The Golem Mage

Chapter 100 Iver Dragonmir vs Alec Gordons

Chapter 100 Iver Dragonmir vs Alec Gordons

Iver was suprised at Alec's ability to still hold on even after he had used half of his powers, he even felt he was been excessive here after all Alec was just a Tier 1 mage half his power was enough to even threaten some Tier 2 mages who were unprepared because

Most mages where weak physically at the low mage stage expect those who went on to the battle mage path or bloodline path and even at that he was a member of the mighty Dragonmir clan

He had fused with the blood of a Tier 6 baby Wind dragon which had fully been devoured by his main bloodline making him much more stronger than any regular battle mage

He was a genius and could not let anyone look down on him,

" aarghh how dare you look down on me, a genius of the dragonmir clan, I would crush you to mince meat"

Iver roared as he finally could not help getting angry and his iris changed into golden colour, while the hands he was using to hold Alec started changing as an azure coloured scaled covered his arms

And very soon his fingers turned into claws and Alec felt the power being used to hold his hands was getting pretty much and was starting to affect him since his power stats was not enough to handle that type of strength so he quickly passed his mana through the hands

And the invisible tattoo that was inked on his skin light up as the Red Salamander Gauntlet appear and finally tipped the balance back to a stand still

The moment the recruiter and the students saw the Gauntlet appeared they were all flabbergasted, the recruiter never expected the bumping he was underestimating to have such treasure such as a mark spirit weapon though it seems quite weaker than the ones he has seen

But it was still a Tier 3 Gauntlet, he was sweating deep down when he thought of how he wanted to send a Tier beast to Alec when he heard he was just a Tier 1 mage,

Now he was feeling really lucky that the elder have persuaded him to really find someone to do the job,

Cause no matter how he pictured Alec in an arena with a Tier 3 beast he does not see the beast winning thought Alec has not really made any moves but with the confidence Alec has shown and the rare concern from the elders he was sure that

Alec was no ordinary person, after all it was not easy to have a mark spirit equipment , though alot of people have spirit amour but it could never grow but the mark spirit armour is able to awaken his own consciousness and skills

This was one of the old details that the Gordons family or other mid tier family was unaware about after all only the ancient families have being able to really use the powers of the mark spirit equipment

The student all stared at Alec with envy in there eyes as they stared at Alec, some were already greedy but they already knew it was almost impossible to gain a marked spirit equipment by killing the old owner but they still wish they could be as lucky as Alec, as they started jumping into conclusions about how Alec gained his marked gauntlet

" ohhh, I see where your confidence is coming from, but that was just 70% of my power let's see what happens when I go all out "

Iver said as he finally released all of his powers and shock waves spread every where as azure coloured dragon scales covered all over his chest to form an armour and his other arm was quickly covered by the same scales

But it was not as complete as the hand that was shaking Alec

His eyes has completely changes and there was now a slit there making it feel like Alec was looking at a reptile creature instead of an human, clearly even if he had inject dragon blood he had not really assimilated with it completely into his Dragonmir bloodline

As he only hand one small horn poking out of his head, and he had no dragon might coming out of him at all except from the domineering scale that was covering him

Alec quickly flashed his mana all over his body and he fully unlocked the whole set of the Red Salamander Armour

" What his marked spirit weapon was a set"

Bolton almost screamed as he felt like drawing out his hairs, he started thinking about how rich and connected the Gordons clan could be for them to be able to get a marked spirit armour set for a member of there younger generation

It was crazy that even the outer court elders of the Blaze clan didn't have marked spirits armour sets, the only had spirit equipments

While the inner court all had at least one marked spirit equipment crafted for them and that was why they had a higher power than the outer court, some exceptional and crazily talented genius among them have even more than one marked spirit armour

But still yet none of them had a full armoured set of marked equipment, only the core heirs and members of the ancient clan had the ability and wealth to have one

But just now the recruiter just saw a boy he called a bumpkin in his mind summon something he craved for even in his sleep, he felt like slapping the face of any of those students who had greed all over there faces

Those idiot were so stupid to belive that they had a chance to earn a mark spirit armour just because they saw Alec summon one and started talking about how cool they would also look in there own


" so this is where your confidence came from, planning to take me on with a Tier 3 marked armour set, I must say I am suprised at your ability to subdue a Tier 3 marked armour set while being just a Tier 1 mage but if you think you are going to be winning this fight with just this armour set you must be joking "

" as am about to show you how wrong you are, because as long as you don't have a Tier 3 mage strength you would not be able to really use the main power of your armour making you quite weak like a quasi Tier 3 mage "

" Let me show you what a real Tier 3 power really looks like "

Iver Dragonmir said as he finally snapped out of his dazed state and explained Alec's weak point and that's is the fact that Alec was not yet a Tier 3 mage yet which means he had to use his mana to activate the armour

Meaning as long as he went out of mana he would have no defence to stop Iver Dragonmir

Iver sent a lower punch straight at Alec's ribs region with his free hand, but before his punch landed it was stopped by a bigger icy blue hand

And when Iver looked over he came face to face with Titan he switched his vision to Alec who smile and said

"who said I needed my armour to defeat you, nope I just need it to defend myself till my babies finish there work on you"

The wild smile on Alec's face reminds Iver of a certain person he had seen who fights so recklessly among the Dragonmir clan

He quickly tried to break off the handshake so he could re stratigize, but the moment he tried to break free he noticed his hand was being held in place by some light strings

He was shocked at the development of things as he was not even aware of when the light strings was tied between his hands

His eyes flashed a much more brighter golden glow as he was finally able to trace the strings line and he followed the strings line till he saw who was responsible for it

And he saw another weird looking golem which had the upper body of a female and the lower part was that of a spider and it was smiling at him,

" how, how how are you able to summon this monsters without me noticing" Iver questioned with a serious expression on his face this time when he felt the amount of danger those golem possess

" we just started, Mr genius" Alec said

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