Return of the Unrivaled Spear Knight

Side Story Chapter 236

Side Story Chapter 236

“Just give me five minutes to persuade you.”


“The first reason is that I can help you meet the real Joshua Sanders if you let me go.”

Of Kireua’s three reasons for Isaac, the first reason was the biggest one. Kireua had tried placing himself in Isaac’s shoes and considered what he would want the most if he ran into his enemy’s child. That was revenge, naturally, especially revenge extracted directly from his enemy. And it turned out that Kireua had guessed correctly.

“…I was planning on finding him anyway. I’m going to crush you here and lock you up in the dungeon, then the Martial God will have to come save his son,” Isaac growled, her words faintly laced with murderous energy.

Kireua had expected Isaac’s response, so he continued undeterred.

“The second reason is that, unfortunately, His Majesty is in no situation to save me.”


“He’s fighting hard on his own to save the continent as we speak. He doesn’t have any time for anything else.”

“You crazy bastard.” Isaac frowned, her disbelief clearly written on her face. “Do you expect me to believe that? You knew that no one would be coming to save you and yet you march into my country’s capital?”

“Believe me or don’t. The fact that I’m one of the few people who knows the exact location of my father doesn’t change. If you defeat me right now, you’ll never get what you want.”

As he had Greed and the Emperor of Avalon had other Seven Evil Sins, Kiruea knew what condition the Emperor of Avalon was in.

“His Majesty locked himself up in an ice boulder so that he could erase every last trace of the Demon Spirit. He’s recently overstretched himself by intervening in recent events, so he has to focus on his work with the Demon Spirit even more. Not just anyone can go to him right now.”

Kireua exaggerated the truth a little, but he could feel Isaac’s doubt fade a bit. Little.

“I’m not an idiot; I’m not going to tell a lie that flimsy.” Kireua shrugged. “It looks like Bel went there himself to find out, so ask him if you don’t believe me.”

Kireua could feel the air around Isaac subtly changing again. That told him something.

“…I knew it. You aren’t on good terms with Bel either, are you?”

The murderous energy Isaac was exuding immediately thickened.

“Here’s the deal,” Kireua quickly added. “You let me go, and I’ll give you the opportunity to fight not only His Majesty but also Bel. You have my word.”

Isaac sneered. “So you’re just going to benefit from other people’s fights.”

“Come on. One of them is my father! Can’t you tell how I’m trying to compromise here?”

“Why should I believe you?”

“Shall I make a Mana Pledge or something if that helps?”

Isaac silently considered it. Despite what Kireua had said, Isaac would have to fight Kireua first. If she couldn’t defeat Kireua, she had no chance of beating the Emperor of Avalon.

Regardless, now wasn’t the time for that.

“You have nothing to lose from this deal. Your ultimate goal is revenge, so it’s only right to fight His Majesty,” Kireua cajoled.

“What… is your plan?”


“Am I misunderstanding something here? I thought you’re Joshua Sanders’s son—or are you a bastard child fathered by someone else?”

Despite Isaac’s insulting question, Kireua stayed calm. He knew that everything would be for naught if they came to blows here.

“My dream is to become the next emperor of Avalon, so I need my old man to step down if I even want to have a chance,” Kireua casually replied.

“Oh? You’re more greedy than you look.”

“Yeah.” Kireua grinned. “I’m the greediest person in Avalon.”

Isaac seemed to lose interest in Kireua. Her murderous energy largely faded away.

“To satisfy your greed, you’re using someone else to force your father to abdicate the throne. Hmph. You’re trash,” she scoffed. “Not even worth fighting. Fine. Get down on your knees, kiss the ground, and make a Mana Pledge like you offered.”


“What? Is that too shameful for you now?” Isaac sneered.

Kireua let out a long sigh. “I think you’re misunderstanding something here.”

“Misunderstanding what?”

“We’re making a deal, I’m not swearing my loyalty to you.”

“So you can’t go down on your knees because of your pride?”

“I’m a man.”

“Then just die here. Kneeling before me on your dying breath doesn’t sound so bad.”

Kireua raised three fingers before Isaac could attack.

“The third reason why you should let me go is that I’m the only one in the world who knows where your father, Zactor the Martial Emperor, left his legacy.”

Isaac’s eyes widened so much that they looked like they would pop out of her head.

Kireua grinned. “What do you think now? Killing me is easy, but you’ll never get your father’s legacy.”

* * *

The palace grew noisier and noisier, although it was, of course, Kireua rather than Joshua.

‘I’m lucky that Isaac was someone I could talk things out with,’ Kireua thought. Both of them were the children of the strongest people in their countries. As they were from similar backgrounds and situations, Kireua understood Isaac like no one else could.

“D-Did he use an escape tunnel…?”

“What are the guards doing?! The enemy is in the council chamber!”

The doors burst open and knights rushed inside. Black-clad figures dropped down from the ceiling and the Imperial Knights of Hubalt rushed from their positions by the walls to surround the throne.

“Not so fast.” Kireua shook his head.

It didn’t take long for everyone to stop what they were doing. The entrance to the emergency escape tunnel was right behind the throne, providing Kiruea with a golden opportunity.

Kurz swallowed nervously, feeling the sword held right against his neck.

“I-Is that really you, Joshua Sanders?”

“Yes. I trust you won't try anything funny. If anyone so much as takes a step, my sword will move as well. You know what I mean, yes?” Kireua quietly said.

“Ugh…!” Kurz bit his lip.

The knights were at a loss. They didn’t know how to handle this sudden hostage situation.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, Martial God?” Duke Jook thundered. “The entire continent praises your name, but you take my lord hostage? You’re worse than a common thug! Do you not realize that you disgrace yourself?”

Kireua sneered. “You know honor? Then why would your paladins disguise themselves as a congratulatory delegation to attack my capital? I thought those paladins were supposed to be faithful to the teachings of their god.”

Jook struggled to refute Kiruea.

“Why don’t you answer me, emperor?” Kireua asked. “What do you think about the current situation?”

“You’re… asking for my opinion?” Kurz squeezed out, glancing warily at Kireua.

“Yes, I am.”

Kurz swallowed again before slowly replying, “I believe… it’s cowardly.”

“Cowardly? Why?”

“But you’re… different from those cowards. You’re the god of martial arts, hero of the continent.”

“Aha. Since I’m a hero, different moral standards apply to me than those pathetic ‘paladins’?”

Kurz trembled as he realized that Kireua was leading him to voluntarily acknowledge the Emperor of Avalon’s superiority—and there was nothing Kurz could do about it with his life at stake. Besides, he wasn’t someone who valued his honor over his life.

“Y-Yes, I’m sure that a hostage situation isn’t right for the Martial God. No one in Hubalt would admit defeat even if you slit my throat right now.” Kurz desperately said.

“I get what you’re saying, so how about this?”


“I’m an emperor, but I walked right into the middle of my enemy at the risk of my life. You have to admire my courage.”

Even if Kireua didn’t say it out loud, all of them were dumbstruck by the sheer boldness of his ploy.

“Just like you all said, I’m the Martial God, so I’ll give you a chance for a fair fight.”

Kurz’s eyes gleamed.

‘Idiot!’ He had to hold back a grin. This was exactly what he wanted to hear.

“H-How magnanimous!” he said. “As expected from the Martial God!”

“Let’s fight one-on-one, as equals. Fair and square, right?”

‘S-Son of a bitch…’ Kurz felt his back slicken with cold sweat. All the knights in the room couldn’t guarantee victory even if they all attacked Joshua together, but Joshua was asking Kurz to fight him himself?

“Why? You don’t want to?”

“I-I think you’re being unreasonable here. I was an ordinary man of the cloth until not too long ago, so fighting you one-on-one is …” Kurz trailed off weakly.

“Alright, here’s another idea.”

“Y-Yes, please be considerate of my capabilities. I’ll be as open-minded as I can.”

Kiruea took a look around; he barely listened to Kurz. He basked in the gazes of Hubalt’s nobility, allowing the tension to build.

“Anyone who is willing to fight me on behalf of your emperor, come forward,” he slowly intoned. “If you defeat me, I will let your emperor go. No strings attached.”

The chamber fell into a suffocating silence. Unsurprisingly, no one came forward, infuriating Kurz. Even if it was the Martial God, how could the nobles do this to him!

“What are you all doing? Anyone, step forward! I’m going to die!” Kurz screamed.

“There’s no need to get upset. No one in the world would give up their life for someone they don’t respect.”


Kireua looked down at the emperor with eyes tinged with wrath.

“That’s who you are, Cardinal Kurz,” he hissed.

His blade slid through Kurz’s flesh; in the silence, even that sound was deafening.

“I wasted too much time on you,” Kireua growled. “Now die.”


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