City Of Witches

Chapter 227: People Who Are Stuck in the Past (3)

Chapter 227: People Who Are Stuck in the Past (3)

People Who Are Stuck in the Past (3)



Eloa fell asleep with a grimace on her face.

Siwoo shook her shoulders, trying to wake her up, but to no avail.

Unlike ordinary witches, Tiphereth needed to sleep as a part of her covenant.

That was why, once she fell asleep, it was impossible to wake her up just by shaking her shoulders.

Oh, jeez

Unable to say anything, Siwoo could only stare at her.

She was pitiful.

There really was a clear difference between listening to hearsays and hearing everything directly from the person in question.

Her self-loathe, regret, suffering

She had been suffering alone while holding all those emotions for a hundred years.

Siwoo carefully lowered his body. The whole thing left a bitter taste in his mouth, even more bitter than the watered down whiskey.

I cant just leave her like this

So, he decided to move her to her bed.

All the drama aside, it didnt sit well with him to let the person who kindly treated him to a meal lying on the table like this.

Please excuse me, Duchess.

He placed his hands on her armpits before slowly lifting her up.

For a second there, he wondered if this was the right thing to do.

But then again, it wasnt like he had weird thoughts about her or anything.

Shes so light

After gaining a spirit body, Siwoo naturally became stronger than normal people.

Even after considering that, Eloas body was especially light.

Then again, she was only a little bit taller than the twins, so it would be weird if she was heavy in the first place.

In any case, he couldnt just carry her by lifting her by her underarms, so he shifted her position to a princess carry instead.


When he looked down, he could see Eloas face trembled, her frown still remained.

There were beads of sweat on her forehead, as if she was experiencing nightmares.

Throughout their training, Siwoo had come into close contact with her a lot of times, but it was the first time he had ever seen her from such a close distance.

Then again, during their training, he couldnt even touch the hems of her skirt.

While he was carefully moving Eloa, who was sound asleep, something embarrassing happened.

Maybe because of their close proximities, her unique scent tickled his nose.

Her sweet scent, a mix of the scent of cherry blossoms and the scent of a breezy spring, infiltrated his nose, but it didnt stay there. Instead, it went further and permeated through his chest.

Fuck, not again

Almost immediately, his lower body started to react.

As if a switch had been pressed, it began to stand up.

Unable to hide his embarrassment, he waddled over to Eloas bed and put her there.

Maybe because he did it rather roughly, Eloas frown grew deeper as she moved her body away a little.


In the process, her hair spread like a fan and let out a fragrant scent.

Her breath leaked out from her thin lips.

Like cherry blossoms being blown by the wind, her long, dense eyelashes fluttered.

Her slightly disordered clothes revealed the nape of her neck.

She looked so delicate, it was as if her entire existence was there to attract males.

The attraction Siwoo felt didnt come from his natural instinct to mate or his sexual attraction towards the opposite sex.

It came from her defenseless figure as she slept, it was as if she was begging to be devoured by him.

The impulse he felt was close to that of a violence.

Before he knew it, he already reached out to her chest. Luckily, he managed to rein himself in, even though he could feel that his reasoning had almost faded away.


Unaware of what was going on, Eloa stretched out sleepily in her sleep as Siwoo left the room without glancing back.

Am I going insane?

This phenomenon had happened a few times already.

With Yebin, Sharon and Periwinkle.

The moment he got within close proximity with a witch, hed breathe in their unique scent, his lower body would react immediately as his libido shot up.

Just like a werewolf who transformed after seeing a full moon.

Perhaps that comparison was closer to the truth than what one might think.

Because only a beast would get aroused just three seconds after finding someone pitiful.

Siwoo staggered as he made his way to the sink and washed his face.

Seriously, whats wrong with me?

After pouring some cold water onto his face, he finally managed to regain his senses.

His lower body also calmed down a little.

I should go back

It felt like he had just avoided a death flag there.

Even though his body was acting weird again, it didnt erase the fact that it was only his body that was acting up, not the Duchess.

If she were to realize what just happened

Just thinking of the possibility made a chill run down Siwoos spine.

He figured that he probably should visit Yebin soon to get himself checked up.


Still, it wasnt like he could just go back home right away. They had just finished eating and the dishes were still there, sitting on the table.

And so, Siwoo cleaned up the table and washed all the dishes properly before going back home, where Sharon was waiting for him.


When he opened the door, for some reason, Sharon didnt come out.

Thats rare.

Usually, whenever he came back home, Sharon always ran out to the front door to greet him.

Sensing that something was up, he quietly opened the door to her room.


The room was dark, the only light source inside was the lamp on the table.

There, Sharon was scribbling something with a pen, her chin was up.

From a glance, it seemed like she was in the middle of her magic study.

Just when Siwoo thought that he should leave, Sharon noticed him.

Youre back?

But, her reaction was rather bland.

She didnt rush over to hug him.

Nor did she smile while greeting him with an excited voice.

Instead, she only continued what she was doing with pouty lips.

Im busy with my research. Can you come back later?

It was clear that what happened earlier was still on her mind.

Since he teased her and laughed at her, she was throwing a tantrum by being all sulky.

It really was just a tantrum, as it was clear that she wasnt really angry.

Her protruding lip and puffy cheeks werent something that Siwoo would expect coming from her at all.

Appearance-wise, she seemed like the arrogant, cold type, just like an ice statue.

But, that gap was the thing that made her even cuter than usual.

What are you so upset about?

Upset? Im not upset.

You are.

Im not!

Sorry for bringing the Duchess here without telling you. I did that impulsively, I didnt have the time to think about what would happen

Without waiting for her reply, Siwoo walked to her and started massaging her shoulders.

Feeling the protruding strap of her bra in his hands, he realized that he probably wouldnt see her running around half-naked in the house for a while.

What? Do you think this is enough to make me feel less upset?

I thought you said you werent upset.

Do you want me to hit you?

Sorry, sorry.

The Sharon who was pretending to be calm had gone somewhere, replaced by the grumpy, sulky Sharon.

You were laughing at me when I was so embarrassed that I felt like dying! Seriously, what were you thinking?!

Its because you were so cute!

Cute my ass! I genuinely felt like dying! What would the Duchess think of me after seeing me running around with only mymypanties?!

It really seemed like she had a lot of unsettled grudge as the complaints kept on coming out of her mouth.

Also, why didnt you tell me that youd be late?! Ive been waiting for your text this whole time!


I know you were having dinner with her, but I didnt know youd be drinking with her too! Why didnt you text me?!

Um, because I thought itll be okay I mean, her place is literally below ours

Do you want me to go there by myself to check up on you, huh? Maybe I should run there half-naked, that would satisfy you, wouldnt it?!

Her tone was a pitch higher than usual, a clear indicator of how upset she was.

Since this was the first time Siwoo had ever dealt with a situation like this, he was unsure on how to respond to her barrage of unreasonable words.

Im still angry at you! Just dont get close to me for a while, okay!?


Still, he instinctively knew how to ease her anger.

W-What are you doing all of a sudden?

Siwoo let go of her shoulders and hugged her from behind.

Her tone, which had been as sharp as a knife, instantly softened after he did this.

Im sorry, I was wrong.

You are really looking down on me, huh? This wont be enough to make me happy, hmph.

So you said, but youve calmed down significantly now.

You are in the middle of a trial in this Sharon Court. Please present a more reasonable defense before your sentencing begins. I will take the extenuating circumstances into account.

She had been growling and nagging at him, but the moment he hugged her, she instantly went all quiet.

How could he get mad at her when she was like this?

He let go of her.

Though she was looking straight ahead and he was unable to see her face, he could see her ears had already started to redden.

Is this enough?


Siwoo lowered his body slightly before lifting her hair and kissed the back of her neck.

Maybe because she didnt expect him to do this, Sharon let out a squeaky noise in surprise.

The sensation sent goosebumps all over her body, but she didnt know whether it was because she felt ticklish or because she felt pleasure from his kiss.

I dont know. What do you think? Is it enough?

Alright, Ill give you more.

I didnt ask for more! Ahn!

Siwoo gently pulled on the straps of Sharons shirt.

As they slid down on her round shoulders, they revealed her white nape.

He slowly showered the place with kisses, gently tracing the beautiful curve. After a while, he could hear her hot breaths leaking out of her lips.

So, Judge Sharon, what is the verdict of the trial?

I dont knowyou dummy!

Receiving his relentless attack, Sharon held on to the chair she was sitting on.

Her body started to tremble.

Then, she reached out behind her with one of her arms, grabbing Siwoos thigh.

But she didnt push him away.

Instead, she just leaned on him, as if surrendering herself to him.

You dummy

Look at that naughty smile of yours.

I dont have a naughty smile! You do!

Sharon slowly got up from her seat and offered her body to Siwoo.

Her shirt fell down to the floor, revealing her voluminous body that was only covered with sexy lingerie, which immediately fell onto Siwoos arms.

He only needed to swipe a little for her bra hook to come off.

It was clear that the poor thing was unable to withstand the pressure of her breasts that had become more and more obscene by the days.

From now on, Ill text you whenever Im coming home late. And I wont make fun of you again. So, dont be angry, okay?

What are you on about? Im not angry Ahhn!

Siwoo lightly bit her neck with his teeth.

That didnt hurt her, but the bite left a teeth mark.

This was one of the things that Sharon came to enjoy these days.

That was why her body was left with bite marks all over the place after they were done with their intercourse.

Siwoo placed his hands under the bra cups, poking Sharons nipples with his fingertips before twirling them around.

What about this? Will you be less angry now?

Haaang! O-Of coursenot!

You said that, but these little guys are getting harder.


When he pointed out her protruding nipples, Sharon turned her gaze down.

You liar.

Im not lying!

Before she knew it, she already lost the initiative.

Siwoo was no longer the foolish virgin he once was.

Especially now that Sharon had told him that she liked to be dominated.

Recently, whenever they got into this kind of atmosphere, Siwoo was the one whod take the lead.

Youre not lying, hm?


-Squelch, squelch!

At that moment, Siwoo pushed his hand into her elastic buttocks.

Feeling the elastic band on his wrist, he gently rubbed her lower mouth with his hand, which was already wet and hot at this point.

Thanks to this, Sharons legs started to get all wobbly.

Y-Yes, I-I lied! I-I lied!

Thats not good. Youll need to be punished. Get over here.


Siwoo dragged her onto the bed.

And she plopped down without resisting.

Before she knew it, she was looking at Siwoo with an expectant, yet lewd gaze.


There was no way Siwoo could hold himself back after seeing that gaze.

These days he did feel that his sexual urge had been running uncontrollably.

Still, when he dragged Sharon into his embrace, that silly worry of his was immediately swept away.

I-I was angry just a while agow-why am I?

Well, this is an effective method to ease someones anger, dont you know that? Do you not like it?

I-I dont know! W-Well, I dont hate it at least

Sharon, who had become aware that she was carried away by her lust, covered her face in shame.

As for Siwoo, he had just eaten a hearty dinner before this.

Now it was time for him to eat the sweet desserts.

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