Reincarnated with the Mind Control Powers in Another World.

Chapter 837 -837

Chapter 837 -837

"Get Naked, You have to pay for your daughter's Mistake." Anon spoke with a smile as he looked at Marlena.

Marlena entered inside the room and closed the room's door immediately.

She then walked upto Anon and immediately kneeled down in front of him.

"Master, I am really sorry for what my brainless daughter has done to you. I hope, you can find it in your heart to forgive Kolis." Marlena spoke as she apologized to Anon.

"Kolis ? It's not about Kolis, Luv." Anon spoke with a smile as he slowly touched Marlena's cheek.

"Hmm...? Then, which one of my daughter dared to touch you, master ?" Marlena asked as she stood up and started removing her clothes one by one.

As she removed her top, Anon immediately grabbed both of her boobs and started groping them rapidly.

Anon groped her left boob and sucked on the right one.

"You have worked so hard that even your nipples are sweating." Anon spoke as he continued to suck on her nipples without any stops.

"Anhhh~ Master, Slowly." Marlena spoke as she moaned in pleasure.

"You are not going to tell me, Bitch." Anon spoke as he bit her right boob.


"ANHHH~ S-Sorry, Master." Marlena moaned as she felt pleasure even when Anon was biting her nipples and Boobs.

"You better apologize properly." Anon spoke as he continued to enjoy himself with her boobs.

Marlena removed her gown and revealed her huge Ass and Juicy pussy.

As soon as Anon saw this, his hands moved automatically and tried to grab her massive ass cheeks.

But, his hands were so small in front of Marlena's ass that he couldn't even grab one fifth part of her ass cheeks properly.

As soon as Anon noticed this, He got a very perverted idea, but this time Anon decided to keep his lust in control.

"Okay, Bend over... We are going to play a game." Anon spoke as he immediately stood up.

"As you wish, Master." Marlena spoke as she immediately bent down like an obedient Bitch and Waited for Anon's dick to fuck her slutty pussy.

But, Anon had something else in his mind. He immediately grabbed a wooden table that was lying on the top left corner of the room and made a big circle in it with his sword.

He then seperated the table into two.

"Hmm...? Master, What are you doing ?" Marlena asked with a confused expression as she noticed the weird sounds coming from her behind.

"Something good." Anon spoke as he immediately brought the table to Marlena and placed it around her waist, he then joined both of the table's pieces.

"Master, I am stuck... What are you doing ?" Marlena asked with a confused expression as she felt both of her hands were stuck in the table's hole along with her Waist.


"A Cum-Dump will never talk back to her master, Do you understand ?" Anon asked as he slapped Marlena's boobs tightly.

"Anhhhh~ I am sorry, Master. I am worthless Cum-Dump and I will never speak back to you.

Please forgive me." Marlena shouted as she felt it. She was absolutely helpless at this point.

'Anhh... I am stuck in this table, I can't even move my hands properly. So, that's how master is going to punish me.

I feel like an object that is only made for master. He will now use my pussy, My mouth and My boobs as he pleases.

I am just a simple sex toy for master right now... This is so exciting. My heart is beating at such an incredible rate... What is master going to do next ?' Marlena thought as more pre-cum started coming out of her pussy.

Anon is now standing behind Marlena and he is looking at her massive ass, even the table couldn't cover it.

"How the fuck do you even walk around with such a big ass, bitch ?" Anon asked as he slapped her ass cheeks tightly.


"Anhh~ Anhh~ Anhh~ Anhh~ Master... I am Sorry for having such a big ass." Marlena shouted as she moaned helplessly.

Everytime Anon slapped her ass cheeks, Marlena's pussy would get even more wet and her pre-cum would flow down through her legs.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you ?" Anon asked with a smile as he looked at Marlena's face.

"N-No, Master. I-I am being punished, how can I-" Before Marlena could've completed her sentence, Anon Shoved his fingers into her pussy, curled them and pulled it upwards.

"AAANHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~" Marlena shouted loudly as her face expressions turned into Ahegao real fast.

"Speak the truth bitch, Or I will continue to stretch your pussy's G-spot." Anon spoke with an evil smile as he pulled her pussy upwards even more.

"ANNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ YES~ YES~ I AM ANHHH~ ENJOYING IT~" Marlena shouted as truth came out her mouth with lots of saliva and She went on her toes, while cumming like a crazy whore.

"See, One good pussy hooking can get the truth out of your mouth... That's the kind of slut you are." Anon spoke with a smile as he looked at the cum fountain flowing out of her pussy and another idea came to his mind.

Anon immediately collected some of her cum into his hands and went to the other side.

He then showed the cum to Marlena with a wide smile.

"Lick it off..." Anon spoke.

"Y-Yes, Master..." Marlena wasn't in her senses right now and she did as Anon was telling her too.


Marlena started licking Her own cum out of Anon's hand.

Anon slowly removed his clothes and placed the cum over his erect dick.

"Now, Suck this... You fucking Cum-Dump." Anon spoke as he rammed his dick into her mouth and started using her mouth-pussy without wasting any time.

"Yewsh~ Maswer~" Marlena spoke with her mouth full of Anon's dick.


As she sucked Anon's dick, Anon felt like heaven.

"Fuck, What is this suction force ?" Anon asked as he enjoyed his blowjob Fully.

Marlena was making a pig like face while sucking on Anon's dick, it was as if she was really desperate and couldn't live another Moment without Anon's dick.

Marlena was now Anon bitch completely. She will do anything Anon orders her too. Even if he ordered her to get naked in the Royal Court and ride his dick, She will do it without any hesitations.

Her mind was completely broken at this point.

"Leave it... I don't want to cum right now." Anon spoke as he tried to take his dick out of her mouth.

But, Marlena's mouth-pussy wasn't letting go of his dick at any cost.

"You fucking whore... Let go of my cock." Anon spoke as he slapped her on the cheeks and forcefully took his cock out of her mouth.

As Anon took his dick out of her mouth, he noticed the long string of thick smegma still attached to her mouth and his dick.

"What kind of slut are you ?" Anon asked with a smile as he looked at Marlena's face.


Marlena immediately slurped the string of smegma back into her mouth, just like a complete bitch slut would do.

Anon walked upto her slowly and patted her head.

"What are you ?" He asked.

"I-I am master's Cum-Dump, His whore slut... Who will bend over anywhere and anytime he wants me to without saying anything.

I am Marlena, Master's personal toilet." Marlena spoke with a ahegao face.

"Good bitch." Anon spoke as he immediately went to the other side of the wooden table and looked at her pussy.

Marlena's pussy was totally drenched in Cum and her ass was wiggling like a cheap slut, from left to right and right to left without any stops, as if they were asking for a nice slap.

As soon as Anon noticed this, he gave a tight slap to her juicy ass.


As soon as he slapped her Ass... Marlena felt the ultimate pleasure and came again, while moaning like a slut.

"ANNNNMNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~ I AM CUMMMINNNNGGGGG FROM MY CUNTTT~" Marlena shouted as she Shaked her hips up and down real fast and opened her legs like a frog while cumming like an idiot.

Her face looked like a fucking pig, who is getting orgasmic pleasure for the first time.

"Fucckk... Master, please... I can't take it anymore, I don't want to cum anymore master.... Please give me your dick and stuff my womb with your cum master.

Please master, My old pussy is begging you to fuck it... Please master, Fuck my pussy." Marlena begged as she jumped and moved her ass cheeks up and down.

She moved her ass cheeks in such a way, that they started clapping loudly and everytime they clapped, Her pussy would release a small amount of cum left with in her pussy.

"You want my dick ? Here... Have all of it, Bitch." Anon spoke as he grabbed her jumping ass, spreaded them apart and rammed his whole dick inside without stopping and without any mercy."

"Anhhh~ Fuck, Yes master. Fuckkkk~~~~"

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