The Demonic King Chases His Wife

Chapter 23. Give you the position of concubine (2)

Su Luo’s laugh was joyful and sunny. “Crown prince is saying that, the crown prince is wise with amazing martial arts, speaks with eloquence, distinguished and carefree, never picks on others, never bully the weak, and never used power to oppress the people? How could this subject even compare?”

The crown prince’s brow wrinkled slightly as his eyes filled with annoyance and another bone chilling coldness.

He carelessly played with the thumb ring on his finger, and shot a smile that was not quite a smile at Su Zian, and said. “ The Great General really did educate a such great daughter. She really knows how to praise this king, this king really admires that.”

Although his words sounded like praise, those words were like a sharp sword that brutally stabbed toward Great General Su’s chest.

Su Zian’s complexion changed as he waved his hands toward Su Luo and angrily thundered. “Why are you not quickly apologizing to the crown prince?”

Su Luo revealed a terrified expression, and at the same time, looked despondent. She glanced at the raised hand, raised her small palm sized face, innocently asked. “Father, is daughter’s praise of the crown prince wrong? Is the crown prince not wise with amazing martial arts? Not eloquent in speech? Not distinguished and carefree? Are you implying that the crown prince picks on others, bully the weak, and oppress the people?”

Su Zian’s face darkened a little bit after each sentence Su Luo uttered, until the very end when his face could be described as being covered by a dense black cloud.

It could be said that every word Su Luo used, if alone, was correct but put together, it had the opposite meaning. This was Su Luo playing words games. How could Su Zian, a military man, win against her, who was an experienced veteran?

At this time, Su Luo snorted in her heart. Break off the engagement? Even though this lady also wants to break off the engagement, this lady is still in a bad mood because you were the one who mentioned it.

You wanted to break this engagement, but do you think it’ll just break like that because you want it to break?

“Clap.. Clap.. Clap..” The crown prince suddenly stood up, and steadily, step by step, slowly walked to Su Luo’s side. His condescending manner, eyes full of nefarious light, looked at her up and down.

While carrying a evil and callous atmosphere, a touch of interest suddenly flashed in his gaze. Outside of his expectations, Su Luo indifferently stared back at him.

But Su Luo’s heart secretly become more alert. This crown prince was suspicious and capricious; if she mishandled him, then she will suffer a loss.

“Hahaha, amusing. This is really interesting.” The crown prince suddenly started to laugh loudly. He turned toward Su Zian and said. “ Great General Su, this king did not speak wrongly. You really did raise an interesting daughter.”

What could Su Zian possibly say? He could only laugh along with the crown prince. In the end, whatever the crown prince says, would always be right.

Su Xi and Su Jingyu’s expression changed in an instant.

What does the crown prince mean? He praised Su Luo as amusing and looked at her with interest. Could it be that this engagement won’t be cancelled?

Although Su Luo’s heart was secretly on guard, she was still confident about her judgement. Regarding the crown prince’s feminine and viscous type of person, he was only interested in what benefit him. He would never give up Su Xi, a piece of fat meat that was about to reach his mouth, on account of Su Luo.

At this moment, Su Jingyu took a step forward. His tone was a bit gloomy as he said. “Your highness, the crown prince——”

The crown prince waved his hands, revealing that faint half smile, and that flirtatious threatening, yet matchless handsome countenance. “This king understand your meaning. Rest assured, today this engagement will be canceled, but——”

He condescendingly said to Su Luo. “ You must really want to marry this king, right? This king is not that unreasonable. I can give you a chance right now.”

Su Luo coldly throw him a glance as she secretly laughed in her heart.

The crown prince nobley sat down on the luxurious soft cushion, and arrogantly continued. “If you can answer the question asked by this king, this king promises you, to give you the position of concubine.”

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