must walk their way up. If anyone tries to take a shortcut, like use their ability to fly or teleport, the mountain will bring down a bolt of celestial lightning to punish them, explained the woman in a veil.

Will it kill the person? asked the man with a dogs head.

The woman in a veil shook her head and said, It wont kill you the first time, since its only a warning and a punishment. But if you try again, then youll definitely die, unless youre a deity.

Its just a bolt of celestial lightning. Surely there are many with Spirit Powers that can dodge that attack, no? asked Phoenix curiously.

But the woman in a veil shook her head again and said, No, that celestial lightning bolt is actually called the Spirit Quelling Lightning Bolt. It doesnt matter how amazing your Spirit Power is. Your Spirit Power will not work against that lightning bolt at all. So, when we go up the mountain later, make sure you dont do anything that could break the rule. Otherwise youre responsible for your own deaths.

As she spoke, the woman in a veil killed the last lava giant she could find. The shadow hands from her back pulled it into its fold and it disappeared completely. She wiped away the tears on her face and said to the rest of them, Come along, were going up the Ten Thousand Year Mountain too.

It didnt take them long to get to the foot of the mountain. None of them dared to go against her instructions and use any powers, so they had no choice but to continue solely on foot. The good part was, all of them were elites among owners and were incredibly strong. They could climb ten of these mountains if they had to without any problem. It would just take a little longer than if they were allowed to use other methods.

Thats a Phoenix Fire Flower! Phoenix stared in surprise at one of the flowers. That was a precious item to her. She was named Phoenix precisely because she had phoenix blood running through her veins. These plants were very suitable for her.

The woman in a veil turned to look as well, then shook her head at Phoenix as she said, Dont bother, its not yours, and you cant get it anyway.

Why not? Phoenix wasnt going to give up so easily. These plants had the power to transform her completely. She reached out to grab hold of one, but before she could touch it, the flower turned into a fiery beam that flew straight into the volcano.

Like I said, its not yours and you cant get it. The woman in a veil sighed as she shook her head, then explained, Someone has specially planted these herbs here and has also marked them with a magic circle. If anyone else besides this person tries to pick the plants, the plants will fly straight into the volcano.

A magic circle? Thats not something any ordinary person can create and use, said Jing Hua in shock.

The woman in a veil nodded slightly and said, Of course. After all the God of Sins is a god too!

The God of Sins? Everyone was rather curious about this, including the fifth person in the group who had remained silent all this time. He was a gnome who was half the height of a human and looked very timid as he held the hand of the man with a dog head throughout the journey.

But the woman in a veil did not seem to want to explain this to them, and they couldnt force her to, so they just continued making their way up the mountain.

They had walked for a long time when the gnome suddenly pointed at some grass nearby and said something to the man with a dogs head. The woman in a veil looked at him and he replied, Tiny says theres someone over there. A living person.

A living person? Could it be one of the idiots who got struck by lightning just now? Jing Hua looked toward the grass with some interest and said to the gnome, Bring me there to take a look!

But the gnome seemed very afraid of Jing Hua and immediately hid behind the man with a dogs head. Jing Hua grumbled, Hey! Am I that scary?

Phoenix pulled Jing Hua away and said, Hey, thats quite enough! Tiny is very timid in the first place and hes afraid of everybody besides the Dog God. You know that!

The Dog God glared at Jing Hua, making Jing Hua scratch his head awkwardly as he said, Im not trying to bully him. But hes really too timid for his own good. How is he going to become a god like that?

Humph! Once Tiny gets himself into battle mode, not even someone like you might be able to defeat him. He just needs the right opportunity and hell definitely become a god, snapped the Dog God.

Meanwhile, the woman in a veil had already made her way toward the grass patch that Tiny had pointed to by herself. She soon saw the person lying unconscious in the grass and she froze when she saw who it was.

The one lying in the grass was none other than Su Jin. His eyes were shut, and his entire body was limp, but he wasnt badly hurt and would regain consciousness soon.

Her body trembled slightly as tears rolled down her cheeks again, and she reached out to wipe the ash on his face away.

I didnt expect us to meet again so quickly. But you shouldnt have come here. Someone like you would have had an easier way to become a god. Even if a new cycle comes, you wouldnt have any trouble well definitely meet again in the new cycle. Her eyes were red as she murmured in a self-deprecating voice, Looks like Ive cried too much today and Ive finally run out of tears. Or is it becauseseeing you gives me more joy than grief? More than all the grief from the countless cycles Ive been through?

Su Jin! Su Jin, are you still alive?

Mr. Su, if you can hear me, please respond!

Mr. Su, where are you?

Su Jin! Are you dead yet? I bet youre dead! Thats great!

Just then, several voices resounded from afar.

When the woman in a veil heard those voices, she got up slowly and smiled as she said to Su Jin, Our reunion was short, but thank you this is probably the best thing thats happened since I was reborn!

She bowed slightly toward him, then walked away just before Shen Wu and the rest of the team got to him. Su Jin could hear the voices of the team and had begun to regain consciousness. His eyes opened slowly, and he vaguely spotted a familiar back view walking away.

Mai Su Jin uttered hoarsely.

The woman in a veil shuddered slightly, but she did not turn back and kept walking, disappearing into the distance quickly as though Su Jin had merely been hallucinating.

Su Jin slapped himself on the cheek, and the pain helped his foggy mind gain clarity. But the woman in the veil was nowhere to be seen, and he couldnt find her no matter how he tried to search for her.

Was that just a hallucination Su Jin was in a daze as he stared at where he last saw her.

Damn, hes still alive! How disappointing, resounded Shen Wus voice from afar. He stared at Su Jin with an annoyed look on his face, as though he was really upset that Su Jin hadnt died from the fall.

But Su Jin was still in a daze, so Oscar said, Did he hurt his head or something?

Im alright! Su Jin shook his head and turned to look at them. Is everyone okay?

Of course were fine! If we didnt have to look for you, we might have reached the peak of the mountain by now, Shen Wu grumbled. He had a feud to eventually settle with Su Jin, so he didnt think it was necessary to be too polite with him.

Su Jin wasnt bothered by Shen Wus poor attitude toward him and said, Im glad everyones alright. Lets keep going.

As the group continued their journey to the peak, the woman in a veil covered her team within the wings made from the shadow hands in her back. Jing Hua asked curiously, You know him?

Hes just a friend, said the woman in a veil in a low voice.

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