Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki

Book 5: Chapter 2-2: Departure

Book 5: Chapter 2-2: Departure

Why do you care so much?

Isn't it natural for an older sister to worry about her younger sister? Well, it's not like I was recognized, and Kuu-sama doesn't know, but

According to Rera, Kuus father refused to recognize her because of her being ash-colored. To protect his position as chief, he had her treated as being born in a relatives family.

She said that becoming strong was her way of gaining her father's recognition. She worked diligently and excelled in everything, surpassing even the prodigy Kuu in various aspects, except for the quantity of magical power. She believed that by demonstrating her abilities, he would finally notice her.

Did you hate Kuu?

I did. Not in the past tense. Even now, I hate her. Just because she was born golden, she got everything I couldnt obtain, even after working so hard that I vomited blood. Even the fruit of my efforts was used to make her stronger due to that man's orders. I felt so much hatred during her training. She effortlessly learned things that took me a month to learn. Both her position and abilities made me feel like I was going crazy with jealousy.

Her eyes were glaring, and her words contained innumerable thorns. If she hated her so intensely, why was she so concerned for her? As I silently pondered this, her words continued.

Still, the only one who didn't look down on me and didn't pity me was that child. With sincere eyes, that child said she loved me. So, even though I hate her, I love her and I want her to be happy. That's why, if you ever blame Kuu-sama for birthing an ash-colored child, I will never forgive you.

I promise. I won't blame Kuu even if the child born is ash-colored, and I will love the child.

You made a promise, Ill make sure you Keep it.

With just those words, Rera bowed and left.

The flashback ends.

Rera spoke as if the birth of an ash-colored child was a certainty. And what Kuu carried in her womb were twins, one golden and one gray. Is this a coincidence?

I answered that I would love whatever child was born. However, in reality, I manipulated things to ensure a strong child would be born. His increased magical power would likely manifest in his fur color, making him golden like Kuu.

In the end, I might not be much different from Kuu and Rera's father.

Cyril, we've finished loading everything.

Lucy loaded the final bag onto the elf's carriage. We can depart anytime now.

Cyril-san, do you still have stock of fertilizer?

We have more, but the carriage is full.

After all, we were opening a shop at the Erucy Consulate, besides fertilizer, we dealt with several other items, so there wasn't much space.

In that case, please load as much as you can onto Erin's carriage. I want the experiments to be as extensive as possible. Of course, I'll buy all of it.

I've thought about this before, but you are not afraid of spending large quantities of money.

My motto is to invest quickly and to the maximum extent.

You can't say that if you don't have confidence in your instincts and analytical abilities. She's quite bold.

Understood. Everyone, bring as much as you can from the warehouse.

I gave instructions to the elves and had them prepare as much fertilizer as Erin's carriage could carry.

Lucy, I'm going now. I'm entrusting you with the rest.

The time to depart had finally come. I would be riding in Erin's carriage, not Erucy's, as I needed to discuss the future with Azul and Jii.

Before that, I took a little time to say my final goodbyes.

Cyril, are you really leaving?

Yeah, because it's a job that only I can do.

Teaching about blast furnaces for iron-making production and conducting surveillance in the Empire were tasks only I could perform.

Normally, as the chief, I should stay in Erucy and maintain a dignified presence, but there wasn't that much time.

Can I come with you, Cyril?

No, you can't. I told Kuu too, but if something goes wrong in the Empire Itll take all my power to stay alive. I can't take any baggage with me.

Then, it's okay if I go to Erin, right?

That's also a no. Erin is not guaranteed to be completely safe. When I leave Erin, you'll have to stay in it for a while. I don't want Lucy to be in a dangerous place when I'm not around.

After all, we were conducting business at the Erucy consulate. Leaving in three days wasn't an option.

But it wasn't possible for Lucy to go back alone either. I wanted Lucy to stay in Erucy for her safety.

Roleau, Konna, and Rera-san are also in danger, right? I'm also a Nettle member, and I can do business better than anyone here.

Thats true, I cant deny that.

Lucy was pleasant and shrewd. She was undoubtedly the best at handling business in Erin. She was also one of the strongest among the elves, making her suitable for the task.

If were sending someone to Erin, I think I'm the right choice. If there's a reason not to choose me, it's just your personal feelings, Cyril.

Yeah, it's my personal feelings. I want to keep my most beloved Lucy away from any danger. That's why I won't let you go to Erin.

I admitted it without hesitation. Trying to lie would only lead to complications, and I wanted to convey my true feelings to Lucy.

What if I refuse?

This is an order from the chief. Please follow it.

I said it firmly. I couldn't yield on this, no matter what anyone said.

Cyril, you're abusing your authority.

This much falls within my discretion as the chief. So please, stay in Erucy so I can be at ease. It's painful for me to conduct surveillance in the Empire while worrying about you.

If you put it that way, I can't refuse. The pain of worrying about someone you love in a dangerous place is something I understand all too well, all because of you.

Thank you, Lucy.

I hugged Lucy and cherished her softness and scent, etching it into my heart.

Cyril, come back safely. I worry about you as much as you worry about me.

Yeah, I'll definitely come back.

I promised that to Kuu and Yukino too. Above all, I made that promise to my beloved Lucy. No matter what happens, I'll return.

Also, Cyril, when you come back, pamper me a lot. I, too, want a baby like Kuu-chan. I'll work harder than ever.

You knew?

Yes, it was difficult to not notice it, you know? Kuu-chan often stroked her belly and looked very happy.

Women seem to be more sensitive to these things than men.

I want a child with Lucy, too. Let's work hard when I get back.

I'll be looking forward to it. Well then, have a safe trip.

Lucy stood on her tiptoes and asked for a kiss, and I obliged. Kissing Lucy was special. No matter how many times we did it, I never got tired. Each kiss made me feel happy.

I'm off.

I said that to Lucy and got on Erin's carriage this time. As the carriage started to move, I waved my hand until I couldn't see Lucy anymore. I had regrets. I didn't want to be away from Lucy and Kuu. But if we wanted to continue living like this, it was necessary.

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