Sovereign of the Ashes

Chapter 352: New Magic Rod

Chapter 352: New Magic Rod

Subjugating Yuri did not immediately grant Sein the services of a formidable engineer.

Yuri’s prowess lay not in her own strength but in her adeptness with controlling mecha and her significant mental focus.

Sein initially contemplated investing in new mechas for Yuri, considering Magus Civilization had seized numerous Neisse Civilization mechas and possessed well-equipped factories in the Neisse Star Domain.

These mechas, however, were not easily obtainable even if Sein was willing to pay a substantial amount for them.

He speculated that he might have a better chance of obtaining them when he visited the Pyro Secret Society or Steel City in the future.

However, to Sein’s surprise, Yuri’s exceptional mental focus and piloting skills were complemented by her skills in mecha maintenance.

As a talented engineer from the Star Ocean Engineering Academy of the Neisse Civilization, Yuri’s elective in mecha manufacturing honed her basic repair skills.

Her skills that once posed a lethal threat to Sein on the Viridian Venom Flame World battlefield would now be utilized in a different capacity to serve him.

Among the remnants of mechas Sein possessed, including the Burning Flame Unit, were several relatively intact mechas and an abundance of miscellaneous parts.

Yuri could potentially disassemble the relatively intact mechas and salvage enough parts to repair the severely damaged Burning Flame Unit.

Should there be a need for more parts, Sein could always trade for the missing parts within the Divine Tower of Verdant Spring’s commercial area.

After all, Sein was not the only person who had profited from the war. Hundreds of mages from the divine tower, particularly those of the Rank Two and Three, had also amassed considerable wealth.

Among them, Sein recalled Jovian, who had undertaken more war missions than him. The man likely took advantage of the rare and one-sided conflict to amass significant wealth.

With more experience than an average Rank One mage, Jovian recognized the unique opportunity presented by the war in the Viridian Venom Flame World and had presumably secured a considerable collection of mechas.

After granting Yuri with significant autonomy, Sein left the laboratory, content with the arrangements.

Yuri departed with Sein, then made her way to another laboratory on a higher level, where she was granted permission to repair her Burning Flame Unit.

Exiting the shadowy confines of the lab where she had been held for more than four years, Yuri instinctively raised her hand to shield her eyes.

The light outside was starkly brighter than the dim environment she had grown accustomed to, leaving her momentarily disoriented.

The architecture and everyday objects fashioned in the distinctive style of the Magus Civilization seemed foreign to Yuri, causing her to feel wary and uneasy.

Following closely behind Sein, Yuri found herself in an unfamiliar world, amidst a civilization alien to her. In this new environment, the black-robed mage ahead was the only person she could rely on.

The influence of the soul magic seemed to have taken effect, deepening Yuri’s reliance on Sein and nurturing a newfound sense of admiration within her.


Three months had passed, and the view from the window subtly transitioned from the lushness of summer to the starkness of winter.

The seasons in the Magus World had always been punctual, and Sein had once inquired about this phenomenon with his mentor, Lorianne.

“Because of the laws,” she said.

Her response was succinct yet difficult to grasp.

The Law of Four Seasons was one of the fundamental laws governing the Magus World.

As a world of immense scale, vastly larger than any medium or small planes by a thousandfold, the seasonal shifts of the Magus World were not merely a result of planetary rotation or orbit.

In fact, no other neighboring planes held significance enough to dictate Magus World’s rotational path.

As the largest planet in the region, numerous planes orbited around Magus World. Its influence stretched deep into the cosmos, reaching several star domains away. This was known as the gravitational pull of civilization.

Despite the chill outside, Sein’s laboratory buzzed with intense activity.

A shiny, black metallic magic rod rested in the middle of his experiment table, cluttered with intricate instruments.

This black magic rod was the culmination of years of alchemy experimentation made during Sein’s spare moments following his body tempering experiments upon returning to the Magus World.

It was also the symbol of his progress and accomplishments in the field of alchemy.

Despite not necessarily being the most superior among its peers, this black magic rod was undeniably the most suited to Sein’s specific needs. After all, it was crafted by himself with his own requirements and circumstances in mind.

Of course, Sein might be too humble to think that his magic rod might not be the most superior among its peers.

Although his mastery of alchemy had not reached its zenith, the caliber of materials used in the creation of the magic rod was definitely unparalleled!

Every component, from its rod and head to the adhesives, intricate magic inscriptions, and the alloy powders used, was of the highest quality that Sein could access at his current level.

By Sein's estimation, the magic rod could be auctioned for at least three thousand magicoins, or likely even more!

The majority of magic rods wielded by Rank Two mages likely could not match the opulence of Sein’s creation.

It was the head of Sein’s magic rod that set it apart from the rest.

Sein initially picked the lava crystal obtained through a trade with an otherworldly demigod-level being known as Belbacor. This material was among the finest available for Rank One and Two mages.

However, it paled in comparison to the verdant flame crystal Sein had received from his mentor, Lorianne, which was a gift from his uncle, Gregory.

It took Sein nearly a month to melt and refine the huge verdant flame crystal to extract a piece filled with concentrated verdant flame factors.

The fist-sized piece containing nearly half the verdant flame crystal’s essence ended up serving as the head of his magic rod, amplifying the verdant flame magic’s potency by no less than fifty percent when wielded by Sein.

Coupled with the investment of other premium resources and the intricate micro-engraving of various magic arrays, this seemingly modest black magic rod also provided other benefits, including mana and mental focus restoration, along with enhancements to stamina and constitution.

Apart from that, the magic rod also included several potent offensive spells and numerous functional spells.

With all these preparations, Sein was finally ready for his journey to the Western Archipelago.

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