Yuan's Ascension

Chapter 216: The World Watches, The Battle Begins (2)

Chapter 216: The World Watches, The Battle Begins (2)

Within the jade chamber, Bu Yu spoke in a deep voice. "Dong Pan has arrived. According to the intelligence provided by the Pleiades Guild, he is a peak powerhouse that must be treated with utmost caution."

"The Heavenly Rankers of the Pleiades Guild are indeed showing him utmost courtesy," noted Huan Jian, watching the interactions between the Heavenly Rankers projected by the sphere.

Emperor Dong Pan of the Wu Sect, it’s indeed him. Through the monitoring array, Wu Yuan could clearly see the black-armored figure.

Several thoughts came to his mind. Meng Cai narrowly escaped with his life, and shortly after, he extended a gesture of apology in the form of a gift. Alongside this offering was a compendium of information on various powers across the world, compiled by the Pleiades Guild. Clearly, the Pleiades Guild intended this as a friendly gesture.

Within the compendium were mentions of influential figures such as Imperator Jin Quan, Wan Xing of the Starcom Consortium, the Arctic King of the Bei Continent, and Deity Huang of the Huang Temple. These individuals were the peak powerhouses of the world, cultivators at the late-stage Qi Sea phase.

Dong Pan was also prominently featured in the records. This self-proclaimed emperor was the first powerhouse of the Wu Sect in centuries, thus asserting himself as the true ruler of the Wu Continent. Presumably, Dong Pan had reached the ninth-stage Qi Sea phase.

Apparently, Emperor Dong Pan and Wan Xing were the primary obstacles hindering the expansion of Great Jin.

As time went by, more Heavenly Rankers materialized in the sky around 100 li away from Cloudhill and joined the existing crowd. Each of them cast their gaze toward Cloudhill, which was shrouded by the array.

No one dared to trespass the boundaries of the array, nor did anyone attempt to make conversation.

"24 individuals!"

"28 individuals!"

"31 individuals!"

"A group from the Huang Temple has arrived, including the legendary jiaolong.” [1]

"The Arctic King has also arrived." Wu Yuan, Bu Yu, and Huan Jian began to feel some pressure as they watched the figures assemble outside Cloudhill.

Within the projection on the light screen, nearly 40 figures materialized, each one a Heavenly Ranker that stood at the summit of the Middle Land.

"With the exception of Great Jin and the Ninedeaths Circle, representatives from all remaining seven top-tier major factions in the Middle Land have arrived," Huan Jian reported solemnly.

It appears the entire world is watching this battle. Wu Yuan keenly felt the mounting pressure.

Information from the Pleiades Guild revealed that the Middle Land, which encompassed thirteen continents and various overseas continents, was home to numerous sects and nations. However, only nine of these factions could truly be considered top-tier major factions.

These nine factions were the three holy sanctuaries of Great Jin, the Starcom Consortium, the Wu Sect, the Pleiades Guild, the Ninedeaths Circle, the Arctic Alliance, and the Huang Temple. 100 years ago, there were ten factions with such a title. But due to the extended conflict between Great Jin and the Chu-Jiang Empire, which ultimately led to the deaths of all Heavenly Rankers from the Chu-Jiang Empire, it was removed from the list.

Each of these nine factions had its own sphere of influence, which often overlapped with one another. Numerous smaller sects and factions owed their allegiance to these nine dominant factions.

"Are you afraid?” Fang Xia, who had been meditating with his eyes closed, suddenly smiled. “After this battle, the world will acknowledge my Cloudstride Sect as the tenth top-tier major faction."

"After eradicating Great Jin, my Cloudstride Sect will become the number one faction in the world!" His laughter filled the air, but quickly subsided as his expression turned serious. "Wu Yuan, prepare for battle. Great Jin’s team has arrived.”


In the sky a distance from Cloudhill, Heavenly Rankers from all corners of the world converged, engaging in spirited discussions as they rode their artifacts. On normal days, these Heavenly Rankers were scattered across the world and rarely had such an opportunity to interact. Among them, the most prominent figures were Emperor Dong Pan, the Arctic King, and the jiaolong from the Huang Temple.

"Arctic King, what are your thoughts on this array?" Emperor Dong Pan asked, still seated on his curtain artifact.

"I can’t discern much from it," Arctic King stood in the sky, his lengthy mane of white hair cascading down his back. His appearance was extremely handsome, and he was one of the top cultivators in the world.

"I remember hearing the name Fang Xia a long time ago. I thought he was long dead," the Arctic King said with detached indifference. "If he had returned to the Middle Land sooner, the Chu-Jiang Empire may not have fallen."

"Few can construct an array as powerful as this one," Arctic King remarked impassively.

"Old Long, your thoughts?" Emperor Dong Pan directed his gaze toward the black, thirty-zhang-long jiaolong. It was a demonic beast that served as a guardian deity of the Huang Temple, a creature that lived through many eras.

"The true nature of Fang Xia's array will grow clear once Great Jin’s attackers enter its range," the black jiaolong replied in the human language.

Among the numerous Heavenly Rankers gathered, the renown of these three individuals eclipsed all others. Though they took an interest in Fang Xia's array, they showed no fear.


Out of the blue, a purple, 30-meter-long battleship materialized on the horizon, flying towards them.

"It’s the Purplemoon flying boat.”

“Great Jin has arrived." The Heavenly Rankers, including Emperor Dong Pan and the Arctic King, turned their attention towards the newcomers.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! A total of seven figures emerged from the flying boat before it was stowed away.

"It’s Jin Ji, Zhao Yi, and Hai Jian!"

"There’s also Jin Long and the others."

"All three holy sanctuaries of Great Jin have dispatched their Heavenly Rankers." The group of spectators realized that this was a joint attack by three major factions.

"But where are the leaders of the three holy sanctuaries?"

"Jin Quan did not make an appearance?" This revelation left many Heavenly Rankers bewildered. This was a clash against a ninth-stage Qi Sea cultivator after all.

Jin Ji’s aura? Emperor Dong Pan and the Arctic King exchanged glances, both detecting a dangerous sense of foreboding from Jin Ji's aura. That was a cultivator who could pose a lethal threat to them!

The royal lineage of Great Jin, though few in number, boasts a fair share of powerhouses. Jin Long, for instance, reached the fourth-stage Qi Sea phase after around 100 years of cultivation. Emperor Dong Pan's expression soured slightly.

Legend has it that Jin Quan unearthed a mysterious immortal relic. Arctic King focused on Jin Ji, harboring numerous thoughts.

These two peak powerhouses each had their own considerations.

... fre(e)

"No sign of Jin Quan!"

"Great Jin dispatched seven Heavenly Rankers." Wu Yuan, Bu Yu, Huan Jian, and the others observed the situation from the jade chamber beneath Cloudhill.

"One eighth-stage Qi Sea cultivator!" Fang Xia’s clone suddenly said. "Two are sixth-stage Qi Sea cultivators, while the remaining four are all fourth-stage Qi Sea cultivators."

One late-stage Qi Sea cultivator and six mid-stage Qi Sea cultivators. This composition caused Wu Yuan and the others to tense up.

None of the three holy sanctuaries of Great Jin could rival the Starcom Consortium.

However, once united, they were undeniably the number one empire.


At this moment, the seven Heavenly Rankers from Great Jin observed the distant array that spanned nearly 100 li.

Roughly ten li out of the array’s range, several dozen Heavenly Rankers watched on.

"Daoist Jin Ji, what kind of array is this?" Zhao Yi, dressed in white robes, was perplexed. "I cannot tell what its purpose is."

"Nor can I.”

"I don’t understand its function," echoed the other Heavenly Rankers.

"This Fang Xia isn’t just strong, but also a master of arrays," Hai Jian said in a deep voice. "It seems we are attempting to infiltrate the lair of a great cultivator."

All of them shared a gnawing sense that something was awry.

"Why the impatience? This fixed array relies on the specific terrain of mountains and rivers," Jin Ji calmly asserted. "I find it hard to believe that Fang Xia could construct a truly powerful array in just over a month."

"Moreover, we invited various factions from all over the world to observe this battle. If we are to retreat right now, the three holy sanctuaries will be nothing more than laughingstocks."

Zhao Yi, Hai Jian, and the others exchanged glances. Reputation was naturally important.

Originally intended as a demonstration of Great Jin's might, it now seemed as though they were stuck in an inescapable situation.

"Do not fret. So what if he has set up an array?" Jin Ji stated in a low voice. "Aren’t you aware of the Septet Ignis Array’s might? This is just a mind confusion array. All we need to do is destroy each array base one at a time and flush out Fang Xia! My proficiency in array cultivation isn’t any weaker than his.”

Everyone nodded involuntarily. They were willing to join the attack not only due to their overwhelming numbers but also because of the Septet Ignis Array Jin Ji wielded. Its immense power was beyond comprehension.

All of a sudden, a white-robed figure burst out from the dense white mist, standing at the edge of the array. It was none other than Fang Xia.

"Haha, you want to end my life? Eradicate my Cloudstride Sect? Come and face me if you dare!" Fang Xia looked at each figure in the sky one by one with a mocking smile, his voice echoing more than a hundred li across.

Whoosh! In a swift motion, he vanished back into the array, the billowing fog quickly obscuring his traces.

"Is that Fang Xia?"

"His aura is indeed extraordinary." Countless Heavenly Rankers from various factions observed from a distance, yet none dared to intervene. The Wu Sect and Starcom Consortium remained silent, unwilling to lend assistance to the Cloudstride Sect.

"Daoist Fang Xia. Great Jin will grant you a chance to live!" Jin Ji, draped in green robes, floated in mid-air, his voice echoing throughout the sky. "Surrender Shadow Blade, hand over the spirit fruits, and give up the nine provinces outside the Cloudhill Province."

"You Great Jin scum can stop spouting your nonsense! If you have the guts, come on in. I, Fang Xia, will wipe you out!" Fang Xia replied without missing a beat, his booming voice rolling through the air.

The Heavenly Rankers witnessing this battle couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Jin Ji's face contorted with anger. "Since you dare reject my gracious offer, prepare to meet your end!"

His gaze turned icy cold as gave a hand signal. "Fellow Daoists, assemble the array!"

In perfect synchronization, the six Heavenly Rankers sprang into action as an array flag materialized before each of them. Beneath Jin Ji's feet, a purple array disk materialized, growing rapidly in size until it reached ten zhangs. Its surface was adorned with intricate patterns.

The array disk radiated with purple light, harmonizing with the surging spiritual qi. In the blink of an eye, a 100-zhang-tall roc manifested. Bathed in vibrant purple flames, it exuded an overwhelming might. Jin Ji, Zhao Yi, and the other cultivators controlled the array from inside its body.

Whoosh! The roc unfurled its wings and soared forward, crossing three to four li with a single flap. In no time, it reached the edge of the white fog.


The spectators in the sky stared in shock at the majestic roc wreathed in flames.

"Such strength!"

"What kind of array is this?"

“Coordination of seven Heavenly Rankers?”

“This is the Great Jin Empire’s strength?”

The power of the roc had surpassed all expectations, causing a chill to run down their spines.

Coordination Array! Roc? Golden Core? The Arctic King and Emperor Dong Pan were filled with equal parts shock and disbelief.

The reason why Great Jin was confident enough to invite them here was now clear to all. With such an array, the possibility of slaying a ninth-stage Qi Sea cultivator was no longer an unattainable dream.

In a grave tone, the jiaolong spoke, "It is merely the form of a Golden Core cultivator, not a true Golden Core cultivator. Watch closely."

The Heavenly Rankers stood at a distance, observing the unfolding spectacle.

Boom! The colossal purple roc pierced through the white fog, its body enveloped in purple flames. The resulting explosion shook the sky and earth. A mass of white fog was swiftly swept away, revealing the lush landscape beneath.

Hiss~ A patch of white fog dissipated, leaving behind a scene of devastation. The once serene mountains were now consumed by fire, debris and soil scattered in every direction.

Although the purple roc possessed immense power, the controllers decided to methodologically dismantle each array base.

Boom! At that moment, a figure emerged, enveloped in swirling golden qi streams, while his body was clad in black armor. His aura radiated a monstrous presence, akin to that of a deity.

He flew through the air, crossing six li in the blink of an eye, charging fearlessly towards the purple roc.

"It's Fang Xia!"

“He’s daring enough to engage in close combat?" The spectating Heavenly Rankers were all glued to the thrilling fight.

1. Jiaolongs are a type of dragon in Chinese mythology that are usually aquatic. They look a lot like quetzalcoatls. ☜

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