Star Odyssey

Chapter 2824: Pushed Back

Blackless God stared at the Cyclic Tribulation. Sage Yajna? This would not be an easy person to deal with.

The Skygod had once attacked Sage Yajna, determined to kill the man, but he had ultimately let him go. This was not because of the Sage’s strength, but rather because Sage Yajna's indomitable spirit had influenced Blackless God.

Once a person's determination reached a certain level, it became completely possible to overturn any situation.

Even if Sage Yajna was just sitting still, Blackless God would still hesitate or even retreat.

At this moment, the child of the Lu family should be feeling the same sensation that Blackless God had once felt.

Beneath the Cyclic Tribulation, Lu Yin hesitated. He did not know why, but he could not attack this man. For some reason, Lu Yin did not want to destroy the perfect harmony before him.

This man was sitting in the sky, cross-legged. However, there was something about him that gave off the feeling that the harmonious scene could not be destroyed or defiled.

This man seemed to be sacrificing himself, which roused Lu Yin's feelings of compassion. This was a man who should not be struck.

Lu Yin made no move, but Sage Yajna also did nothing. Meanwhile, in the background, the Cyclic Tribulation kept flickering.

Bai Xian'er muttered to herself, "Sage Yajna can't stop Brother Xiaoxuan, so the Cyclic Tribulation is searching for someone else.

"Brother Xiaoxuan, I have to admit that your power is rather mysterious!"

At this moment, the sky above the Cyclic Universe transformed, and an unfathomable wave of stellular energy swept in from afar. It seemed to push the entire Cyclic Universe aside.

Everyone stared at the endless stellular energy that was rushing towards them.

"What?" Everyone was startled.

The entire Cyclic Universe was affected by this transformation, and many people coughed up blood as their internal energy cycled in reverse.

Lu Yin blankly stared at the approaching energy. Is that stellular energy? Stellular energy from the Origin Universe?

Even the battle between True God Wei Yi and the Great Sovereign suddenly stopped at this moment, as they both turned to stare into the distance.

An ugly expression appeared on the Great Sovereign’s face. "You actually brought the Origin Universe itself here? This is absurd! Are you really that eager to see this through?"

Meanwhile, True God Wei Yi was impressed. "Even I am amazed by the talent of this child of the Lu family. He far surpasses even his ancestor, Lu Yuan. Even if Lu Yuan could survive this tribulation, he would have never been able to produce such momentum. It appears that I’ll have to invite him to die today."

The arrival of this endless wave of stellular energy pushed across the Cyclic Universe. As it did so, it not only pushed back the universe’s own stellular energy, but also the Cyclic Tribulation. Instead, a new black hole appeared in the sky. This was a true stellular tribulation.

Lu Yin’s mouth fell open. Was this for real? He had just overcome a good portion of the tribulation that had appeared, but at this moment, had the Origin Universe really sent its own stellular tribulation into the Cyclic Universe? Just how badly did the Origin Universe want to block Lu Yin?

Ancient God looked up at the newly arrived stellular tribulation. His expression became far more serious than ever before. "We are clearly in the Cyclic Universe, yet through the string of sequence particles, the Origin Universe’s Semi-Progenitor tribulation was drawn to this place. This child's talent is truly terrifying.”

Mu Shen frowned. "The Cyclic Tribulation only appeared because this child’s power triggered this universe’s retaliation, but defeating that tribulation will not offer him any benefits once he becomes a Semi-Progenitor. However, the Origin Universe’s Semi-Progenitor stellular tribulation is different. If he survives, he will become a Semi-Progenitor, and his inner world will appear. This is the true tribulation that cultivators from the Origin Universe need to surpass.

"With the arrival of this stellular tribulation, I can’t tell if the Origin Universe wants him to succeed or be destroyed."

Ancient God looked up. "It would be best if it destroys him. If he survives, that child will have to be eliminated."

The stellular tribulation’s black clouds spread further and further out above the tea ceremony.

Everyone continued to fall back.

Lu Yin was certain that his tribulation’s scope had already grown beyond the bounds of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, as well as beyond the region that had been sealed by the Aeternals’ sourcebox array. However, what of it? Even if that barrier were not in place, who could leave? This battle was the decisive one, which meant that anyone who left would be regarded as a traitor.

Not even Lu Yin could leave. While the Cyclic Tribulation had most likely removed Forgotten Ruins God’s influence on him, which meant that he could return to the Origin Universe, how was he supposed to face his stellular tribulation? Leaving the boundaries of the tribulation would be no different from abandoning his breakthrough to the Semi-Progenitor realm.

There was no point in Lu Yin returning to the Origin Universe. What was most important was to awaken Ancestor Lu Yuan, and for that, it was imperative that Lu Yin surpass his Semi-Progenitor tribulation.

He no longer concerned himself with the ongoing battle. Everyone had fallen back, even the Seven Skygods. No one wanted to be pulled into a stellular tribulation.

Regardless of the tribulation’s strength or the cultivation of the one undergoing it, if any of the Seven Skygods got involved in a stellular tribulation, the tribulation would instantly be strengthened until it posed a grave threat to the Seven Skygods.

For the moment, Lu Yin forgot about everything else and focused solely on the black hole of the stellular tribulation overhead. Come on, let me see what kind of tribulation this is! What has crossed through parallel universes to try to stop me?

The greatest difference between Envoys and Semi-Progenitors was the transformation of a stellular energy vortex into an inner world.

Every inner world was unique, as each inner world’s manifestation was determined by an individual’s personality, their abilities and techniques, and even the direction of their cultivation.

In the Heavens Sect, Lu Yin had asked Lu Buzheng and the other experts about his upcoming breakthrough, and he had come to a simple conclusion: he needed to use his stellular energy vortex as the foundation and his cultivation and techniques as the materials with which to form the inner world that he desired.

Leng Qing's inner world was the Celestial Blade World. This was because his cultivation focused on the saber.

Kui Luo's inner world was the Dragon Gate, which seemed to be more in line with his character.

Cloudflow’s inner world was his Thousand Streams Shatter the Dao, which demonstrated the power that he had cultivated.

Arch-Elder Zen’s inner world had been quite unique, as it had been the Hall of Honor. It had been a replica of the physical place, which represented the man’s deepest desire for the Hall of Honor to protect mankind.

Everyone was able to choose the inner world that they wanted to form, and Lu Yin had already considered his own options. The first inner world that he wished to form would be founded on his physical strength.

Lu Yin possessed four stellular energy vortices. Normally, people possessed a single stellular energy vortex that they would transform into their inner world. But after considering his unique situation, Lu Yin was unwilling to abandon three of his stellular energy vortices, and it was also impossible to converge the four into one. In that case, he intended to transform all of his vortices.

"Here we go with the first one…" Lu Yin looked up as he murmured to himself. Behind him, the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant appeared and roared at the tribulation’s black hole. Terrifying power rippled through the void in a manner that was visible to the naked eye.

Beyond the tribulation, Forgotten Ruins God was taken aback. "A foundation of physical strength? That’s a poor choice."

Shaman God was similarly surprised. Lu Yin was no fool, and he had even cultivated some of the Three Realms Six Dao’s powers. Besides, Lu Yin had also cultivated a strange power that could ignore a spatially sealed area. How could he choose to form an inner world with the foundation of physical strength?

On the other hand, Ancient God’s eyes narrowed. Physical strength as the foundation? Good choice. Wielder - Indestructible is indeed the cultivation path that all humans should take, but unfortunately, people are too short-sighted. If this boy can use his physical strength and battle force to forge an unprecedented path, then we will be walking on the same path.

Still, this path is rather narrow. Wielder - Indestructible is indeed the ideal cultivation path for humans, but there is also more than one path. This was something that Ancient God had not known in the past, but rather come to learn.

Throughout the Sixverse Association, countless people were fighting the Aeternals while watching Lu Yin’s tribulation on various displays, shocked by the sight of the ever-expanding black hole of the Semi-Progenitor tribulation. This was the first that most had seen such a sight.

Why did the Origin Universe send tribulations for their cultivators’ breakthroughs? How was a breakthrough not a good thing, as it increased the strength of the universe? Perhaps these tribulations were the true cause of the Origin Universe’s downfall.

The tribulation’s black hole was deep and terrifying. Lu Yin had dared to attack the Cyclic Tribulation, but he had no confidence when facing a true stellular tribulation.

After all, the Cyclic Universe and the Origin Universe were not on the same level.

The ripples slowly moved through the void, approaching the black hole. Finally, they touched.

Lu Yin clenched a fist. Can you feel it? With my strength as the key, let me see what I have to face to transform my inner world.

Throughout the ages, when people thought of physical strength, what was the first thing that they would think of? If that question was asked in the contemporary Fifth Mainland, people would undoubtedly reply with Lu Yin. However, if the people of the Origin Universe’s ancient Heavens Sect era were asked, then they would not mention the Lu family, but rather the Mavis family.

The Lu family had become synonymous with power, but the Mavis family wielded brute strength.

If the two families were compared, the Lu family could not even come close to measuring up to the Mavis family in physical strength, as that was precisely the Mavis family’s inheritance.

Lu Yin stared at the black hole of his stellular tribulation as a person appeared. This was a humanoid tribulation.

Everyone who understood what a stellular tribulation was knew that humanoid tribulations were the most difficult of all, because the tribulation would summon the image of a person who should be able to defeat the one who had triggered the tribulation.

Lu Yin instantly recognized this person as someone from the Mavis family. Their style of clothing was very distinctive.

Was someone from the Mavis family supposed to stop him? Lu Yin's eyes blazed. He had already defeated Yuhua Mavis, the most talented member of the Mavis family in the modern era, as well as Heluo Mavis, who had been a Dao Chosen during the Heavens Sect era. He wanted to see what someone from the Mavis family could do to stop him during his Semi-Progenitor breakthrough.

In truth, there was no one more suited to be a tribulation related to physical strength than someone from the Mavis clan.

As the family that had ruled the Second Mainland and had held the same status as the Lu family, the Mavis family had always been inscrutable to Lu Yin. At this moment, he might finally be able to see what the Mavis family had been capable of at their peak.

The humanoid tribulation waved a hand, and the Divine Tree visualization method appeared behind the figure. The tree connected the sky to the ground, and it was covered with glowing fruits.

At this same time, boiling battle force burned the void. It was aurelian force.

Lu Yin arched a brow. Heluo Mavis had also cultivated battle force, which made it seem that the Mavis family had appreciated Gu Yizhi's research.

Outside the stellular tribulation, neither Ancient God nor Mu Shen were making any moves against each other. They were both just staring at Lu Yin and his stellular tribulation. It was not going to take much time, and even if Lu Yin did manage to become a Semi-Progenitor, he would not be able to affect the balance of the battlefield.

"I might know who that is," Ancient God commented as he stared at the humanoid tribulation, "I really miss that little girl."


The void shattered, causing spatial cracks to spread out in every direction. The humanoid tribulation and Lu Yin had punched each other, and they both flew back from the point of impact. Lu Yin took a step forward and released another punch. This person from the Mavis family was very strong, but Lu Yin was not like the rest of the Lu family. Even if he replaced Lu Tianyi as Dao Chosen during the Heavens Sect era, Lu Yin was still confident that he would not have any peers, regardless of the era.

The humanoid tribulation countered Lu Yin’s punch with another one of her own while raising her arms.

There was a bang, and the humanoid tribulation trembled, as did the aurelian force.

Lu Yin stood high in the sky and stared off into the distance. The Divine Tree had not disappeared yet.

There was a series of booms that echoed out, and the humanoid tribulation reappeared beneath the Divine Tree.

This time, the humanoid tribulation instantly raised a hand, and the glowing fruits fell from the tree, one after another. She caught all of them before devouring them. One. Two. Three… Ten… Fifteen…

Lu Yin was startled. Could someone actually eat that many fruits?

Both Yuhua Mavis and Heluo Mavis had used the Divine Tree visualization method and eaten its fruit to use Infinite Power. They might eat two, and at the most, three, but this person was eating them nonstop!

As more of the fruits were eaten, the physical strength of the humanoid tribulation spiked noticeably. Even when the figure just stood there, Lu Yin could feel the pressure of her overwhelming physical strength.

Beyond the stellular tribulation, Forgotten Ruins God shouted, "I remember now! She’s that idiot!"

Ancient God gazed at the humanoid tribulation with nostalgia as she kept devouring the fruits. Ah Chi, it really is you.

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