The Wizard Path From The Simulator

Chapter 222 - 146: “Plane Invasion” and Sacrificial World?” (Seeking Subscription)_3

Chapter 222: Chapter 146: “Plane Invasion” and Sacrificial World?” (Seeking Subscription)_3

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“You don’t need to take action anymore, simply stand back and observe.” Bane spoke with a smile.

Just as he began to speak, another illusory Plane Channel appeared in the sky.

But this time, Bane did not resort to using Magic again.

Because the moment this Plane Channel appeared, a figure emerged, and then the Plane Channel disappeared.

“A Level 4 Blood Descendant!”

Seeing the distinctive characteristics of this Blood Descendant, Milton Cheney muttered to himself.

The moment this Level 4 Blood Descendant appeared, his gaze landed squarely on Bane.

As for Milton Cheney, he was completely ignored.

The two of them almost acted simultaneously, Bane’s golden magic wand emerged from his Spiritual Sea and hovered in front of him.

The Blood Descendant waved and a surge of blood-colored flood appeared around him.

The moment the blood-colored flood appeared, it rushed towards Bane and Milton Cheney.

The expression on Bane’s face remained unchanged, and Milton Cheney also did not make any moves from his spot.

If his Mentor could confidently let him stand here and watch, then naturally there was a certainty of success.

The next moment, the golden magic wand floating in front of Bane exploded and turned into thousands of golden Magic Device fragments.

The fragments reassembled into a massive shield and blocked the blood-colored flood.

The next moment, the giant shield exploded again, reforming into a magic wand in Bane’s hand.

Bane gently swung the magic wand in his hand.

An overwhelming Spiritual Power burst forth suddenly, but this power did not affect Milton Cheney.

[Fourth Ring Magic?Time Reversal]! [Fourth Ring Magic-Spatial Separation]!


The two Magics released by Bane, and the powerful Spiritual Power caused the current Plane to vibrate.

The loud noise made Milton Cheney’s eardrums tremble slightly.

An illusory clock appeared above the Blood Descendant’s head, and the next moment, the hands of the clock began to rotate backwards.

The Blood Descendant’s body began to wither gradually, and space seemed to open up a gap that engulfed the Blood Descendant.

The next moment, the Blood Descendant was pulled away by the turbulence in the Void Space and disappeared within this Plane.

“He’s so powerful!”

Milton Cheney thought to himself.

His Mentor had really made a serious move this time.

“What happened to the Level 4 Blood Descendant?”

Gazing at the calm sky, Milton Cheney questioned.

Hearing this, Bane shook his head and drew his magic wand back into his Spiritual Sea, while the four purple magic wands in the distance were also retracted into his Spiritual Sea.

“He didn’t die, he got away.”

“It seems like these Blood Descendants have become quite smart.”

Bane touched his chin as he spoke.

In the past, a Level 4 Blood Descendant would most likely choose to confront him head on.

This was also why he had launched such a powerful attack from the start.

But surprisingly, this Level 4 Blood Descendant chose to run straight away.

“Mentor, is the Bloody Sea Realm attacking the surrounding Planes of the Wizard Realm due to a plot by the Gospel Masters Order?”

Milton Cheney voiced his thought.

Hearing this, Bane pondered for a moment.

“It’s highly possible. In fact, most of the Bloody Sea Realm’s intelligence about the Wizard Realm comes from the Gospel Masters Order.”

“Either way, they are all bad, the plots of the Gospel Masters Order are even bigger than those of the Bloody Sea Realm.”

Bane’s spoke with a rather serious expression.

“What plot?”

Milton Cheney, very curious, asked. He didn’t know about this.

“Without a strong self-interest, how could the Gospel Masters Order possibly betray their realm?”

“Perhaps they are planning to sacrifice a world to create a Level 8 Wizard?”

“But how could the Wizard Realm be sacrificed, could it be that they plan on sacrificing the Bloody Sea Realm?”

Bane said, his tone was somewhat uncertain.

Even though he was a Level 4 Wizard, he was still far from Level 7 and 8 Wizards.

“Sacrifice a world?”

This thought startled Milton Cheney.

How is this possible, how can an entire world be sacrificed.

But the next moment, his heart trembled because he felt that his Mentor might have accidentally guessed it correctly.

Because he knew that the Gospel Master of the Gospel Masters Order was not human.

“I’m just making a casual guess.”

Seeing Milton Cheney take his words seriously, Bane laughed as he spoke.

Milton Cheney didn’t respond, his thoughts were tangled.

If it really was as his mentor guessed, then the anomalies of the Gospel Masters Order could be explained.

And there were things that his mentor did not know, but he did.

If the final objective of the Gospel Masters Order was really to sacrifice a world, they indeed had the means to do so.

The Outer Domain Devil!

This might be the entity to which the Gospel Masters Order planned to make the sacrifice.

After thinking about this, a sense of heaviness emerged in Milton Cheney’s heart.

If the Gospel Masters Order really gets what they want, the Wizard realm might also be at risk.

A Level 8 Wizard didn’t exist in the current Wizard realm.

If the Gospel Master from the Gospel Masters Order became a Level 8 Wizard, it would be a disaster for the entire Wizard realm.

Next time during the simulation, Milton Cheney will definitely try to stay alive for a longer time.

He might not be able to survive that long in the Text Simulation, but in the True Body Simulation, as long as he played safe, he should be able to survive for a long time.

At least he should survive long enough to understand the plot of the Gospel Masters Order.

“Let’s go. We have to clean up more Blood Descendants in other Planes.”

Bane spoke, looking at the contemplative Milton Cheney.

His student really believed what he said, right?

It isn’t as easy to sacrifice a world as he said.

Every major realm took several millions of years, even tens of millions of years, to form.

And moreover, to sacrifice a world, to whom the sacrifice would be made is also a problem.

The subject of Black Wizards’ sacrifice was always the Gospel Master of the Gospel Masters Order, but that Gospel Master himself was an entity to be sacrificed to, who could he further sacrifice to?

Would he make a sacrifice to himself?

“Okay, Mentor.”

Milton Cheney let go of his thoughts and did not continue thinking.

Even if he knew the answer to these things, it seemed to be of no use.

Even if he really knew that the Gospel Masters Order’s objective was to sacrifice a world, then what?

Would they expect him, a Level 3 Wizard, to stop the Gospel Masters Order?

The next moment, Bane’s Book of Truth rose and carried them away from this


When they reappeared, they were already Within the Void.

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