The Rise of the Black Plain

Chapter 2447 The Battle Begins

Chapter 2447 The Battle Begins

After passing through the seven portals to The Blossom World, the warriors led by Egerton and Minos arrived at seven different locations on the planet.

Of these seven locations, two were very close to each other, having been marked by Minos before he left for The Enchanted Realm.

These two portals brought Minos' party and Egerton's main party close to the strongest area of the planet, where the most powerful Sovereigns were today.

As soon as he arrived there, Minos at level 107 and Kendrick at level 106, Heidi spotted an alien and raised her level as well, reaching level 104.

He looked at his children and companions and said. "We're going to attack the enemy headquarters. Be prepared to face mid- and high-level Sovereigns!"

Each of them nodded in agreement before flying after Minos and Kendrick, who were currently the two strongest in the group.

Grisdi followed these three individuals, feeling her heart beat fast, somewhat excited about the battle in which she could see the end of the war in her galaxy.

Knowing how strong Minos and Kendrick must be right now, she couldn't help but be excited to see them in action and take part in the battle ahead.

She soon sensed the spiritual fluctuations of the nearby enemies, noticing at least 150 opponents between levels 109 and 113, as well as one level 114 opponent.

But while they were moving, Egerton was also moving to the same place his group had come from, taking 10 Sovereigns between levels 111 and 113 with him.

The enemy forces at this headquarters were powerful, but they wouldn't be able to face the remaining leaders of The Blossom World alone.

Minos saw the first level 113 enemies in front of him and looked at Kendrick and the level 107 Sovereigns in his team, who should be able to fight well against Sovereigns up to level 110.

"Take care of the opponents below level 111. I'll take care of the strongest ones on our way." With those words, he moved towards the three strongest enemies, sensing Egerton had already stated the fight against the last level 114 Sovereign from this planet.

Kendrick clenched his fists as he watched his father go, feeling the difference between his innate ability and his father's.

Aside from not being able to strengthen his comrades like Minos was doing now—increasing their people's cultivation by one level each—his powers at level 106 were not the same as his father's.

While Minos at level 106 could fight against high-level sovereigns and pose a great threat to them, Kendrick could only fight against a level 110 Sovereign if he used all of his fusions and abilities and fought to the point of exhaustion.

Sensing the cultivators in his group were getting stronger, and that Minos was taking on those three opponents, Kendrick targeted three level 110 enemies and tried his best, inspired by his father.

Chaotic Gravity!

He looked at Hollie and Lily, who were both temporarily at level 104. With both of them activating the same technique as him, the three combined the same ability against these enemies.

Abby and Gloria, who were temporarily at level 105, looked at the three for a moment, but when they saw that Ruth's innate power was already connected to them and that she was at level 107, they didn't worry too much.

After a few moments of observation, they saw that the enemies would have a lot of work to do to escape the combined action of the three siblings.

The two smiled at each other before turning their attention to the level 109 enemies around them and focusing on assisting their companions.

With allies between levels 104 and 108, they didn't need to fight the nearby enemies directly. Any support they gave would make a positive difference in facilitating the killing!

While they acted, Minos' strongest allies, the four members from Armhands who had come with him and Ruth on this journey, took aim at the level 109 and 110 opponents. This time, they were not as worried as they had been about the confrontation they had faced months ago.

On that occasion, their powers were stronger, but they were also more unstable because its origin was related to sacrifice, which would inevitably put them in complicated situations after the best of the sacrifice had passed. Now, however, they didn't have to worry about such consequences, since Minos was stealing the opponents' cultivation to strengthen his allies.

Feeling the hatred from that day when they were on the brink of death, the four of them began the battle, already fighting at their best, exposing their will to kill while activating their divine abilities.

Meanwhile, Minos moved around the battlefield like a ghost, causing hundreds of locals to become immobilized by his powers as he fought the three strongest nearby.

Minos wasn't just there to kill the enemies in his path. He was there to massacre this civilization and teach this galaxy what happened to those who targeted his family!

While dealing with these three, already using his Divine Sword, Minos used his various techniques against the inhabitants of this magnificent city.

As he exchanged blows with those three, more and more locals died from the Dragon's Gaze, losing their energy and becoming vulnerable to the Devouring Art. Others simply had their bodies disintegrated by the golden rays of light from his wings.

"Wretch! What are you doing?" asked one of the three who tried to fight Minos.

But even though they were level 113 cultivators, they couldn't pin Minos down and force him to fight only them. At the level he was at, with all the skills he had gained in The Red Expanse, Minos could easily dodge their attacks, kill the citizens of this city, and even look for openings to hurt them.

Of course, at his current level, Minos couldn't easily kill those targets, even with his fusions. But they couldn't stop him from slaughtering his way, and they certainly couldn't neglect him to try something similar to what he was doing!

Minos ignored the questioning of these three angry locals and continued to do what he was doing, while a giant of lightning and darkness attacked the three of them with a giant sword.

Several powerful cultivators from the local forces had their minds changed by the Dark Sea and turned against their own comrades in uniform.

Minos was a terror on the battlefield. In less than five minutes of battle, the streets of this capital city would be littered with corpses!

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