Unrivaled Martial Emperor

Chapter 324 - Retreat in Defeat

Chapter 324 - Retreat in Defeat


Chen Fan’s fist struck the blood hammer, and a dull noise rang. It seemed like time and space had come to a halt.


A buzzing sound filled the air as powerful shock waves radiated outward like ripples on a carpet, obliterating the ancient trees in their path with explosive force.

Bang, bang, bang!

Countless explosions rang in the swamp.

The chain of explosions altered the very topography of the swamp. The mud and sludge were mixed with unrecognizable things and spattered everywhere.

The demon beasts lurking deep within the swamp could not avoid this disaster. They didn’t even get to cry out before they became a mist of blood. With poof sounds resembling a bursting water balloon, they were just gone.

Suddenly, a long roar came out from Chen Fan’s mouth like a thunderclap.


Tremendous power surged out from him, shattering everything.

The blood hammer could no longer withstand it and went flying back. Simultaneously, cracking noises rang out from it.

It ultimately exploded with a boom. The blood hammer that could crush heavy mountains crumbled and fell apart.


Chen Fan landed gracefully on the ground, looking at Xue Tianhe as he staggered from the aftershocks.

Tap, tap, tap!

Xue Tianhe regained his balance and applauded, his gaze serious as he said to Chen Fan, “Impressive. That punch proves that even ordinary experts at the ninth level are no match for you.”

“You talk too much,” Chen Fan said icily.

An icy light shone in Xue Tianhe’s eyes. He said coldly, “Kid, you’re my blood sustenance; I’m like your master. Just listen when your master speaks. You have no authority here. Got it?"

Chen Fan responded with a terrifying punch. The force swept through space, rushing toward Xue Tianhe’s face.


“Hmph, an ant trying to shake a tree!”

A stern look appeared on Xue Tianhe’s face. He raised his hand and unleashed a palm strike that destroyed Chen Fan’s punch.

“Well, you probably think you have a laughable chance against me since I haven't taken you down yet. Allow me to enlighten you on just how ignorant you truly are!"

Xue Tianhe swayed. He moved with lightning speed and appeared before Chen Fan in a flash.

“Blood God Arm!”

Blood-colored runes flickered on his arm. They were extremely profound and ancient, exuding a terrifyingly oppressive aura that bore down on Chen Fan like a crashing wave.

Boom thump!

A terrifying arm slashed through space like a blood-colored steel spear, compressing the air into tiny, translucent beads as it hurtled toward Chen Fan.

“So fast!” Chen Fan’s pupils contracted fiercely. It felt as though Xue Tianhe had teleported right in front of him.

As the punch came at him, he could feel his soul waver.

“Myriad Elephants Divine Art, Unparalleled God's Strength!”

Chen Fan activated the Myriad Elephants Divine Art at the crucial moment, unleashing immense godly power as he countered with his own lightning-fast punch.

Their punches collided!


Following a dull noise, Chen Fan flew back, skidding along the ground and knocking down a swath of trees.

Chen Fan half knelt on the ground, with his waist bent, and spewed out a mouthful of fresh blood uncontrollably.


He slowly stood back up and looked at Xue Tianhe gravely, his heart trembling slightly.

That punch had been terrifying. If not for his sturdy physique, it would have torn him apart.

“How is it?” Xue Tianhe asked with a faint smile, standing proudly.

Chen Fan didn’t respond to him: words were meaningless at this point.

“Looks like you’re not willing to submit. Fine, I'll beat you until you beg for mercy!" Xue Tianhe's smile turned sinister, resembling that of a devil.

He wouldn’t be here wasting his time if it weren't for Chen Fan's unique bloodline. He would have captured Chen Fan and sucked all his blood dry as he had done to everyone else.

A howling wind filled the air, its force slamming against Chen Fan.


Xue Tianhe appeared in front of Chen Fan again, unleashing another punch that could destroy mountains, unstoppable in its might. Chen Fan was sent hurtling through the air, blood spraying from his wounds.

However, cold killing intent spread from Chen Fan. An iron spear appeared in his hand, and his figure blurred. He rushed at Xue Tianhe with a fierce gaze, executing his devastating thrust.


Terrifying strength coalesced at the spear's tip, erupting with unmatched power.

“Hmm, a little interesting. This attack carries some threat. Not bad, but ultimately futile. The gap in strength cannot be bridged by mere technique.”

Xue Tianhe’s eyes lit up. He attacked with his blood hammer, but Chen Fan’s devastating thrust broke it and continued forward.

However, there wasn’t much power left in his thrust. Xue Tianhe countered with a light palm strike, effortlessly making Chen Fan stagger.

Xue Tianhe’s illusory core had already transformed seventy to eighty percent; he was twice as strong as Zhao Tianjue. Despite Chen Fan's recent progress, he found it hard to resist Xue Tianhe.

“You see this? This is the difference in strength between you and me! Overpowering you is as effortless as an adult disciplining a child!" Xue Tianhe taunted, effortlessly deflecting Chen Fan's attacks as if taking a stroll.

“Alright, kid, game time’s over. Whether you're willing or not, I'll have to capture you and drain your blood to advance to the Core Formation realm. Then, we'll see what's next."

Xue Tianhe threw out a punch, hitting the tip of the spear. The webbing between Chen Fan’s fingers immediately tore open, and his iron spear flew out of his hand.

Xue Tianhe grabbed at the air, and the space trembled.

“Come here, kid. You should feel honored to be my blood sustenance.”

A huge blood-colored hand appeared, grabbing Chen Fan like an eagle catching a chick.

Chen Fan had figured out the extent of Xue Tianhe's terrifying strength. Even compared to a genuine Core Formation realm expert, he wouldn't lag far behind. Chen Fan was clearly outmatched.

“Northern Star Reaper Hand!”

A palm with three fingers appeared and clawed forward lightly. It crushed Xue Tianhe’s huge bloody hand and continued clawing toward Xue Tianhe, with the air exploding from its power.

“An earth tier martial skill!”

Xue Tianhe’s expression finally darkened.

He sensed an overwhelming threat from the attack. While it might not kill him, it could injure him severely.

“To think you had such an ace up your sleeve... I’ve underestimated you," Xue Tianhe admitted, his tone tinged with surprise. "But it's still not enough to deal with me. This attack should have depleted all your primeval force. Just wait until I neutralize this move, and you'll be at my mer—"

Xue Tianhe's words were cut off abruptly as he saw another Northern Star Reaper Hand lunging at him.


Xue Tianhe was truly stunned.

Earth tier martial skills were powerful, but Yuanfu realm martial artists would be drained of all their primeval force after executing it once. Ordinary people were simply incapable of executing a second attack.

Yet, Chen Fan defied all logic and delivered another blow, slapping Xue Tianhe's arrogance in the face.

With no time to dwell on his shock, he focused on the two Northern Star Reaper Hands threatening his life.

He immediately shouted fiercely. A bloody light blossomed from him as he revolved his cultivation. A Corpse Mountain Blood Sea appeared at his back, crashing with huge waves.

When Chen Fan executed the Northern Star Reaper Hand for the second time, his complexion had turned pale.

He didn’t stay around to look at the results. He quickly spread the Wings of Rain Dragon, holding the iron spear, and fled with a swish.


A terrifying, bloody light burst out, shooting in all directions like lasers.

The horrifying qi wave was like a category twenty hurricane, leaving destruction as it swept through the area, reducing everything to ruins.

Xue Tianhe emerged from that storm with a dark expression.

His cooked duck had flown off!

“Damn it, don’t let me run into you again, or you won’t get so lucky for sure!” Xue Tianhe cursed, feeling extremely indignant. Then, he turned into a streak of bloody light and chased Chen Fan.

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