The Witch Hunter System

Chapter 780 Great Wilderness

Chapter 780 Great Wilderness

?After listening to Hecate's brief explanation, Vaan found several questionable points that did not make sense to him.

"I wonder if Lady Hecate doesn't mind enlightening me on a few points I find trouble understanding?"

"What don't you understand, Sir Vaan?"

"If people only fear impersonators of the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies angering the Lord of Chaos, they should only hunt such impersonators. I fail to see how that makes even the mention of the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies a taboo," Vaan stated.

"That's because you don't understand just how many enemies the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies and the Lord of Chaos have, Sir Vaan," Hecate replied with a helpless look.

"Because the Lord of Chaos is the strongest, no one dares to challenge his authority. However, that doesn't change the fact he is a cruel butcher who wouldn't bat an eye after wiping out entire realms full of life over the slightest offense."

"To someone at his level, creating new realms and life would be just as easy as turning over his hand. Even the lives and realms he destroyed could be undone should he will it so. He does not view life the same way as everyone else."

"While many beings fear him, there is also no lack of petty beings who wouldn't mind killing even the real reincarnation of the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies to trouble the Lord of Chaos."

"Nevertheless, the enemies of the Lord of Chaos are of lesser concern. It's the enemies of the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies that make his name taboo," Hecate stated.

"Enemies of the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies?" Vaan repeated with surprise.

"I understand your surprise. Anyone with the least knowledge of the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies would know he was one of the most benevolent beings in Chaos, beloved by all," Hecate mentioned.

"He has created the most habitable realms and enlightened countless beings on the path of cultivation. Many peak existences respect him as their great teacher, and many more lifeforms adore him as the father of life. He is the complete opposite of the Lord of Chaos."

"As such, it must be a wonder how such a respected being in Chaos could have any enemies at all, right? However, the truth isn't hard to understand," Hecate said.

Having heard that much, Vaan could venture a guess. However, it was better to listen to the answer from Hecate herself.

"Every time the reincarnation of the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies died, the world of sentient beings he was born to would also be destroyed along with him by rampant beast tides," Hecate calmly stated.

"As such, whenever such a calamity strikes the sentient worlds, humans and all other sentient races would be forced to flee their realms, lest they get swept in the furious tempest of beast tides."

"Without sentient races thereafter, those abandoned realms became the holy land for savage beasts – A wild realm is what we call such realms without sentient civilizations. When these wild realms are numerous on the scale of an entire chaosverse, it becomes a wild chaosverse."

"Supposedly, there were only around forty wild chaosverses in the past. However, since the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies's vicious cycle of reincarnation started, that number has nearly doubled to seventy-six wild chaosverses. Collectively, this group of wild chaosverses is called the Great Wilderness."

"Can you understand how many beings from these thirty-six chaosverses have lost their homes and loved ones to the rampant beast tides in the past two chaos cycles, Sir Vaan? Now, do you understand why the name is taboo?" Hecate asked.

As Vaan thought, it was indeed because of the countless deaths of his reincarnations.

At the same time, he finally understood why the name was taboo. There were simply far too many sentient beings who had lost their homes and loved ones to the beast tides caused by the death of his reincarnations.

Their hatred towards him would be understandable.

Furthermore, this undesired hatred towards him was most likely exacerbated further by their sufferings and unfair treatment after they migrated to other chaosverses. After all, they wouldn't be treated equally if the natives regarded them as outsiders.

Although the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies was at fault for the destruction of their homes and the death of their loved ones, it was always easier to pin the blame on a single being than countless difficult-to-track, unknown culprits.

Nevertheless, Vaan quickly understood that it was unwise to expose his identity.

There were far too many victims of the rampant beast tides; anyone he encountered in Chaos could be his potential enemy due to this hatred.

Furthermore, their strength wouldn't be weak if they were part of the earliest groups of victims and lived to the present day. There was also the possibility that this hatred was passed on to subsequent generations of their descendants.

On another note, Vaan was greatly astonished to learn the Great Wilderness possessed seventy-six wild chaosverses.

After all, there should only be a hundred and twenty-seven chaosverses in Chaos, a hundred and twenty-eight if the present universe was added. In other words, there were more wild chaosverses than sentient-inhabited chaosverses.

"Has the peak existences of Chaos never attempted any reclamation expeditions on these wild chaosverses, Lady Hecate?" Vaan casually inquired with some suspicions.

"And why would they do that?" Hecate lightly snickered at the idea, shaking her head and saying, "To the peak existences of Chaos have been under the tutelage of the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies, the vagabonds from the wild chaosverses are all sinners who have killed their respected teacher and delayed his return."

"They have absolutely had no reason to help them reclaim their lost chaosverses, let alone the Lord of Chaos himself. It's already their greatest mercy to let these vagabonds live and atone for their sins."

"Furthermore, the rampant beast tides are mostly caused by the sky and sea beasts, the beloved creatures of the Lord of the Boundless Seas and Skies. Anyone with respect for him wouldn't wilfully slaughter his creations for the sinners' sake," Hecate stated.

Vaan furrowed his brows.

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