Shota's Isekai NTR Adventure

Chapter 792 Sick

Chapter 792 Sick

Since I had been allowed to leave, I didn't waste any time and headed out the next day.

The past period of time had been rather stressful for me with everything that had happened, so I certainly could use some time to rest and relax.

That was why I was quite happy when we were heading back to my territory.

Right, we…

It wasn't just Cecilia and the others who came with me, but also Angela who was going back with me.

It seemed like this was the fourth prince's way of making it up to her.

So all of us headed back to my territory for some rest and relaxation and if possible…I wanted to have some private time with my wives.

It was just too bad that I didn't get a chance for this.

"This is bad, this is bad."

That was the first thing that Rose said to me when I arrived.

I was completely caught off guard by her sudden words, but I went forward to take her by the shoulders before saying with a calm voice, "What's wrong?"

When she heard this, she looked at me and then buried her head in my chest before saying, "It's my father, I received a message about him."

I was surprised since I thought the two of them weren't on speaking terms, but the fact that she had received a letter…it was very likely that there had been some kind of change with her father.

I could understand why she was worried if that was the case.

No matter how bad the relationship with her father was, he was still her father in the end.

It was only natural that Rose would be worried about her father if something happened.

But I couldn't show any signs of worry with how worried she was, so the only thing that I could do was…

I held her more firmly by the shoulder and raised her head to look into her eyes before saying, "No matter what happens, I'm here for you. There's nothing that we can't face together."

Rose was surprised when she heard this before she simply said, "Thank you."

I tapped her on the forehead and said, "What are you thanking me for? This is just how it is when you're married."

I gave her another minute to calm down before saying, "Alright, what happened with your father?"

Rose revealed a complicated look before heading over to the table to pick up a piece of paper that she brought back for me.

I was surprised, but I started reading the letter that she handed me.

It turned out that this was a letter from her mother and it was about her father.

Her father had fallen ill and her mother was asking her to come visit.

As I read this, there was only one thing that I could think of…

"Wasn't this too much of a coincidence?"

I knew that thinking this would be rude towards Rose and her family, so I didn't say it out loud.


"I know what you're thinking. This came at just the right time after everything that has happened, so it seems like they might be playing some tricks." Rose gave a sigh before continuing, "I won't lie, I thought the same thing as you when I received this letter, but…"

She didn't finish her words, but it was clear what she was thinking.

It was her family after all…

Even if it was a lie, it was hard for her not to be worried.

Plus, there was the chance that this wasn't a lie.

But as a smart person, she could figure out why her family would do this if this was a lie, so there was a part of her that didn't want to go.

That was what was causing the strong internal conflict inside of her.

I shook my head with a smile before saying, "They're family, so let's just go."

Rose was surprised to hear this.

She looked at me like there was something that she wanted to say, but seeing the way that I looked at her, she wasn't able to say a thing. The expression on her face turned to a look of gratitude, but she didn't say anything.

After all, there was no need for words.

With that, it was decided that we would be visiting the territory of Rose's parents.

Though this would go against the fourth prince's wishes of having me in a safe and isolated place, this was what I had to do for her.

Once this was decided, it was time to break it to the others who thought that I would be staying here for a while.

But to my surprise, all of them supported this.

It seemed like Rose had gotten quite close to the other girls during this time and all of them showed their support.

Though it did help that most of them had complicated relationships with their own families in the first place…so it wasn't as if they couldn't sympathize with her.

They knew what it was like to be in her situation.

All of them agreed that we should go and all of them agreed that they shouldn't go.

This was a private family matter, so it was for the two of us to handle instead of them butting in.

During her absence, Angela would be running my territory for her.

Though by this time, Rose had already had a good system in place to take care of everything if she were to ever leave, so there wasn't much that Angela needed to do.

But she was from the royal family for a reason.

She had been trained on things like this since she was young, so she was easily able to step into Rose's place and take care of the territory without any problems.

The rest of them all promised to work with Angela while we were gone, except for one person.

Cecilia was coming with us as a guard since this was also where she grew up.

Rose insisted on her coming, so Cecilia came with us.

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