The Demonic King Chases His Wife

Chapter 20. Simply unbelievable

Su Luo coldly smiled, “If I go whenever you tell me to, wouldn’t I lose a lot of face?” In Su Luo’s impression this Madam Su is not benevolent. The original soul that inhibited Su Luo’s body suffered countless losses at the hands of Madam Su and and Nanny Gui.

Nanny Gui coldly smiled and scornfully said. “ Fourth miss, you’re joking right?”

“This Miss never jokes.” Su Luo replied seemingly crossed her arms over her chest and seemed serious replied.

Nanny Gui narrowed her eyes and a vicious light flashed across her eyes. “Since Fourth Miss does not appreciate my kindness, then this servant will no longer be polite.”

Although she said she was the servant, there was no trace of respect in her expression and her actions were even more ruthlessly disrespectful. She casually took a few steps forward and appeared by Su Luo’s side. Her strong hands, like those used to catch baby chickens, extended toward Su Luo’s throat.

Su Luo’s eyes contained a frigid light.

Even a servant dare to hit her? Looks like Nanny Gui is impatient to die.

Right at this time of imminent peril, when the burly hands were about to seize Su Luo as Nanny Gui’s eyes flashed with victory, the situation suddenly reversed!

“AHHHH——” A miserable scream broke from Nanny Gui’s mouth and she looked as if her right arm was in pain as she covered it. The pain was so fierce that cold sweat started dripping off Nanny Gui’s face.

Of course Nanny Gui was in extreme pain. Since Su Luo was knowledgeable about human anatomy, when she fought, she directly hit the critical points on Nanny Gui’s right arm. Her movements were clean and neat without a hint of sloppyness.

Su Luo crossed her arms across her chest and calmly looked at her with a taunting, cold smile on her face.

“H-how do you know…. this isn’t possible!” Nanny Gui looked astonished and was obviously aghast.

“Oh?” Su Luo faintly sneered.

Nanny Gui painfully took a deep breath. She secretly cried to herself; illusion, it must be an illusion. Forth Miss is a good-for-nothing who doesn’t know any martial arts. How could she possibly beat me?

Thinking up to here, Nanny Gui released a evil laugh. “Since Fourth Miss refused my polite request unless I force you to, then don’t blame this old servant for being impolite!”

Nanny Gui used her other hand, curved into a steel claw, and reached toward Su Luo’s neck. She didn’t believe that she could not grasp the weak Fourth Miss, who did not know martial arts, with this method.

Suddenly, a black shadow flashed across Nanny Gui’s eyes. Su Luo’s figure had already disappeared from her line of sight.

However, in that short time, Su Luo aimed her foot at Nanny Gui’s butt and kicked.

It was this exact Buddha Mountain Shadowless Kick, that kicked Su Wan into the lotus pond yesterday. This kick was even more powerful now; it directly sent Nanny Gui into the wall three meters away.

Afterwards, a loud violent crash resounded.

The wall had not been repaired for many years now. Thus, it wasn’t very solid. The wall shook violently a few times and did not collapse, but some powdered mud broke from the wall and dropped to the ground. At this time, Nanny Gui had already passed out from hitting the wall.

Su Luo’s display of power stunned Lu Luo so much that her jaw dropped to the floor.

“M-M-Miss?” Lu Luo was so surprised that she could not speak in complete sentences.

Looking at the Miss who, with one kick, sent Nanny Gui into a dead faint, Lu Luo firmly rubbed her eyes. She still could not believe her eyes.

“Oh.” Su Luo softly sighed. With one hand under her chin, she pondered over how she was going to deal with this old witch.

From Su Luo’s previous memories, she recalled that these past years, Nanny Gui continuously bullied her. Even worse, she deliberately asked the kitchen to send pig feed for her to eat! When she was sick, instead of giving her medicine, she replaced the medicine with urine! The original Su Luo angrily protested but Nanny Gui actually used large needles to poke her!

This kind of old witch, it’s best she dies!

Just based on that hit, she should be out cold for a few days.

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