Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 4182 - 4182: Princess Royal’s Husband (2)

Chapter 4182: Princess Royal’s Husband (2)

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“I don’t have time for this. You know why I’m here today. Hand over my mother and Xiaoqi.”

“Kiddo, why do you say that? They’re your mother and brother, but they’re my…”

Feng Wu asked indifferently, “Your what?”

Feng Yanbing almost choked.

He had expected Feng Wu to be difficult to talk to, but he didn’t expect her to be so sarcastic.

He waved her off. “Let’s talk about that later. The princess has prepared a courtyard for you and decorated it according to your preferences. From now on, you’ll be living in the princess’s residence. That way, we can make up for some of the loss…

“Wait. What did you say? The princess’s residence?” Feng Wu gave Feng Yanbing a strange look. “What’s wrong with you? I’m living comfortably with the Luo family. Why should I stay here? And please don’t change the subject.

Where are my mother and Xiaoqi?”

“Xiao Wu, your father is right. You two…”


Feng Wu flared uD!

What was wrong with these people? Why wouldn’t they listen to her? Why did they have to make her angry?

Feng Wu had a short temper, and she was a terrifying Spiritual Sovereign. As soon as she made a move, mud began to fall down from the roof of the Princess Royal’s residence.

“I see that you’re not going to bring my mother and Xiaoqi out to see me today. In that case, I’ll have to go find them myself.” After that, Feng Wu headed for the rooms in the back.

Feng Wu had Little Phoenix sneak into the backyard to look for her mother when Feng Yanbing was still bickering. With Little Phoenix’s stealth ability, even someone as powerful as Feng Yanbing didn’t notice it.


Little Phoenix’s voice rang out in Feng Wu’s head. It had found her mother and Xiaoqi.

Hence, Feng Wu ran in that direction.

Feng Yanbing and the Princess Royal exchanged looks and both saw astonishment in each other’s eyes!

How did she know where the mother and son lived?

“Xiao Wu!”

Feng Yanbing wanted to stop her, but the Luo brothers weren’t just for show!

The four Luo brothers had all come with Feng Wu. Right now, they all stepped out to stop Feng Yanbing.

Feng Yanbing had no choice but to stop, but his face was livid.

Feng Wu kicked the door open.

Feng Wu heard the Princess Royal’s angry and flustered voice behind her.

The moment Feng Wu rushed in, someone charged at her.

He was a capable cultivator!

A Spiritual Sovereign!

Feng Wu wouldn’t have been able to withstand that strike if she had been on Dynasty Road before. However, after the journey, she had changed completely. Therefore, she kicked the man away.

“Get lost! ”

The Spiritual Sovereign was one of the top cultivators in the Princess Royal, but Feng Wu had kicked him over the wall and sent him flying. No one knew how he was doing.

Meanwhile, Feng Wu finally saw the beautiful lady and Xiaoqi.

The beautiful lady was ghastly pale and haggard. All that was left of her was skin and bones, and now, she looked like an old woman!

Xiaoqi was tied to the bed with a cut on his chest.

If Feng Wu hadn’t arrived in time, his heart would have been cut out!

The four Luo brothers were astonished.

They only received the news yesterday that Feng Wu was in the princess’s residence, and they had brought her here today. However, they had never expected that the daughter of the Luo family would end up like this!

Damn it!

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