The First Evolution

Chapter 562: Not Reconciled

Chapter 562: Not Reconciled

In fact, what Fang Linyan did was very simple.

Most people could easily do it.

That was to pour himself a glass of water, then turn on the automatic shield and use the robotic arm to hold the cup and drink it.

The premise was that he was controlling an SCI.

This scene looked normal in the eyes of ordinary people, but in the eyes of the experts, that was a symbol of strength!!

Engineer Ivan was shocked by this scene!

SCI was an engineering robot. The strength of this kind of robot was to do rough work in harsh environments and perform simple tasks, so it was definitely lacking in precision.

Even for most of the professional maintenance members on “Lakshar”, it would probably be difficult for them to perform the same action.

Most people either splashed the water everywhere when pouring water or crushed the cup when fetching the water with the mechanical arm.

To put it more intuitively, the difficulty for Fang Linyan to pour himself a glass of water with the SCI was equivalent to driving an excavator on Earth and using the bucket to extinguish a random candle placed in front in 10 seconds!

At the same time, the candle couldn’t fall and deform!

Among the SCI operators Engineer Ivan knew, no more than 20 people who could do this.

If it were to operate as easily as Fang Linyan did, the scope would have to be further narrowed to 5 people.

If it weren’t for the {Metal Touch} that allowed Fang Linyan to be familiar with the operation quickly, Fang Linyan would also not be able to do this on the new SCI.

After drinking half a glass of water, Fang Linyan put it down casually and said,

“I’m ready.”

Engineer Ivan was silent for a while and said,

“No need for that. You are able to do this on a brand new SCI in just 10 minutes… I’ll let you pass based on this alone.”

At this moment, Laget couldn’t help but look joyful, but Feromone shouted loudly in disbelief,

“Engineer Ivan!! How could you do this!! How many benefits did Laget give you? I can give you double!”

Ivan’s temper was not good to begin with. When Feromone claimed that he took the bribe, he immediately slapped the table, stood up, and cursed,

“Dumbass! If you don’t understand, just get lost! Let me tell you, it is my authority to let anyone pass. If you think there is any problem, you are welcome to report it to the superiors. But if I say he passed today, he definitely can pass!”

Feromone had lost all hope. He never expected that things would take a turn for the worse!

Laget couldn’t afford to lose, but the same goes for him.

In order to lure Laget into the bet, Feromone went all in! If he lost, his future would probably be bleak. He would probably be confined in a small office for the rest of his life.

However, Engineer Ivan was also well-known for being ignorant and domineering. Feromone was really helpless…

However, it definitely didn’t mean that he was helpless against Fang Linyan!

Because Engineer Ivan’s approval was a very basic thing, just like a premarital certificate. It only showed that one was qualified to get married, but to truly determine the fact of marriage, a marriage certificate is still needed.

Once Fang Linyan’s data was not entered into the database, Feromone didn’t lose.

Seeing Feromone leaving angrily, Engineer Ivan snorted. Then, just to be sure, he let Fang Linyan weld a crack with SCI. After seeing the results, he nodded and said,

“Boy, if you have developed your welding skills to this level out of hobby, then you are really a monster!”

“People like you will make those of us who regard welding and machine repair as our second life feel that our efforts are meaningless.”

Fang Linyan smiled,

“Then don’t compare with me. Why do you want to make your life difficult?”

Engineer Ivan snorted and said to Laget,

“I have approved your application, but if you want him to be officially accepted, you have to get the approval of the HR.”

Laget said happily,

“Got it. I’ll go through the formalities right away.”

Engineer Ivan looked at Fang Linyan and snorted,

“Boy, you owe me a favor, so do some work for me before you leave.”

Fang Linyan said cheerfully,

“My pleasure.”

Then he helped Engineer Ivan deal with the pile of work at hand.

Soon, Fang Linyan discovered that Engineer Ivan’s machine repair and welding style were similar to that of the military.

He only cared about efficiency and not detail. No wonder he accepted the ugly blast panel that Fang Linyan welded before.

For Fang Linyan, he had been crafting objects like [Machine Gun Turret], Mechanical Dire Wolf Heart, etc., so his welding style was prone toward precision machining. A slight mistake was unacceptable.

In this way, his strengths could make up for Engineer Ivan’s shortcomings.

Engineer Ivan took a look at Fang Linyan’s works and found that he really wasn’t bragging!

So he sorted the similar tasks accumulated in his hands and assigned all of them to Fang Linyan.

Not only that, he also checked on Fang Linyan’s progress frequently, and they often had heated discussions. In fact, this was a collision of wisdom between 2 different planes!

Therefore, even though they quarreled seemingly fiercely, they benefited a lot from each other. At first, the female secretary panicked, thinking they would really fight.

As soon as the quarrel ended, Engineer Ivan cursed and came to the optical brain to do some calculations. After pondering for 2 minutes, he laughed out loud, looking very happy. He took 3 sips of vodka in a row.

Time passed quickly while Fang Linyan was busy. About 3 hours later, Laget appeared in front of Fang Linyan with an anxious face.

“We’re in some trouble now.”

Laget took Fang Linyan to the side.

Fang Linyan said,

“Oh, what’s the trouble?”

Laget said angrily,

“That bastard Feromone is playing tricks again. Our bet is that you won’t be able to become the special talent hired for this emergency mission!”

“Now, although you have been approved by Engineer Ivan, and through my relationship, this approval has also been passed.”

“But here’s the problem. Your access certification must be entered into the consortium’s internal database before it can be considered officially effective.”

“However, Ms. Sidell, the specialist in charge of welding maintenance, is Feromone’s aunty. She temporarily freezes your access certificate because you do not have the corresponding certificate!”

Fang Linyan said,

“It’s just temporary, right? What does it matter? I believe that an organization as large as the Star Consortium must have a correspondingly complete system, right?”

Laget gritted his teeth and said,

“Yes, her maximum temporary freezing authority is only 8 hours, but I got the news that she had applied for a job transfer 2 hours ago.”

“She is transferred to another planning department, and the person she exchanges with is Fanny! And Fanny’s father is our deputy minister!”

“Even for Fanny, it is very worthwhile to get such a low position with decent power, so she will definitely support this matter, but Ms. Sidell made a request that she recently feels unwell and needs to take 3 days off before handing over the work.”

“No one will refuse such a trivial matter, but Ms. Sidell froze your access certificate before taking a break! So this is equivalent to delaying your approval time to 3 days later. By then, the recruitment for this emergency mission will be over!”

When Fang Linyan heard that, he realized that Feromone was really insidious. He just tried to delay until the emergency mission ended. Not only that, he also had a deputy minister supporting him.

Looking at the anxious Laget, Fang Linyan pondered for a moment and said,

“Can’t we apply again to someone else?”

TL: But the application still has to be approved right?

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