The Main Heroines are Trying to Kill Me

Chapter 291: Let Us Shag A Star

Chapter 291: Let Us Shag A Star

→ Let Us Shag A Star ←


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With a dissatisfied expression, Kania closed her eyes and munched on the tip of Frey’s cock.


Simultaneously, Irina quickly wrapped her tongue around Frey’s shaft.

“…Munch, munch.”

Finally, Clana, who missed her chance and was sobbing softly, quietly put Frey’s testicles in her mouth and started sucking on them fervently.


Thus began the full-scale operation to restore Frey’s manhood, which had become limp from filling Kania’s womb with cum all day long.

“G-Girls… wait a minute…”

Frey, whose manhood had become several times more sensitive than before, clenched his eyes shut as intense sensation coursed through his cock.


The most powerful Warlock, capable of covering the world in darkness, was earnestly pleasuring the tip of his manhood with her tongue.

“Slurp, slurp…”

The most powerful Archmage of all time, who could burn soldiers alive with a wave of her hand, was now earnestly licking his shaft with her tongue.

“Munch, munch…”

The next Empress of the Sunrise Empire, the hegemonic nation that rules over the Southern Continent, was on her knees like the other girls, delightfully sucking on his testicles.

– Spurt, spurt…!


Seeing such powerful figures serving him as submissively, and eagerly pleasuring his manhood, Frey was soon unable to hold back and cummed hard into Kania’s mouth.


Kania had a blissful expression as her mouth was flooded by Frey’s copious cum.

“You, again, all by yourself…!”

– Gulp…?

The furious Irina tried to pry open her mouth, but Kania swallowed the semen with a soft smile.

“Could you stop eating it by yourself?”

“Munch, munch…”

As a result, Irina frowned and started licking the remaining semen on Frey’s penis, and The utterly dejected Clana started sucking his testicles even harder.

– Spurt…!

Then, once again, semen spurted out from Frey’s penis.

“””Slurp, slurp…”””

This time however, all the girls were on their knees together and stuck their tongue out in front of Frey’s penis.

This way, they all could taste Frey’s semen.

“It’s so sweet…”

“Stop hogging it already, you thieving cat!”

“I-I want more… I’m new to this…”

The girls who were happily savoring Frey’s semen, started bickering again at Kania’s remarks.

– Gulp…?


Frey just watched them blankly. But then, out of nowhere, a surge of vigor suddenly rushed through him, making his penis stiffen and throbbed again.

In fact, he feels a little more vigorous than before, despite already came twice in a limp state.

“Good, it’s starting to work.”

Irina smiled as she looked at Frey’s hardening penis. Then she snapped her finger.

– Pop!

A small bottle appeared in her hand.


“It’s an aphrodisiac I developed. I had it in my mouth earlier and secretly fed it to you when we kissed. If you take all that’s inside this bottle… you should fully recover, right?”

With that, Irina opened the potion bottle and poured the aphrodisiac in between her breasts.

“Drink, Frey.”


Frey broke out in a cold sweat as he noticed the strange looks of the girls sitting on both of his sides. But, after a moment of hesitation, he buried his face in Irina’s cleavage

“Slurp… Gulp, gulp…”

“Good, good…”

Then, Irina blushed and stroked Frey’s head.

‘Not… like this. Even if I recover to my peak, I’m still facing three of them.’

Feeling the aphrodisiac and the Blessing of the Stars alleviate the soreness in his lower body, Frey quickly started to think.

‘Then… I have no choice but to use that.’

Frey’s eyes slowly began to glow.






– Swish, swi…

“G-Girls… that’s enough…”

Kania and Irina, who stood on both of his sides, started to nibble on his ears and neck, while stroking Frey’s penis vigorously.

– Wiggle, wiggle…?


Frey’s manhood, unable to withstand their teasing hands, finally jerked violently and spurted another round of semen.

– Drip…


Kneeling in front of Frey’s penis, Clana had a copious amount of semen splattered all over her face.

– Sticky…

Even in such a situation, Clana calmly closed her eyes and rubbed his semen on her cheeks as Frey’s manhood rested on her face.

– Drip…

The semen on Clana slowly trickled down, soaking her whole body.

– Kiss…?

Clana quietly kissed the tip of Frey’s penis as she enjoyed the sensation of the semen dripping down her body.

“I, Clana Solar Sunrise, the Imperial Princess, hereby declare that at this moment, I have been defeated by you and your penis.”

The next empress of the Sunrise Empire, declared her defeat and submission while being covered in Frey’s cum.

She was the most powerful woman in the world, whom most people nowadays were too afraid to even make eye contact with.

“So, please use me as you see fit.”

She placed Frey’s penis on her face once more and looked up at Frey with loving eyes as she whispered.

The sense of conquest was indescribable.

“T-This isn’t… what I wanted…”

Frey’s heart throbbed, and he mumbled with a pale face.

Originally, he was going to conquer them one by one.

“It’s okay, Frey… it’s a good potion, so there won’t be a problem.”

“I’ll lick it all up later, Young Master. So, please feel free to let it all out.”

But the heroines weren’t just going to let him get away with his slow and cunning tactics.

– Sway, sway…

Frey, who had been sweating profusely, quietly lowered his gaze to the soft feeling below him.

– Swish, swish…

Suddenly, Clana was lying on the bed in a doggy-style position, pressing herself against Frey’s penis , gently swaying her hips.

“Your very own conquered imperial pussy is right here, waiting to be filled.”

Then, she turned her head back and whispered as she blushed.

“So, go ahead and dominate me with your penis.”

Frey’s eyes widened and he grabbed her hips and pushed his penis in.

– Squeak…!


Her hymen was ripped instantly, and the pain came rushing in.



“I-It doesn’t hurt at all, Frey.”

Clana buried her face in the bed as tears streamed down her face. Afraid that Frey might pull his cock out, she started to tighten her pussy.

“A defeated monarch should be silent.”

Frey swallowed silently and slowly began to rock his hips.

“Uh, uhhh… Aghhh…?”

Because of her lewd words, Frey’s manhood became more ferocious, and he began to fuck her roughly from behind.

All the Imperial teachings she learned as a child, the charisma, and aura of domination that could make everyone kneel before her, were all thrown outside the window now.

“It’s so good…?”

At this moment, Clana was no longer a noble princess with a noble lineage, nor a conquering monarch and the future Empress. She was just a bitch.

– Squeak, squeak…

And the master of this bitch was none other than Frey.

“Uh, ugh…”

Feeling the immorality of violating the future empress from her rear, Frey quickly felt the urge to climax and arched his back.

– Squeeze, squeeze…

In response, Clana’s pussy quickly tightened around his penis.

– Squeeze…?

Clana’s vagina was as domineering as an overlord and as quick-witted as a monarch, but it was slightly timid compared to the previous two girls, but it was gripping him tightly.

“Slurp, slurp…”


Meanwhile, Kania and Irina were still nibbling on Frey’s ears and neck.

– Spurt, spurt…!

“Haa, haaaa…!”

In such overflowing pleasure, Frey powerfully filled Clana’s womb with his semen.

“The future Emperor of the empire… is now in my womb.”

She fell back on the bed with a blissed out expression on her face as she felt all of her frustrations being released at once. Then she tried to block the trickling semen from exiting her pussy with her hand.

“So, are you going to continue to ravish this noble body?

“Wait, it’s my turn now.”

“Uh, ah…”

But this time, Irina grabbed Frey, her eyes glowing.

“Right, well done, Frey.”

Then, laying Frey completely on her lap, she gently stroked his head with a tender smile.

“But you like bellies, don’t you?”


“…I’ll allow you to lick mine now.”

Saying that, she grabbed his head and brought it close to her belly.

– Drip…

Continued caresses and excitement, along with her trait as a fire mage, left Irina’s sleek belly slightly sweaty.



As Frey buried his face in her belly and cautiously stuck out his tongue to lick it, Irina let out a moan.

– Lick, lick, lick…!

“Slurp, slurp…”

As Frey began to lick her belly in earnest, she grabbed his huge manhood and started stroking it up and down.


“Why? Isn’t a smooth belly your fetish?”

As Frey lifted his head from her belly, Irina kept stroking his penis and asked.

“Maybe we should take a break…”

Frey suggested with weary eyes.


Irina looked at him with a puzzled expression.


Suddenly, she pressed her large breast on Frey, who was lying on her lap.

“Suck it, Frey.”


“Go ahead and suck it.”

“Mmm… Slurp.”

Baffled by her sudden action, Frey reluctantly sucked on her breast.


Shortly after, Frey swallowed something in his mouth.

“I tried a simple spatial magic, so when you suck my breast, an aphrodisiac comes out… How is it?”

As Frey’s limp manhood started to stiffen in her grasp, Irina asked with a seductive expression.

“If you don’t want to dry up today, you better suck my breast hard right now.”

But when Frey showed no response, she buried his face in her chest and whispered.

“Slurp, slurp…”

“…Ah, it’s so good.”

Frey began to desperately suck on her breast, which made Irina rock on his manhood vigorously, feeling both maternal affection and lust.

“Suck, suck…?”

– Thump, thump, thump!!

For a while, the room echoed with the sound of Frey sucking on the breast and Irina’s moans.

– Spurt, spurt…!

After consuming the potion from Irina’s breast, Frey’s penis, which had become hard again, jerked and ejaculated.


Not missing that moment, Kania swept her hair back and caught it with her mouth.

“…Gulp, gulp.”

“You…! Seriously…!!!”

Kania quickly caught all of Frey’s semen and savored it in her mouth. She put on a sly expression that caused Irina to get angry.

“Before you steal more, I need to get it quickly.”


– Kiss…

Irina pulled away from Frey and completely surrounded herself with a barrier. She gave a gentle kiss on the tip of his cock and climbed on top of him.

– Swish…!


But at the same time, Frey sat up abruptly.

Fearing he might be fucked in the same position to the end, he quickly changed positions.

– Creak…!

“Ah, ahh…”

Irina, now sitting on top of Frey at the edge of the bed, teared up as Frey’s manhood pushed inside her.

“I-It doesn’t hurt at all…”

Then, suddenly, she started to act haughtily.

“I-I’m different from those rookies. So… you can penetrate me in one go.”


“What do you think of me? I am Irina, the greatest combat Archmage in history.”

As Irina said this with an arrogant expression, Frey hesitated.

“Ha, don’t you trust me?”

– Slick…?

“B-But… It’s going to hurt…?”

“Quiet, this kind of pain is nothing…”

With her pride hurt, Irina frowned and slightly inserted Frey’s tip into her entrance, and closed her lower lips tightly.

– Smack!!

“In a war, this is nothing…”

The next moment, she slammed her thighs together, swallowing Frey’s penis to the hilt.


But contrary to her words, Irina screamed and buried her face in Frey’s shoulder.

“Ah, it hurts… it hurts…”

As she felt her hymen break and her virgin blood flow down Frey’s penis, she trembled and teared up.

“That’s what I said, don’t be so haughty… Ugh.”

Frey comforted her with a worried expression, patting her back, and then took a deep breath.

– Slick, slick…

Her insides were extremely hot.

– Wobble, wobble…?

“T-This is crazy…”

As Irina’s soft vaginal walls tightly clung around his manhood, he felt a melting heat enveloped around him.

“I’m going to cum already…..”

Even though he just penetrated her, he was already close to orgasm again, and he buried his face in her breasts.

“I-IIrina… my penis feels like it’s melting… Lower the temperature a bit…”

“D-Didn’t I tell you…?”

Then, gritting her teeth in pain, Irina shoved her breast back to Frey’s mouth.

“If you choose me, I’ll make you feel the best.”


“A customized pussy, full of magic, just for you.”

Frey shuddered at her words, and Irina whispered in a low voice.

“I’ll give you the right to cum inside the pussy of the greatest mage in the world.”


“Wouldn’t you like to see me, who’s usually so fierce, smiling gently as I carry your baby and tenderly stroking my swollen belly?”

– Spurt…! Spurt…!

As soon as she finished speaking, Frey cummed inside of her.

– Tremble…?

Irina’s womb was flooded to the brim just by a single ejaculation. She began to tremble as she tried to keep all the cum inside of her womb.

“I haven’t even moved my hips yet…”

Irina, who had been stroking Frey’s head as he sucked on her breasts, muttered with a smirk.

“Anyway, this is just the beginning, Frey.”

Hearing that, Frey’s eyes began to waver.

“It’s my turn now.”


At that moment, Kania pulled Frey from behind.


“I’m sorry, Young Master. I got too aroused.”

As Frey looked at her in disbelief, Kania spoke with her usual businesslike expression and moved closer to Frey.

“I’m really at my limit… I need to rest…”

“By the way, Young Master. I heard you transformed into a silver cat last time.”


Frey tried to appeal to Kania with an exhausted expression. But Kania’s inquiry was throwing him out of the loop.

“It’s nothing…”

– Shhhhhh….

Kania shrouded her body with black magic.


Then, as the black magic dissipated, Frey’s eyes widened.

– Wiggle, wiggle…

Kania appeared before him with black cat ears sprouting from her head and a cat tail wagging.


Kania then wrapped her tail around Frey’s waist and whispered with a smirk. Which makes Frey’s penis begin to poke at her lower belly with interest.

“You’re being honest down there, aren’t you?”

Kania began rubbing her belly against his penis and whispered with a smile.


It was at that moment that Frey’s mind began to go completely blank.






– Slick, slick…

The sound of flesh colliding with flesh filled the room.

“A-Agh… Ahhhh…”

Kania, who was mounted on top of Frey, was furiously rocking her hips.

“Slurp, slurp…”

Meanwhile, Irina was licking Frey’s nipples with her eyes closed.

“I-I’m the smallest… uhh…”

“Slurp, slurp…”

Clana was looking at Irina as Frey was sucking her breast.

– Spurt!!


Overwhelmed by all the pleasure, Frey’s began to cum inside Kania.

“What a waste, I’ll have to carry it in my womb for a while.”

Of course, her insides were already filled to the brim, but that didn’t stop Kania from creating a magical plug for her pussy.

– Squeeze…

After a brief moment, Clana and Kania pressed their chests together while holding hands.

– Slick…

In between their cleavage, Frey’s penis was sliding in and out.

– Spurt…!


Soon after, Frey’s started to spurt out semen, for countless times today. Then Kania and Clana licked the semen from their breasts.

“To violate both darkness and light at the same time… How does it feel? Frey?”

“Who satisfied you more? Whoever is better will be in charge of the tit job with Irina.”

Blushing, Clana and Kania asked.


However, there was no response.

– Slick…

A little while later, Clana gently lay on top of Irina.

– Squeak…

Both of their pussies were pressed against each other, and Frey’s penis quietly slipped between them.

– Squeak, squeak, squeak…



The girls moaned as Frey’s penis dug into their pussies.

– Wiggle, wiggle…?

His penis, which sometimes went inside their pussy, and sometimes digs deep into their navel, began to throb in between their bellies.

– Spurt, spurt…!

And then, Frey’s came ferociously.


They tightened both their legs as they felt the warmth of his semen hitting them on the stomach.

– Pop…!

Kania quietly pulled out his manhood from their bellies and looked out the window.


It was early in the morning outside.

“How… is that stray cat bitch… still looks fine…”

“Haa, haa…”

Exhausted, Irina and Clana glared at Kanina, who was still standing.

“Let’s… stop… Kania…”

Meanwhile, Frey, who had briefly regained consciousness after blacking out, quietly pleads to Kania.

“Did you, by any chance, infuse me with life force through our sex? I thought I was just adapting to the pleasure…”

“I don’t know why, but you seemed to be struggling. I have recovery potions, but you don’t…”

“…Really, you’re insatiable.”

Kania shook her head.


She quietly made Frey bite down Irina’s breast.

– Swish…

She then placed the half-conscious Clana in Frey’s chest.

“Thanks to you, I unexpectedly won the bet, so let me repay you, Young Master.”

She removed the plug on her pussy and whispered quietly.

“I’ll give you back all your life force.”


“So, I want you to cum a little more inside of me.”


With that, Kania sheathed Frey’s penis once more.

“If you need this pussy in the future, I’ll serve you as much as you want.”


“I love you, Young Master…?”

“…Me too.”

She then fell on top of Frey as they affirmed their love for each other.

“You must really like me.”

“Of course.”

“Let me ask you something.”

Kania asked him.

“Why do you like me?”

She had wanted to ask about it for a long time.

– Thump, thump…

Why did he like her, someone who didn’t have a connection with him, unlike the other girls?

Unable to gather the courage to ask or to look into his heart until today, she finally asked with her eyes tightly closed. Her heart began to beat rapidly like that of a girl seeing her first love.


Frey answered, turning his gaze to the side with a shy look.

“…are exactly my type.”

Kania was stunned for a moment, and she spaced out.

– Thump, thump…?

Her womb, which was filled with his semen, began to tremble violently.

“I really like you… Young Master.”

“…Me too.”

Thus, the hours-long repayment of gratitude by Kania began.

– Spurt, spurt…!


Frey was completely unaware that Clana and Irina, who were softly caressing him, were gradually regaining their strength, their eyes burning with a revitalized energy.






At the same time.

– Squeak, squeak…

Roswyn stared outside the window with listless eyes. She was quietly fingering herself while holding a rose to her chest.

– I love you the most in the world, Young Master…

– Spuuuurt…

“I also… want… the Hero’s seed…”

She watched as Frey’s penis slid into Kania’s pussy and spurted out a white fluid, and she quietly arched her back.

– Drip, drip…

Unlike the desperation that overwhelmed her whole body, her juice slowly seeped out from her lower body.

“I should have just pounced on him back then… why did I…”

Roswyn’s hollow voice echoed throughout the place.

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