The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player

Chapter 157: Battle Angel (2)

[What do you want from me, human?]

“What do I want? That’s obvious.”

The human, speaking casually like a thug, extended his hand.

“Hand over your item.”


“I’m not making unreasonable demands like excluding me from the survival game or keeping me alive until the 20th round. It seems impossible for you angels to change the system.”


“But I’m making a reasonable request. If you have something like an item, hand it over.”

[Oh, item?]

“You made this system, so there must be something. If not an item, then something else.”

The human demand was simple.

He wasn’t asking for something big enough to tamper with the system.

Just something beneficial.

[‘It’s impossible! I’m just a 9th-class angel who sometimes acts as a substitute guide!’]

Calren’s role was to receive oracles or occasionally fill in as a guide.

She couldn’t just hand over items.

The system was designed that way from the start.

[‘Not just me. Not even a higher-ranking angel has the authority to give out items.’]

Everything ran on a system in this world.

Humans might think the angels dragged them into this survival game, but it was entirely different.

They were just ordinary angels acting as guides.

[‘What should I do? If I tell him the truth, this goddamn human won’t leave it at that…’]

As Calren remained silent, Ryu Min scowled and slapped her again.


“Aren’t you going to hand it over? Won’t you speak?”


Though he didn’t hit her as hard as before, Calren still felt pain because her cheek was swollen to the point of pain from just a light touch.

[‘That damn human bastard!’]

It was more about her wounded pride than the pain.

In a flash of inspiration driven by her desire for revenge, she thought of deceiving this stupid human and trapping him.

[‘Yeah, I’ll trick this dumb human into falling into a trap. After all, he’s an idiot for believing I could give him an item.’]

As Ryu Min was about to slap her again, Calren quickly yelled out, hiding his true intentions.

[Stop, I’ll give it! The item!]

“Now we’re talking. Hurry up and hand it over.”

[Wait, I don’t have the authority, but another angel can give it. I’ll call them.]

“Another angel?”

Ryu Min tilted his head and then nodded as if to say, do as you please.

“Call them. It doesn’t matter if you bring another winged birdbrain; they’re no threat anyway. Just don’t move from here. You can do that, right? Angels have means of communication, don’t they?”

[Alright, just wait 3 minutes. I’ll call an angel who can give the reward…]

As Ryu Min crossed his arms and waited, Calren secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

At the same time, he had to forcibly suppress the laughter that threatened to burst forth.

[‘Hehehe, you insect-like human. You’re as good as dead. Dare to belittle an angel?’]

The angel Calren was calling was a battle angel.

Unlike ordinary angels, these were created solely for destruction and slaughter.

[‘When the battle angel arrives, you’re as good as dead.’]

Unbeknownst to the human, Calren was deliberately delaying to draw in the battle angel.

Ryu Min, who could read thoughts, surely knew.

What the angel was scheming.

‘She thinks she has a chance with a battle angel. What a joke.’

From the start, Ryu Min’s goal was to kill the battle angel and receive the initial reward.

Calling the battle angel was precisely what he wanted.

‘I threatened her just so she’d call the battle angel out of hurt pride.’

If she had outright demanded the battle angel from the start, it would have likely led to resistance due to pride.

Angels are a proud race, after all.

‘That’s why I acted like a thug and threatened her.’

Fortunately, this angel was playing right into his hands.

The battle angel would soon arrive, and he’d receive the initial kill reward.

Ryu Min glanced at Yumti, who was hiding behind him.

He gave a signal, and understanding, Yumti stayed out of sight.

Unless the charm rune was effective, there was no need for Yumti to step in.

Dealing with the angels was entirely Ryu Min’s domain.

‘Come on. Whatever kind of angel you are, I’ll rip you to shreds.’

Like a predator, Ryu Min’s eyes shone as he awaited his prey.

The hierarchy of angels is divided from 9th to 1st class.

9th to 7th class are ordinary angels.

6th to 4th class are common battle angels.

3rd to 1st class are among the highest-ranking battle angels.

And the unclassified, the seven Archangels.

That was the well-known hierarchy of the celestial realm.

Knowing the ranks, many dreamed of achieving deeds and becoming higher-ranking angels.

However, for 6th class battle angel Baiel, such deeds were of little concern.

She was so sleepy she felt like she could go insane.

[I wish I could sleep even for an hour.]

Having pulled an all-nighter on duty since yesterday, Baiel kept yawning.

Angels, like humans, have physical bodies.

They live in a different, but to relieve the fatigue of the day they need to sleep like humans do.

However, they do not feel hunger, so they don’t eat.

[Why do angels need to sleep… I wonder why God made us this way. Wouldn’t it be better to make us purely spiritual beings without any desires?]

Certainly, it’s better than humans, who need to eat, sleep, and take care of various bodily functions.

[I don’t understand how humans can keep up with such bothersome tasks. Ah, maybe it’s because it’s a natural urge?]

Baiel was aware.

Angels possess strength and mental prowess far surpassing humans.

She was dissatisfied with her weak physical form that couldn’t overcome drowsiness, but overall, she was content.

However, she was not pleased with her current position, which required him to be on alert for emergency signals.

[I’m sick of this. It’d be good if something happened.]

As she muttered, trying to fight off sleep, something really did happen.

[Huh? An emergency signal?]

A signal came in.

She immediately tuned in and heard the message from a 9th-class angel.

[I’m being threatened by a human who appears to be a player. Please help, battle angel.]

[A human, threatening an angel?]

It was unthinkable, but not entirely impossible.

If caught without Sishal, an ordinary angel couldn’t resist.

That’s why ordinary angels should never get close to players.

[Stupid woman. What’s the use of having wings then?]

Baiel shook her head in disdain.

The prestige of angels was at stake.

However, contrary to her annoyed tone, her lips curled up in excitement.

[This is just what I needed.]

It was an opportunity to relieve some stress.

If a player dared to confront an angel, they should executed on the spot.

In other words, there would be no issues with dismantling and toying with that human.

Although minor, it could also be recognized as a meritorious deed.

[I don’t care what kind of human it is, they’ve messed with the wrong one. I’ll go and take care of it immediately.]

Knowing the location through the transmitted signal, Baiel disappeared in a flash of light.

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