Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 2165 Locate With Blood, Great Dao Heart, Bear The Consequences

"Could it be that this opening didn't produce the Great Dao Heart?"

Not only the Heavenly Grandmaster but even Tianshen Chang, Elder Dragon Chengtao, and the others started to wonder the same.

They had yet to find a clue after searching for a long time.

Looking at the mountains, they got anxious.

Could it be that someone had beaten them to it?

"No! The Great Dao Heart is mine!"

Elder Dragon Chengtao looked at the mountains and unleashed a palm strike, venting his frustration. The unlucky mountain was crushed, and it started to rain Great Dao Sources.

"The Great Dao Heart must be hiding in one of these mountains. Since the mountains' special traits prevent me from seeing through them with my draconic eyes, I'll destroy all of them!"

He resolved in the simplest and most brutal way to search for the Great Dao Heart.

In fact, the others did the same after seeing what he did.

"I found it!" someone screamed.

Inside the massive crack on a certain mountain, gold and violet light shone, revealing a ball of light different from the other Great Dao Sources.

The person who got the ball of light was thrilled.

Elder Dragon Chengtao and the others dashed over.

"Hands off! It's mine!"

Elder Dragon Chengtao and the others attacked immediately.

Powerful and domineering Primordial energies swept the place.

Before the cultivator with the violet golden ball of light could react, he was killed.

The ball of light in his hand broke as well.

The golden violet pieces scattered into the lake, causing ripples on the surface.

"This isn't the Great Dao Heart. It's just a better quality Great Dao Source."

Elder Dragon Chengtao shook his head in disappointment. 

Everyone returned to their search.

"How unreasonable." 

The Heavenly Grandmaster sighed when he saw that Elder Dragon Chengtao and the others had killed the poor cultivator without any scruples.

"I heard Elder Dragon Chengtao came from the Hongmeng Dragon Tribe," Wahuang said.

Dragon Tribes were everywhere in the Infiniverse, but they all shared the same source, which was the Hongmeng Dragon Tribe that originated from the Great Hongmeng Universe itself.

That particular Dragon Tribe was more powerful and talented than other Dragon Tribes.

When the Great Hongmeng Universe reset, they would migrate to another universe, the Dragon King Universe.

However, the Dragon Tribe was not the only exception. Other powerful tribes that originated from the Great Hongmeng Universe also did the same during the resets.

"And that Tianshen Chang, the Celestial Divine Tribe he belongs to is also from the Great Hongmeng Universe. He's only second to Brother Chu on the Primordial Leaderboard," the Heavenly Grandmaster said as he looked at Chu Kuangren.

He wanted to know how Chu Kuangren viewed the two of them.

Chu Kuangren noticed the few of them looking at him, and it baffled him. 

"Why are you guys looking at me?" 

"Huh? Brother Chu, aren't you concerned about Elder Dragon Chengtao and Tianshen Chang?" The Heavenly Grandmaster was surprised.

"Why should I be concerned?" Chu Kuangren asked frivolously.

The other three exchanged a baffled look before shaking their heads. 

"Brother Chu is still as arrogant as ever…"

"Why do I feel like you guys are cursing me?" Chu Kuangren's lips twitched helplessly. 

He glanced at Tianshen Chang and Elder Dragon Chengtao. The two of them also noticed his gaze and looked at him. 

The three of them met eyes for a moment.

Chu Kuangren did not care at all. He only looked because he heard the Heavenly Grandmaster talking about the other two.

Tianshen Chang and Elder Dragon Chengtao, however, showed brazen eagerness to challenge him.

"Chu Kuangren, are you eager to fight me as well?" Tianshen Chang thought to himself as he stood with his hands behind his back.

"Chu Kuangren, when I get the Great Dao Heart, I will defeat you," Elder Dragon Chengtao said with a scoff.

The two of them seemed to be asking for a fight.

Chu Kuangren shook his head and ignored them.

He continued his search for the Great Dao Heart.

As for how to locate the highly sought-after item, he already had an idea.I think you should take a look at

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign at his other hand and cut his hand. 

The moment he cut his hand, blood gushed like a geyser and flowed into the lake.

"Brother Chu, what are you doing?" The Heavenly Grandmaster was shocked.

"Heavenly Grandmaster, do you remember what we saw when we first arrived at the lake?" Chu Kuangren chuckled.

When they arrived at the lake, they saw the others fighting for the Great Dao Sources.

The blood they spilled flowed into the lake and was absorbed to the center by a mysterious suction force.

Then, the blood disappeared.

"Brother Chu, you're saying…" 

The Heavenly Grandmaster pondered.

"The Great Dao Heart is created from the energy of ten thousand Daos. When cultivators cultivate their Daos, their blood is tainted by the Dao's energy, and that's where the essence is. 

"I believe the thing that's sucking away the cultivators' blood is the Great Dao Heart!"

Chu Kuangren's eyes gleamed with interest.

His blood was flowing to the bottom of the lake, but the water was not tainted.

The blood was absorbed by a mysterious force in the center of the lake. Then, Chu Kuangren inserted a sliver of his consciousness in his blood to track its location.

When the blood was sucked into the lake, it was shrouded by a strange energy before it flowed in a certain direction.

"Got it!"

Chu Kuangren stared at a certain spot of the lake and raised his hand. Vast Primordial energy erupted and transformed into a massive hand.

"Splash! "

The hand entered the water, causing a massive splash in the area. 

While the others were startled, the massive hand caught a crimson dragon that was more than thirty thousand meters.

The dragon emanated strong vitality energy. It also had Immortal Sparks surrounding its body, making it glimmer brightly.

The dragon shocked everyone.

"How is there a dragon hiding under the lake?"

"I didn't notice it!"

"Me, too!"

While everyone was surprised by the dragon, Chu Kuangren clenched his hand in the air.


The bloody light around the dragon was extinguished as its body started to crack. 

It broke down into a blood prism that emanated powerful Great Dao energy fluctuation.

It was similar to the energy presence of the Great Dao Source but much more mystical.

Everyone else was shocked again.

"Is that the Great Dao Heart?"

"That crimson dragon is a disguise by the Great Dao Heart!"

Everyone looked at the crimson crystal with frenzy in their eyes.

Tianshen Chang and Elder Dragon Chengtao's figure flashed as they flew toward the crimson crystal. They channeled their Primordial energy and attacked Chu Kuangren.

"You want to take what's mine? Are you even qualified for that?" Chu Kuangren grunted.

Domineering Primordial energy erupted, stirring up a powerful wave.

The blast of energy pushed everyone back.

Chu Kuangren held the Great Dao Heart in his hand and looked at the others with his hands behind his back. He said, "I will get my hands on the Great Dao Heart. If you guys want it, you can come get it, but it will depend on how strong you are, and you must bear the consequences." 

As soon as he said that, his Primordial energy erupted and shook even the sky.

Everyone could feel great pressure pressing on them. 

"The first on the Primordial Leaderboard is indeed a tough opponent."

"But I have to get the Great Dao Heart for myself!"

"Hmph. There are so many of us here. Why are we afraid of one guy?"

Everyone was ready to start a fight to snatch the Great Dao Heart.

At that moment, another powerful surge of sword qi came from the horizon with domineering and boundless energy.

The sword qi was aimed at Chu Kuangren.

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