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Chapter 379 Conflict

Chapter 379 Conflict

?As soon as Lathel spoke, Dorothy's immature words interrupted him. She stood in front of him; her small and skinny body made him feel that she was extremely adorable but also extremely pitiful.

Ikarys frowned: "Little girl, although you are a genius, you are still too young to understand this world."

"He's just trying to trick you into getting that blood crystal. But don't worry; with me here, you won't be fooled by him, and you won't encounter any other danger."

"Shut up!" Dorothy shouted, her innocent face even showing anger at this moment, which was still very cute: "I won't allow you to speak ill of my brother."

Ikarys sighed: "It seems... that trash has clouded your mind. But don't worry; after all, I am the Holy Son of the Church, and my mission... is to purify this world and wipe out all the trash."

"You are too young, you don't understand how dangerous this life is. Perhaps one day you will be tricked into selling him to slave traders without even knowing it."

"Pff!" Doran stood next to him and laughed. Ikarys glanced at him, startling him, and quickly explained: "Ack! No, I just remember a very funny story."

Ikarys: "…"

Doran mentally scolded Ikarys: 'Stupid. If Dorothy was so easily fooled, then there certainly wouldn't be anyone intelligent in this world. I think you're the stupidest person in this place.'

"You misunderstood; I was the one who took the initiative to give that stone to my brother, so what the hell are you talking about?" Dorothy was angry, and her face was red like she was about to explode.

Ikarys frowned: "It seems... you were really tricked by that trash. Little girl, you should know that... in this world there are people who are just trash, who only deceive other people's trust."

"You…" Dorothy pursed her lips, her expression extremely angry.

"Alright." Ikarys sighed: "I don't want to kill people, especially now. However, to make things more stable and to have no more trash among us, maybe..."

"Enough, Holy Son." At this moment, an extremely pleasant voice rang out, and a ray of light appeared. Arine walked away from that ray of light, smiled, and said: "Maybe there is some misunderstanding; why do you keep blaming Lathel for everything?"

Ikarys frowned and glanced at Arine: "Holy Maiden, luckily I returned just in time; otherwise, that trash would have tricked that lovely girl into giving him her blood crystal."

"Heh?! But…" Arine tilted her head, looked towards Dorothy, and asked: "Little girl, were you really tricked by Lathel?"

Dorothy quickly shook her head: "No, that's not true. I want to give this stone to my brother. I was not deceived at all, nor did he deceive me."

"Ah!" Arine nodded: "Holy Son, you also heard what that girl said. She wanted to give that stone to Lathel, not Lathel tricking her."

"Huh!" Ikarys said contemptuously: "Holy Maiden, you are just like that girl; you have little contact with the outside world, so you think that trash is flowers; do you think everyone is a good person?"

"If he were truly a genius and a person with self-esteem, he wouldn't be lying here waiting for us to overcome challenges and enjoy the fruits of our work."

"What does this have to do with what we're talking about, Holy Son?" Arina asked confusedly.

Ikarys smiled and replied: "Of course it has something to do with it. He is here waiting to see if those who pass the test are seriously injured or not. If he is seriously injured, he will kill and rob that person of all his property."

"Ah! Holy Son, you are thinking too much." Arine couldn't believe it and explained: "How could he do such things?"

"Why not?" Ikarys said contemptuously: "He also wanted to trick that girl, so I must be right."

"I said… My brother didn't trick me." Dorothy shouted.

"Is he your brother?" Ikarys frowned and asked.

"That's right."

"Ah! So do you have any blood relationships?"


"Then why do you call him brother? If this is the first time you've met, then why do you trust him so much?" Ikarys asked loudly, as if he wanted everyone to hear.

"Huh!" Dorothy crossed her arms over her chest, pouted, and said: "When I first met him, I immediately felt that he was a hundred times more trustworthy than you."

"What?! You…"

"Okay, Holy Son…" Arine smiled and said: "Children don't know how to lie, but they also don't know how to please others, so don't scold that girl."

"You…" Ikarys looked angrily at Arine. He did not think that, at this point, Arine and Dorothy were not on his side.

In his heart, he wondered what was so attractive about that trash person that made them protect him so much?

Ikarys took a deep breath and said: "Good! I hope when you see his true personality, you won't be surprised."

"And you…" He looked at Lathel, frowned, and said: "If you have any self-esteem left, find a challenge and overcome it."

"We do not welcome useless people who wait to enjoy the achievements of others."

Hearing that, Lathel frowned. He felt like this male lead also wanted the same ending as Alec.

However, he is not the type of person who likes to kill or cause trouble. If this was just a small misunderstanding or conflict, he didn't want to make it bigger.

But… that doesn't mean he can only endure.

Lathel shrugged and said: "Why should I listen to what you say?"

"What do you mean… Are you resisting?" Ikarys frowned.

"No! I just want to ask... Why do you want me to listen to you?"

"Huh! Trash is still trash." Ikarys smiled contemptuously: "Listen clearly... I am the Holy Son of the Church. With my noble position, I have the right to give you orders."

"Ah! So that means... Can the Church use its position and power to oppress others and force others to listen to what they say?"

"You don't need to ask much. Either do as I say, or I will bury you here." Ikarys clenched his fist.

"You talk as if you are the master and I am the slave." Lathel smiled and said: "Sorry, but I don't like being ordered around by others."

Ikarys was silent as he stared at Lathel, while Lathel also looked at him.

At this moment, Ikarys suddenly raised his finger and muttered a spell. Then, a white magic circle appeared at his fingertips, emitting a dazzling light.

"I repeat again... follow my orders, or... die." Ikarys frowned and said: "I find it very difficult to understand. Where does trash like you get the courage to confront me?"

"You should know that... I am the Holy Son; my position, whether in the Church or anywhere else, is respected by others."

"Trash people like you should kneel down when you see me. But I am a very tolerant person; that's why I don't allow you to kneel."

"However, you should be grateful for that. You should also feel honoured to be able to accompany me in this genius congress."

"That's why you must follow my orders. In this place… I am your master…"

Lathel frowned. He felt that Ikarys was like a person suffering from 'narcissism'. It seemed that he felt that he was the leader of everyone; that's why he said such nauseating words.

However, he felt that Ikarys had not yet completely become someone who could trouble him.

You must know that in novels, there are many villains who are more nauseating than him.

Ah! Lathel suddenly remembered that Ikarys was not the villain; he was the male protagonist. However, his behaviour made Lathel think he was a villain.

'Strange, is there such a type of male protagonist in this world? Who is both 'narcissistic' and stupid? His arrogance is even more terrible than Alec's.'

'Or maybe there really is that type of male protagonist, and I just don't know about it.' Lathel thought to herself.

Doran also stared at Lathel and Dorothy. Dorothy showed a face full of worry and fear; her eyes were wet as if she were about to cry.

Seeing this scene, Doran immediately sighed. If he didn't know how terrible Dorothy was, he would have believed that she was really just a weak girl.

He was about to help Lathel, but he decided to stand and watch. Doran wanted to see... how strong that young man was and how he would handle the current situation.

"Do you really think you can order me around?" Lathel asked with genuine confusion.

Just how confident must Ikarys be to say such words? Did... Ikarys really think that with his status, no one would resist?

Suddenly, Lathel felt a bit lonely. It seemed that the thoughts of people in this world did not match his thoughts at all.

No, to be more precise, his thinking is completely different from that of the residents of this world.

"Of course." Ikarys smiled coldly.


A howling sound of wind rang out, and the magic circle shining at Ikarys's fingertip shot out a blinding ray of light.

It was like a white bullet as it rushed at an extremely terrifying speed, brushing past Lathel.


A loud explosion rang out. Ikarys saw that Lathel was too scared to move and smiled contemptuously: "The next beam of light... will aim straight at your head."

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