Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!

Chapter 246.2: Prosperity, Report to My Room Tonight… (2)

Chapter 246.2: Prosperity, Report to My Room Tonight… (2)

Hedwig had shown mercy to Rayne, even though Rayne had already declared war on her.

"I detected the subtle changes in your body when you were confronting my master. In the end, I came to a conclusion. Wolf Queen Hedwig, let me ask youcould it be that you've already fallen in love with my master?"

Hedwig: "!!!"

Although the two of them were far apart, they could communicate normally with their powerful perception.

Fallen in love?!

I don't have any improper thoughts towards Rayne Haines!

Hedwig shook her head angrily.

She knew very well.

There should not be such a relationship between the Eternal Night Queen and the heir of Haines!

I was just

However, what Prosperity said next stunned Hedwig on the spot.

"I'm really envious of you."

Prosperity said expressionlessly.

"That's because my master is completely obsessed with you as well."


Hedwig was shocked.

At that moment, her heart was filled with surprise, confusion as well as an insignificant trace of...


Prosperity continued leisurely, "Using my spiritual aggregation as an ascended body no, I mean, insight at the level of a true god allows me to sense the emotions of living beings. Therefore, according to Master's reaction when he mentioned you, I'm very sure that my master has feelings for you or rather, to put it bluntly."

Mechagod Prosperity revealed the truth in emotionless and cold language.

"He's lusting after you."

Hedwig: ""

Hedwig was stunned and had mixed feelings.

Prosperity continued, "Hedwig, I heard about what Master did in Haines. It was because he helped you that you're protecting him time and again."

"Indeed, that's because Master is extremely far-sighted and can see further than other mediocre people. That's why he chose to help you."

"However is going against everyone's wishes to support Eternal Night really his only choice in a rational decision?"

"Haven't you considered any other reasons why my master would choose to help you guys?"

"For example, could it be that the pitiable and desperate Eternal Night Queen who appeared in front of him the other day made him pity and admire her?"

"I heard that you were dressed rather beautifully that day."

"Could it be that you wanted to use your body as a bargaining chip to tempt the desires of a certain decision maker of Haines to begin with?"

Hedwig shook her head vigorously.

She was not that sort of shameless woman. Only those vampires would do such things!

She was merely following the customs and dressing up according to the style of the Haines people.

She had never thought of seducing anyone. She merely wanted to lower her status. However, who would have thought that she would be so popular in the eyes of the Haines people?

However, that was definitely not her intention

Definitely not

Prosperity's voice was still calm and cold. "However, you succeeded."

"You tempted my master and made him intoxicated by you. My master can clearly use this favor to order you to protect him and even help him fight against his other me And you seem to be quite willing as well." freeweb .co m

"However, in order not to cause you trouble, he took the initiative to join the Vampire Queen and devoted himself to the vampires who covet his blood. If my master is truly wise and rational, do you think he will make that choice?"

No way

Hedwig replied internally.

Initially, she was disappointed. However, her disheartened true feelings were revived and an incomprehensible ecstasy assaulted her spirit.

Prosperity did not seem to notice anything and said indifferently.

"However, you didn't understand Master's good intentions at all and let go of a good opportunity to destroy me for nothing."

Prosperity: "Indeed Do you like my master as well?"

Hedwig fell silent. She opened and closed her mouth, wanting to speak but hesitating.

Finally, she bit her lip and nodded extremely gently.

"I think you need to talk to my master again."

"After all, even if a pair of people who are in love with each other can't end up together, there's no need for them to kill each other, right?"

Prosperity took out a magic mirror identification card made of silver-white crystals and placed it in the dark of a street not far away.

"Tomorrow night, I'll bring the master to this hotel."

"Why don't you open up and talk to him?"

"Whether you're willing to meet my master again is up to you. Thank you for stopping and listening to me. I'll take my leave first. Also, thank you for sparing my life, although I know that you're not doing this for me at all."

After bidding farewell to the Wolf Queen politely, Prosperity returned to Cowper City.

As for Hedwig, she was still standing on the spot, seemingly at a loss.

At night


The Wolf Queen looked at the room card that Prosperity had put down.

After a moment of silence, she returned the way she came.

Her actions had already explained her thoughts.

She was willing.

[Master, everything went smoothly. Queen Hedwig is already willing to meet you. ]

[That's good. However, you were gone for so long. Was Hedwig very angry? ]

[No, I was merely taking some liberties with my choice of words. ]

On the way back to Cowper City, Prosperity connected to Rayne and reported to him using words.

Previously, when she met Hedwig, it was naturally not because Prosperity had a sudden thought. Instead, Rayne had already arranged this job for Prosperity during breakfast this morning.

There was naturally no way Rayne would take the initiative to push Hedwig to the opposite side of him.

On the one hand, his rejection of the Wolf Queen previously was because he wanted to play hard to get. On the other hand, it was naturally to take care of Her Majesty the Vampire Queen.

What happened today actually surprised Rayne.

Hedwig was way too docile and friendly. Rayne did not expect that the cold-blooded Wolf Queen's attitude would change so drastically just by playing the emotional card.

Notwithstanding Hedwig's docile attitude, the Vampire Queen had a good impression of him as well.

However, Rayne clearly could not let the two of them get along well.

The Vampire Queen and the Wolf Queen had maintained a hostile relationship for 300 years. They represented the stance of their respective races. Not only was it extremely difficult for them to reconcile, they could not reconcile now either.

Rayne had to let Prosperity in the skies think that Hedwig was still on her side.

At the end of the day, be it his shift to Eternal Night, his choice to not bring demigods with him or his decision to establish a relationship with Hedwig in secret, it was all to maintain a balance in combat strength to prevent Mechagod Prosperity in the skies from flipping the table entirely.

It was to give that person in the skies the illusion that she could win.

[Rayne: Furthermore these two are both proud queens. There are very few people who even dare to raise their heads and talk to them normally. How can they tolerate sharing their lover with another woman? ]

[Prosperity: So, Master, you planned to cheat on the two queens behind their backs right from the beginning? What a scumbag. ]

[Rayne: How dare you insult me? Prosperity, I'm going to punish you properly when you come back later. ]

[Prosperity: Indeed, you should... I'm willing to accept any form of punishment and abuse from you, Master. Please vent your anger on me to your heart's content, Master. ]

[Rayne: ]

[Rayne: By the way, Prosperity. ]

[Prosperity: Yes, Master? ]

[Rayne: Are you jealous as well? ]

[Prosperity: Yes. ]

[Prosperity: Although I'm your servant, I love you as well, Master. You sent me to mediate between your two lovers and yet, you refuse to give me even a single word of comfort. I'm sad. ]

[Rayne: Prosperity you're way too cute. ]

[Rayne: Report to my room tonight. ]

Prosperity nodded gently.

[I understand. ]

As a loyal maid who dedicated her entire body and mind to her beloved master, she had long been looking forward to the day she would become her master's limited-time wife at night.

The cold artificial goddess revealed a faint smile.

Although the Vampire Queen and the Wolf Queen were both peerless beauties, in the end, their relationship with her master was merely because of her master's strategic motives.

The only one who could obtain the love of her master purely out of desire and not out of utilitarian nature...

Was his most loyal mechagod maid.

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