The Villain's Story

Chapter 560 [560] The son of a supreme!

Chapter 560 [560] The son of a supreme!

?As the party of dwarves and orcs expressed their confusion and clear contempt...

"Elder Golden Wood, You can't do this!"

Ragnar and Oliver looked at Alan for a while, but shifted their gazes, merely thinking whatever they had thought of to be impractical. Alan's face of astonishment to the Elf Golden wood further strengthened that notion.

The orcs and Dwarves pestered for him a while longer, But Elder Golden wood expressed his Ultimatum.

"That is it, I have been given full authority over this matter by both of your superiors, do you dare go against their judgement? And the Elves?"

The orcs and dwarves relented, fear apparent on their faces as they retreated. Elder Grimbald, even though his face was as hot as molten iron, clicked his tongue and succumbed to Elder Golden Wood's gaze, and ordered the dwarves to return to their home planet.

The Orc Elder, Karack, did the same and left with the orcs. Soon afterward, The entirety of the orcs and the Dwarves left planet Earth, leaving only the elves behind.

Elder Golden wood looked at Alan for a moment. He wasn't a fool, He had seen the gazes of the two strongest humans in the room shift to Alan for a bit. That made his curiosity rise, and he used an observation skill on Alan out of instinct.


And then he saw it. Although his skill was not able to see most of Alan's stats, It did make his titles visible to him... Only a few though, however.

[Title: Son of A Supreme.]


His face lost all color, and he cleaned and tidied his clothing and excused himself, leaving with the elves soon enough. The entire duration, his pale was as white as snow.


"... That's it?"

Harrison, a little bit confused, slumped back into his seat. Just now he was fighting a brutal war with the dwarves and orcs, But now... Everything was quiet.

"Yes, that is it."

Oliver sighed as well, and Alan took the opportunity to finally leave. He tried to do it stealthily, but was caught.

"Where are you going?"

Oliver appeared right behind him, and with a cold, menacing glare looked down at him.

"Oh come on... I wasn't the one that caused it all."

However, Oliver's glare did not lessen, and neither did the grip on his shoulder. Alan was able to compete with SS-ranks...but an SSS rank was far too much for him to handle. Even his full dragon form would have difficulty in taking one down... Perhaps even get fully overpowered by one.

He didn't want to pick a fight with Sir Oliver at all, He respected him, and feared him at the same time.

He only wished for some mercy to be given to him...if he was lucky.


A glimmer of hope appeared in his eyes when he heard Sir Oliver sigh, but unfortunately that hope was false. He grimaced when he heard his words.

"Take your classes diligently from now on. I want you to focus now."


Alan grew alarmed, and tried to make Sir Oliver reconsider.

"Sir Oliver! Please! I have so many things I want to do, Just give me one mo-"


"Yes Sir, I will do as you say!"

However, he chickened out when Sir Oliver turned around, his eyes as red as blood. Ragnar chuckled from behind. Harrison had already left to deal with other things, like the distribution rights of the portal.

Now...a hurdle Twilight had to handle had come.


[Alan Peccator POV, Shield, Earth.]

I sighed in defeat as I made my way towards my room...the door of which was yet to be fixed. I heard it would take a few days for them to fix the door... So I begrudgingly made a replacement door made out of cloudy ice.

I looked at the sorry state of my bed and lay down on my sofa, turning the television on and watching the news.


Every channel was about the portal, and how the distribution rights would go as, as well as the recent news on how Humanity had earned all rights to the portal from the dwarves and orcs.

"That reminds me..."

I opened my status to look at one of my titles.


Name: Alan Peccator(18).

Race: Dragon. (Ice, Chaos, Space).

Titles: Son of a supreme, Student of the sword saint....

Strength: S+

Speed: S+

Endurance: S+

Intelligence: A

Charm: B

Mana: SS

Affinities: Ice (Supreme), Chaos (Supreme), Space(?)

Skills: Dragon Eyes, Dragon Scales, Dragon transformation, Draconian transformation....

Martial Techniques...


A bunch of information popped up, but out of it all, what caught my attention the most was the title.

[Son of a Supreme.]

It wasn't like this at first, merely Disciple of a Supreme, But then it changed to son of supreme later on. I was wondering what Lanesha was trying to do...

[Supreme Dragon of Frost Lanesha says that she already has a disciple, so it is hard for you to become one...]

"... So you changed it to son?"

[Supreme dragon of Frost, Lanesha, nods. She says it will save you from a lot of trouble.]

"Isn't proclaiming me as your son going to cause even more trouble?"

However, She didn't answer my question...rather.

[Supreme Dragon of Frost, Lanesha, asks if it insulted you to be labelled as her son.]

"What?! No! No!"

She got angry...

"I'm sorry for doubting your actions! I know you...probably have something else planned."

I tried to act as sincere as possible, but it seemed like I failed somewhat. Of course, I was still skeptical, and it felt a little weird...

But I was met with no other response other than.

[Supreme Dragon of Frost, Lanesha says that you will understand soon.]

And then, it was all silent... I facepalmed and closed the television, missing an important bit of news that I didn't expect this soon... And I fell asleep.

It was the middle of the night, and I needed to attend classes soon, Even though I have so many other things I want to do, like raid the Minotaur Stronghold and figure out how to make spatial equipment like the dwarves...


I guess the good thing is I get to see Sabrina again tomorrow...

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